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All posts in: HAIR CARE TIPS

Relaxed Hair Care How To Have Healthy Relaxed Hair Featured

Do you want to learn How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and make it grow? Do you need to know How to have Healthy Relaxed Hair? All hair should be pampered to maintain their shine and luster. But, Relaxed Hair requires a special treatment due to their processed nature. It undergoes controlled damage to

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How To Maintain Curly Weave How To Keep Curly Weave From Tangling

Curly Hair is Gorgeous, Beautiful and Sexy. Unfortunately, it comes with extra effort to keep them tamed! Especially Deep Curly Weave like ONYC Deep Curly Hair – Curly Addiction 3B. Learn How To Maintain Curly Weave and How To Keep Curly Weave From Tangling. With these tips, you can learn How to Revive Curly Weave

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Natural Hair Types. Featuredjpg (1)-Different Types of Hair Textures | Natural Hair Types

For many women, their hair is their pride and joy. From straight and fine to thick and curly, every girl’s hair is beautiful in its own way. However, different hair textures may have some limitations. Some tend to frizz quickly, while others can’t hold a curl. You can’t control the type of your hair and

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how to care for raw indian hair, raw indian hair maintenance, what is raw indian hair, indian hair texture, what is indian hair

This is a general guide on How to Care for Raw Indian Hair texture. If you are one of ONYC Customers, we hope you enjoy our product and hope you get the best value for your money. To ensure this, it is very important to read the Raw Indian Hair Maintenance to familiarize yourself with

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How To Take Care Of your Weave How To Care For Hair Under Sew In Weave Blog Featured Image

Knowing how to take care of your weave and how to care for hair under sew in weave helps you maintain their luster. Your new weave always looks and feels great. But, it takes proper care to help you keep it and your hair in top shape in between your visits to the stylist. Know

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Best Solution To Thinning Hair - Best Hair Thinning Treatment

Finding the best solution to thinning hair is crucial not only to women but also to men. Hair represents health and beauty, as well as wisdom and vitality. Unfortunately, its thinning is inevitable. Your crowning glory may start to lose its volume and thickness due to hormonal changes, over-styling, or excessive exposure to chemicals. In

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How To Achieve Thick Hair How To Get Thicker Hair For Female

Since hair loss affects up to fifty percent of women, topics on how to achieve thick hair have been a standard part of their salon conversations. They enthusiastically discuss the best solutions to this common problem. While some search the internet for safe and effective products, others ask for recommendations from their closest friends on

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Caring For Textured Hair Texturized Hair Guide

Textured hair is hair strands that are not completely Straight naturally! Yes, Wavy Hair Textures and Relaxed Hair fall into this category also. Caring for Textured hair with curves, spirals, zigzags or waves; Kinky Curly or, Coily needs you to understand the hair. Knowing your hair texture means you can treat it correctly for its

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Cutting Tips For Curly Hair Tips For Cutting Curly Hair At Home

If you are the savvy DIY, rock on but perhaps you want to spare yourself the burden of enduring a really bad haircut!  No more bad hair days for you girl, if you make sure your stylist follows these five cutting tips for curly hair. When getting a curly haircut, it’s essential that the cutter

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Protective Hair Styling Tips To Eliminate Hair Shedding, protective hairstyles tips to prevent breakage, protective hairstyles to grow hair

Keep your crowning glory full and healthy and avoid hair shedding through these five hair styling tips that can protect your hair. Avoid hair loss by following this hairstyling guide provided to you by ONYC Hair. Read on for Protective Hairstyles to Grow Hair and Protective Hairstyles Tips to Prevent Breakage and the Protective Hair

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