Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

Get the Hottest Celeb-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

Women are so into hair that we always get excited to try out new hairstyles that we see. Believe it or not, holiday hairstyles are one of the highlights we look forward to from famous celebrities – hoping to get new hair ideas for night-out parties, brunch meetings, or just lazy afternoon strolls.

The dilemma of hairstyling is real. And in order to save you the trouble and hassle of deciding how to style your mane, we picked the best chic hairdos sported by your favorite celebrities – starting from easy holiday hair to beach holiday hairstyles. After reading this article, you could be rocking one of these hairstyles too!


1. Braid Plait and Fishtail


Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Braid Plait And Fishtail

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Behati Prinsloo nailed this easy holiday hair called the braid plait that is perfect with the side fishtail braid. The tousled braid is a combination of both messy and polished style, topped with a thin plate woven like a headband at the crown, leaving a few loose strands in front for an epic sexy finish. The mini braided headband is perfect for a bohemian party, which you can include it in your list of beach holiday hairstyles.


2. Crown Braid Updo


Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Crown Braid UpdoBraids are cute and feminine. Braided crowns are holiday hairstyles that are popular not only on the red carpet but also in wedding venues because of its timeless elegance. Jennifer Lawrence has claimed the crown braid as her signature holiday hairdo.


3. Classic Chignon

Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Classic Chignon

Chignons are eternal, it is a classic and easy holiday hair – not to mention its versatility that you can wear it slicked back, loose, or messy.  Popular Hollywood celebrities like Kiera Knightly, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone all loved wearing the chignon hairstyle in red carpet events before they chopped their hair short.

Whether you’re going to prom, a festive event, or just a laid-back afternoon party, chignons are an easy holiday hair that you can rock.


4. Braided Bun


Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles ONYC Hair Styling Guide Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Braided Bun

Buns are a favorite of many celebrities as it obviously reigned the runways and red carpets.  Over the years, stylists started the trend to elevate this hairstyle with plaits, which created one of the most glamorous holiday hairstyles, the braided bun.

If you think updos are boring, try combining it with braids for texture and volume.


5. Beach Waves

Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Beach Waves Gabriel Union

Looking for beach holiday hairstyles this summer?  Don’t look any further and style your hair with the classic beach waves. You can play with length, texture, and volume to get the perfect style for a bohemian holiday hairstyles vibe.

There is really nothing much to say about beach waves, except that it is easy and low maintenance that you can easily do yourself at home.


6. Voluminous Curls


Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Kelly rowland Voluminous Curls

Holiday hairstyles won’t be complete without the curls, which happened to be everyone’s favorite. Believe it or not, voluminous curls are eye-catchers at any party.  Curls are also perfect for beach holiday hairstyles that you can rock this summer, while rocking your Body Wave hair?


7. The ‘60s-Inspired Pony


ONYC Hair Styling Guide Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Retro Up DoHairstyles of the ‘60s are classic holiday hairstyles, so as the ‘60s-inspired pony.  You have seen it in many classic movies and might consider it old, but yes you can still wear it today and still glam the party! All you need is a little tease and hairspray, and you’re good to go for a retro vibe.


8. Hair Accessories 


Celeb Inspired Holiday Hairstyles Janelle Monae Hair Accessory

It is understood that we all feel lazy at times, but that doesn’t mean we can’t glam up our hair during those days. You can either tie your hair into a simple, messy bun or just let it fall and top it off with some jeweled hairpins.  Thanks to ornamental hair accessories like headbands, hair clips, pins, and brooches for saving hair fashion during lazy days.


Now that you’ve learned some of the most sought-after holiday hairstyles, and found out that they are way too easy to do, there is no more excuse for boring holidays and parties.  Pick one of your favorites and try it for an easy holiday hair!


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