About ONYC® Rewards

Reward Points

Get rewarded when you shop with ONYC Hair! Every customer is automatically enrolled in our rewards program as a Silver Status Member with $100 purchase or more and is eligible to achieve upgrades to Gold, Platinum or Diamond Status.

How It Works

Points are credited to your account once your order is sent out.

Rewards points accumulate on your account as you shop (you’ll be eligible for Gold, Platinum or Diamond status)

The value of your Reward Points will be awarded for orders over $200

Everyone starts out as a Silver Status member and earns 2% back in rewards points toward future purchases. For example, spend $250 and you’ll receive a $5.00 back in rewards. Spend $500 and you’ll receive $10.00 back to use on a future purchase*.

Reach designated spending levels during a calendar year and you’ll be eligible for Gold, Platinum or Diamond status and even more benefits. Receive 4% back in reward when you reach Gold Status, 6% at Platinum level and 8% back for Diamond level.

Click here for a full explanation of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond benefits, and find out how you can get expedited orders, upgraded shipping, a private customer service line and more.

Memebr Benefit Tiers

  • Silver
    2% back in rewards + 5% Off Select products. More
  • Gold
    2% back in rewards + 5% Off all hair products. More
  • Platinum
    2% back in rewards + 10% Off all hair products. More
  • Diamond
    2% back in rewards + 15% Off all hair products. More

ONYCHair.com Rewards apply on every purchase other than gift certificates, purchases made with a rewards gift certificate, and price-matched orders. Reward points are not issued on sales tax, wire transfer handling fees, shipping charges, delivery charges, and restocking fees. If you return an order, the corresponding points will be deducted from your account.

You can earn additional rewards points during: special offer (where noted) and for writing product reviews (50 points per review, once approved by the ONYCHair.com Team). Watch your account and emails for other ways to earn more rewards points.

View Your Rewards Points

Membership Required Points

  • 100 Points Silver
  • 2500 Points Silver
  • 5500 Points Silver
  • 11000 Points Silver

Membership Required Points

Your reward credit should load automatically once your redeemable balance reaches $50 minimum value (2500 points). If you need assistance regarding your rewards, please open a support ticket.