Why choose ONYC® Curly Addiction 3B™ Deep Curly Hair?

  • Gorgeous ringlet curls that will make you drool, we mean it!
  • Products of 100% Full Cuticle Virgin Human Hair!
  • This is one of our shoppers’ favorites and constantly gaining popularity among curl lovers.
  • We have selected the Perfect 3B natural Deep Curly pattern and duplicated it to achieve this curl pattern. Just like our famous Kinky 3B-3C™ and Tight-Kinky 3C-4A™.  The production of these gorgeous curls is manually made from beginning to end creating a very natural unique curl pattern.
  • They are the MOST natural C Curls you will ever get, the curls are to die for!
  •  We hand wash all bundle before packaging so you receive clean and ready to install the product that has a satisfaction guaranteed stamp on it.  Just cowash and rock it!

What is the difference between Curly Addiction 3B™ and the Kinky Hair Texture?
The difference is the characteristics of the hair. These include the size of curl, the texture, and luster!

Curly Addiction 3B™:

This is a looser curl pattern than Kinky 3B-3C™ and Tight-Kinky 3C-4A™.  For naturals that really knows their curl pattern, it is a beautiful 3B Curl pattern.

It is a complete C curl so the curls are very springy and not zig zag.

It is much easier to manage because the curl diameter is bigger.  The Curly Addiction 3B™ is not as coarse and low luster as the kinky.  It has a medium-low luster and medium-low texture.

We have two types of kinky, Kinky 3B-3C and Tight Kinky 3C-4A.

Kinky 3B-3C™:

This is a looser version of our Kinky curl and the most popular!  It has a medium-low luster and medium coarse texture. You can tease this to create more texture and volume but it’s easier to manage than our Tight Kinky 3C-4AWe strongly recommend this type for someone that has never worn kinky curly hair before or need a lower maintenance kinky curly hair.

It PERFECTLY mimics natural 3b-3b African American hair texture! The curls are Luscious Tight Ringlet Curls. It has a Low Luster with Medium-Coarse texture so can easily blend with 4a to 4b natural hair texture with slight manipulation!


Tight Kinky 3C-4A™:

The Afro Tight Kinky Hair Weave 3C-4A has a tighter curl with a low luster and coarse texture. A lower luster with coarse texture equates to a higher tendency to look frizzier. Looking frizzy is the very best characteristics of this hair.  It will not be Tight Kinky without the frizzy!  This is for avid kinky wearers, for those who love full and fabulous.  Do not buy this hair and expect to tame it.

The Tight Kinky Curly textures are Luscious Super Tight Corkscrews zigzagging Coils. It has s Super Low Luster with Coarse texture so can easily blend with 4b to 4c natural hair texture with slight manipulation!

For a visual comparison; reference the “Curly Length Chart”.   Reference the image below as well:

Deep Curly Hair Weave Extension ONYC Beautiful C Curls Curly Addiction, Kinky 3B3C And Tight Kinky 3C4A

What is the length of the Curly Addiction 3B™ hair in the curly state?
There is 20-25% shrinkage to this hair.


  • The true length is only applicable when the hair is completely straight.
  • You might need a different length depending on the height and length of your neck.
  • We suggest using a measuring tape and measure from the top of your head to decide where you want your hair to fall.

Please view our “Curly Length Chart” to determine what length is best for you.

Can I straighten Curly Addiction 3B™ Hair?
Deep Curly Hair Frequently Asked Questions – Texture Change

Yes, you can straighten the hair but keep in mind that continuous straightening of the curls will make them a lot looser.
They are real hair so applying too much heat to them can definitely damage the cuticle, just like it damages your real hair. The curls will become looser curls in time.

Heat-free styling like Flexi rod, two strand twist or bread out will be fine and have no effect on the curls.  Co-washing will do the trick to get it curly again.

The only heat styling, we will recommend for this hair once in a while would be getting a roller set to avoid compromising the integrity of the gorgeous curls and quality of hair in general.

My hair is more of the kinky texture; will Curly Addiction 3B™ blend with my leave-out?
Yes, with slight manipulation this hair will blend with your leave out if your natural hair is more of our Kinky 3B-3C™. On the other hand, if your natural hair is more of our Tight-Kinky 3C-4A™ or coarser, this hair will not blend with your natural hair so as a protective style you can purchase our Curly Addiction 3B™ Frontal Closure which perfectly matches the weft and great way to achieve a full weave that looks very natural!
Is Natural Black the only color available?
No, we also offer the color treated options under our GOLDEN-COLLECTION.  The Natural Black is more like a light version of #1B/Darkest of #2.

Order Colored Curly Addiction 3B™: Here

Note Colored Curly Addiction 3B™ Color Options: #1, Natural Black, #2, #4, #6, #8, #33, #99j, #30, #4/30

Can I color the Curly Addiction 3B™ Hair?
Deep Curly Hair Frequently Asked Questions – Coloring

Though you can color the Natural Black, we will advise doing so with the help of a professional stylist. Please do not go more than 2 shades lighter to maintain the curl pattern.

Keep in mind that coloring (lifting color) the hair involves applying chemical which will alter the hair cuticle and will affect the integrity of the hair.
This is real hair so applying strong chemical will damage it, just like it damages your real hair.

Lastly, make sure your stylist performs a strand test.  (He/ She should know this already?

Can I custom order a different color from what you offer?
Deep Curly Hair Frequently Asked Questions – Special Order

Unfortunately, we do not offer that option, but you can “back-order” some colors.  Back-Order will allow customers to order an existing color or length option that is not readily available.

If an item is available for “Back-Order” you will see “available on backorder” on add to cart instead of “in stock”

Does ONYC offer coloring services for the Curly Addiction 3B™?
We do not offer services to color the hair, please contact a professional stylist. You are welcome to color it with the help of a professional stylist. Please note we will advise coloring the hair not lighter than 2 shades for Natural Black.  For already color treated ones, we will recommend ONLY “deposit color” going darker than the original color.  We will strongly suggest doing a strand test also.
Can I swim wearing Curly Addiction 3B™?
Deep Curly Hair Frequently Asked Questions – Swimming

Yes, but please note that this is real hair so you must take the same precautions taken for your natural hair.
Saltwater or chlorine will not damage the hair but you must make sure to braid up your hair prior to swimming and completely clarify the hair with a good clarifying shampoo and warm water right afterward.

The best way will be to not swim with the hair in the loose state, we will recommend braiding it or twisting it prior to swimming.

What do I do when I receive Curly Addiction 3B™?
Deep Curly Hair Frequently Asked Questions – Unboxing

The first thing you must do is to review the hair.

ALL our curly hair is hand washed so depending on the washing technique and the fact that some are old batches and have been sitting in the pouch for a longer period, they will look rough.

This is VERY TEMPORARY.  It is hard to see the beauty of the hair out of the pouch!  We will recommend you co-wash some portion of the hair (actual hair minus the black label and weft area) this way you can see the beautiful curl pattern.  For longer lengths, you might need to induce the curls by scrunching the hair!

Please note that you can still return the hair for an exchange after co-washing (conditioner wash) if the black label and gold tag around it were not tampered with! Our hair comes with our monogram gold sticker to maintain the integrity and guarantee the authenticity of our hair, once this label is removed, it is 100% void for any exchange. Please do not tamper with the product if you have concerns or reservations as we cannot restock a tampered item back.

If you are happy with the texture, you can then remove the black label and do a proper conditioner wash on the hair.  Air dry the hair for the popping curls.

What products can I use for my Curly Addiction 3B™?
The best products for the Curly Addiction are those meant for natural and textured hair as the Curly Addiction 3B is a product of 100% Full Cuticle Virgin Human Hair. Even with the right products, you must also know how to care for curly weave.