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100% Full Cuticle Virgin Relaxed Hair Extensions to match gently Relaxed Ethnic Hair.

Ensure to read “Details” and “Care” Tab below.

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Relaxed Hair Extensions Perm Weave perfectly textured to mimic Relaxed African American texture.

This hair can be reused over and over again due to the high-quality hair.

Length Measurement: In the straight state.

With proper care, all you need is the moisturizing conditioner for this hair.

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NOTE Back-order: Items will be available within 6 to 10 weeks of your order.  Please order a stock item if you do not wish to wait!

Doll Face Ms. Jane shows the amazing Relaxed Hair Textures!  Relaxed Textures has received great responses for its ability to really mimic the Relaxed hair texture to a T.

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 Jane Rocks Relaxed Hair Textures
How To Custom Blend Hair Textures

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A perfect match to gently Relaxed Ethnic Hair Texture!

22 reviews for Relaxed-Perm Machine Weft

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  1. (verified owner)

    It has been so difficult finding natural and real hair that matched my own. I always saw something of different shades or textures but never exact. And if I did find anything close to my hair type, it always ended up feeling wiry or low-quality. I was about to give up my search when I stumbled upon ONYC Hair Relaxed straight hair. I ordered both the weft and frontal closure! The wefts look so natural to the point that people get surprised if I mention I’m wearing full extensions with frontal closures. Plus, they’re very easy to maintain no matter what I do. From exercise to work, it stays put and still looks fantastic.

  2. (verified owner)

    This is such a great quality of hair! It comes in cute ONYC pouch packaging. What I LOVE the most is the texture, it looks like African American Relaxed hair, so real looking. Now I natural and use the ONYC Fro Out Kinky Straight hair but I love this hair, will recommend for those Relaxed girls out there!

  3. (verified owner)

    I am done keeping my ONYC Hair a secret. I have been a customer before for a very long time! If you see my picture, you will swear, it’s all mine, yep, this hair is that good.
    The texture matches perfectly with my relaxed hair. It even has the slightly coarse texture like relaxed African American relaxed hair!!
    I wish the color is darker though. To achieve a darker 1B, I use Dark and lovely in natural black color. It gave it the 1B color the beauty supply yaki hair has minus the tangling and plastic look of yaki hair. If you want that nice yaki texture but having the real hair look, then grab this hair.

  4. I just order 2 bundles a 12 and 14 i’m so exited I can’t wait for the hair to be here i have braids in… i have to wait two more weeks to take out the braids i’m so nervous ….

  5. I absolutely love this hair. I am so glad my friend told me about this site. the quality of the hair is excellent. I have never used been this satisfied with any other hair as this one. I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer. The hair is just like my natural hair, and the texture is perfect. It does not tangle and easy to manage.

  6. (verified owner)

    I love ONYC Relax Perm! I colored black it black. I have been doing hair for a long time and I must say, this is the best quality hair I have ever installed. What you see in the photo is what you get – nice. I recommend this hair to all my clients.

  7. (verified owner)

    OMGosh.. I LOOOOVee this hair… I will never as long as I wear weave get any other hair! I got the hair faster than I expected. I am so glad I came across it. This is a Black Women’s Best Kept Secret…. 🙂

  8. (verified owner)

    Best hair ever!!!!! Matches my hair texture exactly, I’ve had this hair installed several times and it always looks and feels brand new can’t wait until my next purchase. ONYC has a customer for life!!!

  9. (verified owner)

    In this photo, I am wearing the Onyc Hair Mongolia relaxed weft, 12in. It was colored black. I have been doing hair for a long time and I must say, this is the best quality hair I have ever installed. What you see in the photos is what you get – nice. I recommend this hair to all my clients. Sera, Houston, Tx

  10. (verified owner)

    I am buying new hair for the 2nd time…the first time was December 2011 and I’ve been wearing the same hair since then!! I love this hair!! It is true this hair didn’t shed or tangle. Honestly until I started going natural – this hair was the closet EVER to what my own permed hair looked like. What a great product!

  11. (verified owner)

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to rant and rave about how much I LOVE your product. I honestly love it and can probably not express that enough. I’ve been wearing sew- ins for so long that it truly makes me happy to finally find a hair that is amazing quality and always consistent.

    Lightning fast shipping and response, incredibly professional! Even when shipping all the way to a loyal customer, on the other side of the world in Korea.
    Better than pictures, the hair is so beautiful you have to see and feel it to believe it. I absolutely love it!

    I usually order the Mongolian Perm hair which absolutely blends well with my hair that no one believes I have extension! Even though it has a lot of texture, it does not tangle and it feels real even after several washes.

    Before my first hair purchase with ONYC®, I had been wearing sew-ins for 4 years and tried every brand of hair in the store. After using ONYC® hair, I have not used any other brand for the last two years. This hair will have you spoiled because it truly is the best. This is without a doubt the finest hair I have ever used and I’ve tried all kinds and none of them come close.

    I will continue to shop with ONYC® and I wish I knew more people wearing hair so that I could recommend it. I love it and whenever I can I point ladies to the website.

  12. (verified owner)

    My hairstylist suggusted that I try Oync Hair because of the texture of my hair , she thought that the relaxed permed bundle would be an exact match and I most say she was right this hair is fabulous. I ordered my first pack of Onyc Hair in August of 2011 and I have used the pack over and over again, I used it a whole year and it still looks full like the first day it was sewn in my head. I love OONYC Hair and I’m a customer for life!!!

  13. (verified owner)


  14. (verified owner)

    I’m so in love with my ONYC® Hair!
    No tangle, no fuss, just stunning.
    I got so many complements, now my nick name is Meagan Good!

  15. Omg I love ONYC Hair. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2012. I wear the Mongolian relaxed perm 10″ hair and everyone believes this is my natural hair. I get so many compliments about how my hair looks healthy and beautiful lol The shipping is super fast. ONYC Hair is the best!!

  16. (verified owner)

    We absolutely LOVE our ONYC® Mongolian Relax. This is top notch quality!
    This hair doesn’t tangle on me and I can reuse it multiple times.
    I love it and now have my friend in the band wagon:)

  17. (verified owner)

    First, I’m IN-LOVE with my ONYC® Mongolian Relax!

    Okay, I have had three weave experiences which were horrible. I always wanted the flexibility of different styles and was in an urgent search to find the best hair stylist who is very experience in weaves!

    What I have found in Thelma far exceeds the title of a hair stylist. She is an ARTIST and her AWESOME brand of hair, ONYC® Hair is the best hair ever. The hair is beautiful, feels like butter and very similar to my natural hair. I have so many people asking me when I straighten my natural hair.

    Little do they know (and I only tell a select FEW) that I have none of my hair out! It’s the brand of hair, coupled with Thelma trademarked Invisible Closure technique of adding extensions.

    The rating system should be a 10 and even then it would not justify ONYC® Hair and Thelma’s technique.

    It is a blessing to be one of her clients. I am uncertain if she is accepting new clients, however you can see her work at http://www.onycbeauty.com!

    I’m a beyond satisfied ONYC® customer and Thelma’s Client!

  18. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Mongolian Relaxed Perm and I must say… GREAT ITEM! WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL! AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++!!!!!!!

  19. (verified owner)

    This hair is gawgeous!!! I love it!
    the hair looks really natural especially the shorter lengths,just make sure not put a lot of products and use a good clarifying shampoo.

  20. (verified owner)

    I have had this hair for 3 years and its the best hair I have got. I now want to order more. Best hair seller I have ever known. Thanks a lot ONYC Hair!

  21. (verified owner)

    like isn’t even the word ! i Love my relax perm hair ..It looks REALLY natural and i give ONYC 2 Thumbs up!!

  22. (verified owner)

    I love this hair so much ! I cant do without it. I don’t have any shedding and i bought 2 bundles January 2012 and Its still awesome. I’m just going to order another bundle just to make it more full. Great hair worth the money. Thanks ONYC

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