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Posts by: ONYC Hair Team

Hair Treatments For Kinky Curly ONYC Kinky Curly Hair
Natural Homemade Hair Treatments for Kinky Curly Texture Natural hair benefits most from natural products as too much chemicals can cause permanent damage to fragile kinky hair. So save your hair, and save money as well, by choosing a homemade hair treatment for your kinky curly hair. Below are seven tried and tested natural hair
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Different Hair Extension Types And Methods
Guide To The Best Hair Extension Types and Methods Hair talks and makeovers would never be complete without Hair Extensions!  Hairstylists and customers alike are enthralled with the wonders of various types of hair extensions within the extremely competitive market around the world.  With a wide variety of extension types that exist today, sometimes it
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remy virgin hair reviews ONYC Beauty Nakita Rocking Sassy Remy Light Perm Weft And Closure
This week Sassy Remy Virgin Hair Reviews, we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Nakita! The Sassy ONYC Beauty Londoner represented the Sassy Light Relaxed so well! Who knew our Sassy Light Relaxed can be so fly, I mean, she wore it sleek, curly and in-between! We’ll let you get the facts straight from Nakita
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How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece How To Care For Your Closure Hair Piece
How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece A hair closure is your best friend when it comes to having that instant, lustrous and beautiful hair. It gives you that “oomph” factor for any occasion and puts your best self forward in first impressions. Women may be a bit worried that a hair closure piece
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Popular Hairstyles Around The World
Popular Hairstyles Around The World - Get Inspired Have you been looking at popular hairstyles on the internet but can't decide which one to choose? If your hairstyle makes you feel lifeless whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, then it’s time for a makeover! Styling and makeovers are fun. But finding the perfect
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ONYC Hair Reviews Featuring Curly Addiction 3B Curl
ONYC Hair Reviews Curly Addiction 3B featuring Rose!  This week, we have the pleasure of featuring Rose W. This beautiful newlywed couldn’t wait to show off her Hair for her BIG DAY!  Read to find out more about Roses, hair care and styling tips. We’ll let you get the facts straight from Rose below: Location
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kinky curly hair reviews patrice ONYC Hair Customer Review Patrice S
This week tune in and read about her love for ONYC Hair.  we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Patrice! The bubblicious Marylander was excited to share her entire  ONYC Experience. We absolutely love all her ONYC Hairstyles, great for Summer Hair Inspiration.  She is truly ONYC Hair Sunshine.   Get inspired and rock your ONYC Hair Now!
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ONYC Hair Relaxed Perm Customer Review Stephanie O ONYC Relaxed Perm Hair Extensions Feature
We're happy to feature ONYC Hair Relaxed Perm Customer Review featuring Stephanie, who is showing off in her ONYC Relaxed Perm. Did you know, the Relaxed Perm Texture is the very first Texture ONYC introduced?   Read to find out more about her hair care and styling tips and know why this texture is loved by
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ONYC Hair Reviews Jane In Relaxed Textures
ONYC Hair Relaxed Perm Reviews featuring Jane R This week we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Jane! Jane is a long time fan of ONYC Hair and has worn many of our beautiful textures. This time, Jane opted to wear a blend of the Relaxed Perm and Light Relaxed Perm to give her a special
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ONYC® Hair Curly Length Guide- Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern Need more Tips from ONYC® Hair? Subscribe to our Mailing list to be notified of the latest Hair and Beauty Care Guide!

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