Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Top 4 Tips to Maintain Natural Black Hair
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 Learn the Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Texture.  Every woman with naturally curly hair considers detangling as the number one challenge. The constant battle with tangles, dryness and hair shedding seems to never stop. With the stress and hassle associated with hair detangling, we realized that it would be helpful to list down the most tried and tested detangling techniques for naturally curly hair. Read on and find out the best tools and methods in detangling natural hair.

Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair

1 | Washing – Wet Detangling with a Brush

Wet Detangling With A Brush

 This is is truly the Best Brush for Natural Curly Hair! This brush will do wonders for a matted and tangled hair! Apply a generous amount of conditioner into your hair. We advise that you invest in a good conditioner that makes your hair really soft and slippery when wet. The combination of water and conditioner offers more slip than applying oil and conditioner to dry hair. Your hair is also more elastic when wet making it easier to detangle. Make sure to start from the tip and work your way down.


2 |  Fingers Detangling

Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Fingers Detangling

The most inexpensive and easy to find “tool” to detangle curly hair is right at your fingertips, literally. Yes, your fingers do a great job of getting the tangles out. Because you’re in control of your hand, you can apply the necessary gentleness so you don’t break your strands. You can adjust the amount of force when detangling. Your fingers also do a great job of retaining your curl pattern while washing your hair. The use of your fingers is the gentlest way to detangle your natural hair. While most people say that finger detangling consumes more time, this technique is the cheapest that could give perfect results for the quick knot out!


3 |  Use of Wide-Toothed Comb | Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly

Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Use Of Wide Toothed Comb

Detangling need not be expensive. If you think your fingers won’t work for you, opt for the wide-toothed comb. It can effectively remove tangles and shed hair without damaging the curl pattern and your sensitive hair strands. The widely spaced teeth of this comb offer enough space to accommodate the position of the curls.  It is great to use it first before a brush.


4 |  Dry Detangling | How to Keep Curly Hair From Tangling at Night

Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Dry Detangling

If your hair tangles easily, consider dry detangling. Apply oil or conditioner, or a mixture of the two, onto your curly hair. Detangle it before washing. This technique can be done outside the shower and in front of the mirror so you can easily see and single out the tangles. Your hair is at its strongest when it is dry so this technique will cause less breakage. The oil or conditioner you put into your hair will act as a lubricant to make detangling less difficult. This technique is ideal for slightly tangled hair and NOT severely matted hair or really tight curls.

If you have the time, why not try each of these hair care tips and see Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair that works for you best. Detangling natural hair would be a breeze once you find the method that suits your hair type

Every woman with naturally curly hair should try these Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair that really works! If You have any other suggestions, then add in the comment section below.

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