ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Wavy Hair Weave
ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Model
ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Wave Model
ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Model
ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Model
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ONYC Beach Wave Hair Body Wavy Hair Weave Curled Up
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Beach Wave – Body Wave 2A Machine Weft

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4.76 out of 5
21 | Questions & Answers

100% Full Cuticle Virgin Beach Body Wave Hair Extensions, the PERFECT Getaway hair!

Ensure to read “Details” and “Care” Tab below.

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 Beach Body Wave Hair Extensions – 100% Full Cuticle Virgin, the PERFECT Getaway hair!

With proper care, this hair can be reused over and over again due to the high-quality hair.

Length Measurement: In the straight state.

With proper care, all you need is the moisturizing conditioner for this hair.

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Weight3.6 oz
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Short Description

 Beach Body Wave Hair Extensions – 100% Full Cuticle Virgin, the PERFECT Getaway hair!

21 reviews for Beach Wave – Body Wave 2A Machine Weft

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  1. (verified owner)

    Our beach reunion was great a couple of weeks ago. I showed off using my body wavy hair from ONYC. The hair was perfect from the way it looked, and the texture was unbelievable. My relatives commented about how my hair was bouncy all through all those times. I received a lot of compliments, and they even asked me what I do with my hair. This hair extension is perfect for its elegant soft wave pattern. I love how it blended with the closure. You will never regret buying this hair extension from ONYC. I can guarantee that you will never be disappointed.

  2. (verified owner)

    I do not regret buying my new Beach Wave Machine Weft by ONYC. Being a loyal customer for years, ONYC continues to provide excellent service and high-quality products. Just like their other products, the hair is silky smooth and soft. It does not feel itchy like other crappy and synthetic hair. I always love that it hardly sheds, and it does not tangle. I will never buy any hair extension that is not from ONYC. All I can say is the product is always worth it. The price is affordable for a premium hair quality like this, and the quality is outstanding. The product delivery is on time and if not on time, it is earlier than expected. I recommend you get this hair.

  3. (verified owner)

    These are my thoughts for ONYC body wavy hair. My entire ordering experience was all perfect, from delivery to hair quality. I never received such a neat and clean package where the product is also not messy when you open it from online shops. ONYC really did raise the standards for online shops. After co-washing and leaving it out to dry, the hair is ready to install. The hair is perfectly smooth and soft. It hardly shed even after a couple of weeks. It still barely tangles and a simple combing shall do the trick. Overall, this beach body wave hair extension from ONYC is worth the money.

  4. (verified owner)

    My new Body Wave hair is my favorite hair extension. I have a lot of hair extensions in my collection, but I got addicted to this. Its gorgeous soft wavy pattern does not only stand out on beach trips, but it is for every occasion. I like how it is lightweight though it is thick. I can even braid or curl them up when I want to. It held its curls for a couple of days, and it is easy to straighten up if you want to. Its maintenance is not that hard because you just need to treat it like your own. I preferably use high-quality products on my hair, and it did not fail me up to now.

  5. (verified owner)

    This Beach Body wave hair extension is perfect for summer! This wavy pattern is best for my beach outfit. I love how the hair moves on the beach and how lightweight it is. I feel so comfortable wearing these hair extensions. It does not tangle even if you swim or run on the beach. It also does not shed much and is smooth. It is not only good in a beach getaway but also all year round. I have been using this hair extension for a month now, and I have no issues so far. I will be buying more of these in the future. It is highly recommended for all the hair addict girls like me.

  6. (verified owner)

    I always relied on my stylist when it comes to my hair. I have never tried looking for hair extensions on my own. A friend of mine suggested this ONYC body wavy hair a month ago, so I checked it out. I bought this Beach Wave – Body Wave a couple of weeks ago and I am totally loving it. It has this beach wave sensation, and it is soft. I immediately showed it to my hairstylist. She likes it more than the current brand she’s using. I am going to make ONYC my permanent hair extension supplier. My hairstylist also shifted to ONYC after seeing these hair extensions.

  7. (verified owner)

    This Beach Wave Machine Weft by ONYC does not live up to its name. I did not mean negatively, but I mean it is not only best on beaches. It is exceptional on any occasion. I used it on and on for a while, and it was still wonderful. I like its wavy pattern and its soft texture. It blends perfectly with their closure, and it looks realistic. I received so many compliments wearing these hair extensions. I currently have 16 inches, but I will be buying 18 inches soon. I love this all-season hair extension by ONYC. Try it, and you will never regret buying it from ONYC.

  8. (verified owner)

    This is a real review, girlfriends. I ordered 16 and 18 inches and when it arrived, the first thing I thought is to return this because I thought this was going to be too thin. I didn’t get the time and I was in a pinch and needed to get my hair done. I used it anyway. I co-washed it first and then left it out to air dry. The next day, I finished it off with a nice hair serum. When it was done, all I can tell you is that this body wavy hair is perfect. It came out soft and beautiful. Well worth the cost and will order again in the next few days. It’s that good, girlfriends.

  9. (verified owner)

    I absolutely like this beach body wave hair extension by ONYC. Aside from on-time shipping, it looks natural and feels very smooth to the touch. One thing that separates it from other hair extensions is it is easy to maintain its smoothness and softness. I only washed it with my favorite shampoo and left it out for a couple of hours to air dry. It brings back its natural smoothness and softness after doing these simple steps. Ladies, I would recommend this hair extension because you will never be disappointed with the quality. You will never find a hair extension as good as this. ONYC hair extensions are always to be looked out for.

  10. (verified owner)

    I looked so sexy with the Beach Wave Body Wave by ONYC at our party a couple of weeks ago. I will never post a review if I am not so grateful for this hair extension. This is the first time in my life where I received a lot of flattering remarks about my hair. I love its soft and smooth texture that leaves all the guys stunned by me. I will always wear this hair extension starting today. I got 16 and 18 inches, and I will be trying the 20 and 22 inches next time. It is by far the best hair extension I have ever installed, and I am not lying when I say that.

  11. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hair. I so love love love it. Can’t say it enough but honestly this body wavy hair is the best one I have ever bought. I usually buy my hair in beauty supply shops and this time I figured to give ONYC a try and get their Beach Wave Weft and it did not disappoint. It is of good quality and the price is so reasonable. I read a few reviews regarding this hair and I just have to give it a shot. So now, I finally bought it for my birthday and I’m very happy that I did. So, ladies, I can’t say it enough this is a quality product that’s totally worth it. Grab it.

  12. (verified owner)

    This is my second time buying hair extensions from ONYC. I was in love with my first purchase so, I decided to try another product. You will never wrong when purchasing from ONYC. This body wavy hair is undoubtedly worth the money. Its silky and lustrous texture is perfect. I like how it looks natural, and it blends well with my fine hair. I love its wavy pattern that gives me this beach sensation. It’s been over a month, and it still looks fresh. I would never look for any brands of hair extension. ONYC products are always the best when it comes to hair extensions. Curly, wavy, or straight, ONYC has it all.

  13. (verified owner)

    Ladies, don’t miss the chance to try this body wavy hair by ONYC. It is not your usual hair extension because the feeling is different from the others. The color is just the same as your natural black hair. You will never find a hair extension that looks as natural as this one, and it is even smoother than your hair. I am not exaggerating this but, this beach body wave hair extension is the best. Its beautiful wavy pattern does not only fit in beach outfits, but I love to wear it anytime. I never received this many compliments wearing any other extensions. ONYC indeed raises my standard for hair extensions. I paired it with their closure and it is PERFECTION! I wore it while visiting Nigeria and all the Lagos babes went crazy!!

  14. (verified owner)

    Hey ladies, so far this body wavy hair from ONYC is great. It does the job for me. When it first arrived it felt a little frizzy so I deep conditioned it and let it soak thoroughly. When I was satisfied, I rinsed it with cold water and air-dried it. The hair came out nice and soft and I really liked how it felt and looked. Had it installed once it was completely dried and the waves held. One thing I love about this hair is that I feel that it doesn’t really tangle. Maybe it’s just me or my maintenance routine just works, but I haven’t experienced any sort of tangling with this hair.

  15. (verified owner)

    I have no regrets when I chose to purchase ONYC Beach wave machine weft! It wasn’t too wavy nor did it look like fake wavy hair. It matched my natural Hair. I wish they offer this in Clippin. Anyways, I ordered the weft and made my own Clippin. When I clipped it on, it felt so soft and natural, unlike other wefts I’ve tried with processed or unreal hair. It’s so beautiful and perfect for a beach day or when on a day out with friends! I get a ton of compliments and admirers just by walking down the street, lol! With its amazing texture and density, my hair looks fuller without even trying. It might be more expensive than what you usually pay for wefts, but it’s all worth it!

  16. (verified owner)

    Ladies, what I can tell you is that this body wavy hair is great. When I received the hair the ends felt a little frizzy but I deep conditioned it with a keratin conditioner and I let it soak for about an hour. After rinsing and air drying the hair it came out soft and silky. I also noticed that the loose wave held great and nothing really changed after the cleaning and conditioning that I did. I also want to comment on the shedding as it is very minimal. I hardly noticed any hair that fell out. The real test will come when I start maintaining it and how it will hold up with my regimen, although I am confident that it will.

  17. (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I chose ONYC back when I was looking for the perfect beach wave hair weave. I love the weft and Frontal closures! While I wasn’t exactly going to a beach trip, it looked amazing every time I went on dates or nights out. Plus, it is so soft to wear you can wear in ponytail and it would blend in so well with the weft hair, making it perfect for every day wear. I have no complaints with the body wave hair and frontal closures, as it comes with the impressive texture and density I’ve been looking for. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

  18. (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of these perfect body wavy wefts! It’s got that amazing beach wave to it, perfect for any occasion (but I wore it first on vacation to give that beach vibe). It feels amazing and looks just as beautiful. It feels so soft, it’s easy to install and it doesn’t shed, even when I swim or run around the beach. I don’t recommend that you swim with it though, lol Used mine for the beach photo ops, though! Even after my beach trip, the wefts were free from tangles and still had the same quality. And yes, it stayed on my head the entire time after multiple washes. I used the Beach Wavy matching closure also.

  19. (verified owner)

    I love and prefer natural wave hair weave because of its ease to maintain. I find it difficult to look for something of the similar look while still maintaining the quality and softness. But when I stumbled on ONYC Hair’s beach wave weft and frontal closure, everything was smooth sailing (and not just the hair!). From the shipping down to receiving and putting it on, I had NO issues whatsoever and still enjoy the frontal closure up to this day! It has the natural-looking hairline with baby hair, as well as the soft quality to it that looks so realistic and detailed.

  20. (verified owner)

    I want to start off by saying that this body wavy hair is beautiful. This is the first time that I am purchasing my hair online and what I can tell you, is that I am satisfied with them. The hair that I bought has a pretty shine and a whole lotta bounce, which I love. When they arrived, I tested them out for shedding and tangling and there was none. Jackpot! The wave pattern is outstanding, and I have been running my fingers between them and the wave kept and didn’t change at all. These are really beautiful, and this is my first time to buy online and will definitely be not my last.

  21. (verified owner)

    LOVE the HAIR! Bought 3 bundles of the Beach Wavy in 18” and matching closure. I love it, so silky and tangle free! The customer service was great and communicated with me, great buy overall 🙂

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