A flattering haircut can instantly take years off your face. Hide your wrinkles, define your jawline and enhance your cheekbone with a new haircut that flatters your best assets. Yes, you can walk into a salon looking your age and get out of it looking younger. If you just put extra attention to your crowning glory, you need not feel miserable about aging and its obvious effects. Take a look at these five hair styling tips that can instantly hide your age and make you feel and look young.

1. Long Layers.

If you have thick hair, long layers would be perfect for you. Ask your stylist to cut it in such a way that the layers graze the jaw line and ends on your collarbone. Long layers will help soften your features by framing your face. Layers also add volume which can make you look young.

2. Bangs.

Who do you remember when you hear the word bangs? We bet your niece or your granddaughter came to mind. This simply means that we associate bangs with the look of the youth. But in order not to look like you’re trying too hard, opt for soft bangs. Make sure the cut is not too short though. Look fashionable and classy and hide the lines on your forehead with stylish bangs.

3. The Bob.

The classic bob is best for low-maintenance women. If you don’t like spending too much time fixing your hair before you attend to errands or go to work, then the bob will surely suit you. This cut also grazes to your jaw making you look less than your age. This hairstyle likewise makes your hair appear thicker and fuller.

4. Shaggy layers on short hair.

Think Halle Berry in her sexy choppy layers. Why go for a flat and boring short hair when you can add some flare and youthfulness to it. Define your face and make it look more spirited with this choppy layer hairstyle.

5. Flipped Shaggy Bob for Thinner Hair.

We all know that one of the side effects of aging is having thinner hair. Try the flipped out shaggy bob to make your hair appear fuller. This hairstyle was worn by Jodie Foster and the cut instantly gave her hair some fabulous volume and movement.

Believe it or not, these are effortless ways to effectively hide your age. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for expensive treatments. Simply go to your favorite salon and let the magic of your hairstylist do wonders with your overall look. Discuss the look that you want with your stylist and trust his professional skills to help you look younger and better. You don’t have to try so hard to bring back the old you. You can easily look younger and more fabulous with just the right haircut.

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