Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Comb
Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Comb 2

Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Comb

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The Double-Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Comb is the ideal accessory to achieve the perfect Edge!

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Edge Control Hair Brush Comb – Double-Sided

The ideal accessory to achieve the perfect Edge!

It is portable, only 7” in length so it can fit in your bag for daily touchup.


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Edge Control Hair Brush Comb – Double-Sided the ideal accessory to achieve the perfect Edge.

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8 reviews for Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush Comb

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  1. (verified owner)

    I got this wig chin strap so that I can get my wig styled. So I brought this with my wig to my stylist so I could get it shampooed and everything. I handed my stylist this strap so they could use it to style my wig. They used it to hold the wig in place as they blow-dried it and eventually styled it. It was the first time that my stylist used this particular strap, and they were impressed. The strap held my wig in place whatever they did. They gave me feedback regarding the strap, and they absolutely loved it. I told them where to order it so they can get it for themselves and their customers.

  2. (verified owner)

    This wig chin strap is particularly useful when you’re styling your wig on your own. It works really well when you have a mannequin head so you can style it there. You can clip your wig on your head in place so you can have two hands-frees to style your hair. It’s easy to use, and the adjustable clips keep it in place so you can style to your heart’s content. You can even use it if you have a wig head. You can clip your wig in place so you can easily style it. Although I would recommend using this more if you’re styling your wig by yourself.

  3. (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. I have been using a wig for quite some time now, and I’m having a hard time styling it. I don’t want to get a wig head just for that purpose. It’s a great thing I discovered this hair wig chin strap from ONYC. It has helped me greatly whenever I want to style my wig myself. I really wanted to style it for a long time, and I was not able to do it until now. I would always go to my stylist. Now, I have the freedom to style my hair. I love it. This is absolutely a great product and I am definitely getting more of it.

  4. (verified owner)

    I have always wanted to style my wig. I have cancer and I have been using a wig for months now. For the longest time, I would always go to my stylist and I’m not that comfortable taking my wig off in front of a lot of people. This hair wig chin strap did the trick for me. The strap secured my wig in place on my head while I style it. I can even take my wig off in private and style it on my wig head. It’s awesome. I love how I can do that now. Not only that I can do this privately, but I can now style my hair the way I want it to.

  5. (verified owner)

    I have a ton of wigs, and whenever I take them to my stylist for some maintenance, they usually have a hard time doing it. They have their own straps, but it seems like it does not do the job properly. So, I got my own hair wig chin strap and brought it over when I had one of my wigs washed. They absolutely loved it. It worked great holding the wig in place. They were able to style it properly and now I can use it. This is something that you want to have if you regularly get your wigs washed and styled with your stylist. This is something I highly recommend.

  6. (verified owner)

    I never knew that I badly needed these hair wig chin straps until I bought them. In the past, I worked for hours just to get my wig to where I want it to be. The reason is that it moves around my wig head. I have tried tape to get it in place. Now, I use my straps and they work wonders. I can easily wash and style my hair. I can comb and brush it on the wig head and it feels like it’s firmly attached. It just makes my life easier. This is something I never thought I needed, but now, I can’t live without it. If you have a wig, get it!

  7. (verified owner)

    I love this hair wig chin strap. I mainly use it to style my wig while I wear it. It makes my life 10x easier. Now I don’t have to worry about my wig falling off and ruining all my effort. This is a very useful tool. Anyone who has wigs should get this. I bought one for my mom and she absolutely loved it. She said that it changed her life and she brought it to her stylist and they loved it as well. This is something that I would recommend over and over again, especially if you have wigs. This definitely gets five stars from me. It looks deceptively simple, but it’s more than just a couple of clips.

  8. (verified owner)

    I have bad hair. I don’t like the texture and sometimes there are times when it gets a bit too wiry for me. Now, I have resorted to using wigs, which I love. Wearing wigs definitely gives me a lot of confidence, but my problem is whenever I style it, it gets a bit difficult for me so that’s why I got these hair wig chin straps from ONYC. It ensures that my wig is in place the dummy head that I use to hang it whenever I style it. It really helped a lot. My life surely got a lot easier. This is something you need to buy right now if you have a wig and are styling it yourself.

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