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Relaxed Hair Care How To Have Healthy Relaxed Hair Featured

Do you want to learn How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and make it grow? Do you need to know How to have Healthy Relaxed Hair? All hair should be pampered to maintain their shine and luster. But, Relaxed Hair requires a special treatment due to their processed nature. It undergoes controlled damage to

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How To Maintain Curly Weave How To Keep Curly Weave From Tangling

Curly Hair is Gorgeous, Beautiful and Sexy. Unfortunately, it comes with extra effort to keep them tamed! Especially Deep Curly Weave like ONYC Deep Curly Hair – Curly Addiction 3B. Learn How To Maintain Curly Weave and How To Keep Curly Weave From Tangling. With these tips, you can learn How to Revive Curly Weave

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Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern

– – Kinky Curly – 3B-3C Curl Compared to 3B strands, kinky curly hair weave 3B-3C strands are definitively tighter. They are thickly packed together, giving way to a more natural volume. They have the size of a straw or pencil and tend to have a finer texture, which makes them more prone to dryness,

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how to care for raw indian hair, raw indian hair maintenance, what is raw indian hair, indian hair texture, what is indian hair

This is a general guide on How to Care for Raw Indian Hair texture. If you are one of ONYC Customers, we hope you enjoy our product and hope you get the best value for your money. To ensure this, it is very important to read the Raw Indian Hair Maintenance to familiarize yourself with

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How To Take Care Of your Weave How To Care For Hair Under Sew In Weave Blog Featured Image

Knowing how to take care of your weave and how to care for hair under sew in weave helps you maintain their luster. Your new weave always looks and feels great. But, it takes proper care to help you keep it and your hair in top shape in between your visits to the stylist. Know

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Straight Textured Hair Relaxed Perm Kinky Straight Virgin Hair
Textured straight weaves as kinky straight virgin hair has successfully made it on top of the list of the most sought after hair types in the market today.  We, black women, may love a silky straight mane sometimes, but we always end up wanting to try different other styles and textures from time to time
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Different Hair Extension Types And Methods

Hair talks and makeovers would never be complete without Hair Extensions!  Hairstylists and customers alike are enthralled with the wonders of hair extension types within the extremely competitive market around the world.  With a wide variety of different hair weave Types that exist today, sometimes it is hard to choose the best style, hair type,

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Compare Hair Extension Prices, How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

Compare Hair Extension Prices Are you on the hunt for Hair Extensions and need more information? Are some of your questions how much do hair extensions cost in a salon or how much does it cost to remove hair extensions? Compare Hair Extension Prices to help you determine the cost! Services like Permanent Hair Extensions

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How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece How To Care For Your Closure Hair Piece

 Learning how to care for your hair closure piece is very important as a hair closure is your best friend when it comes to having that instant, lustrous and beautiful hair. It gives you that “oomph” factor for any occasion and puts your best self forward in first impressions. Women may be a bit worried

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Black Hair Weaves Short Or Medium Length Weave Hairstyles Tips

Black Hair Weaves | Short or Medium Length Weave Hairstyles Tips Are you looking for the best hair extensions and weaves for black hair? Look no further! ONYC Hair offers the best black hair weaves in the market today. – Designed by a Black Woman for Women of Color ONYC Hair is founded by Black Female

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