Body 2 wavy FAQ

Why choose ONYC® Body 2 Wavy Hair?
Hair Light as Air with loads of body, Moves while you move!
This is our shoppers’ favorites for gorgeous wavy look.
This hair super lightweight, perfectly mimics a Deep Body-Waves. It is very versatile, wear as a define body wave, diffuse for a wavy look or straighten in minutes for a sleek look!
What is the difference between Body 2 Wavy, LUSTROUS BODY-WAVY 2A and the GORGEOUS WAVY 2B-2C?
LUSTROUS BODY-WAVY 2A is a very loose body wave so does not have a defined waves. Body 2 Wavy is a borderline wavy hair; it is that perfect beach wave pattern! You can easily straighten it but you can also wear it as defined deep waves using our ultimate diffuser. The GORGEOUS WAVY 2B-2C is raw natural waves, the waves varies from defined waves to a deep wave look. Due to the dynamic of virgin raw hair, there is no consistency with the wave pattern.
Can I straighten Body 2 Wavy Hair?
Yes, you can straighten roller set or use any other heat styling tools on this hair and have your gorgeous body wave bounce back once washed! As a precaution, we always advice our customers to stay away from straightening the hair or use much heat especially very high heat items such as the Marcel curling irons which might be damaging to this hair due to its fine texture.
My hair is more of the relaxed texture; will Body 2 Wavy blend with my leave-out?
Yes, if your hair is more of a Light Relaxed-Perm, it will blend perfectly with this hair! On the other hand, if your hair is more of our Regular Relaxed-Perm this hair will not blend with your natural hair so as a protective style you can purchase our Body 2 Wavy Frontal Closure which perfectly match the weft and great way to achieve a full weave that looks very natural!
Is Natural Black the only color available?
Yes, it is more like a light version of #1B/Darkest of #2. Unfortunately we do not offer services to color the hair, please contact a professional stylist. You are welcome to color it with the help of a professional stylist.
Can I custom order a different color?
Unfortunately we do not offer that option but we are in the process on introducing colored options. It’s a very time consuming process so hopefully everything will be ready by the end of the year. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get alerts on inventory.
Can I swim wearing Body 2 Wavy?
Yes, but please note that this is real hair so you must take the same precautions taken for your natural hair.
Salt water or chlorine will not damage the hair but you must make sure to braid up your hair prior to swimming and completely clarify the hair with a good clarifying shampoo and warm water right afterwards.