Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern
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Even though you may know different types of weave styles, it is important to understand Curly Hair Weave! The natural hair movement provides women with curly and kinky hair the confidence to ditch chemical straighteners and to let their original texture fly free. Ladies who are curly-by-nature now play with their hair texture and the curly-by-choice can also get into the fun with wigs, sew-ins, and clip-ins. A full head of voluptuous curls has been a pinnacle of sensuality that many want to achieve. This is why it is so important that you know how to take care of the weave so you will be able to obtain it for yourself.

Weaves are an excellent way to put some bounce in your step and personality to your dull, flat hair. Several textures can exist in one head, and they need to look cohesive when rock a specific style. To get the best curly weave for sew-in, you need to be able to identify your preferred curl pattern and how to take care of the weave. Now, there are different types of curly weave curl pattern, including:

Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern


The 3A and 3B curls are usually medium luster curls, although some curls have lower luster. The curls are usually well define and springy curls for a 3B and S pattern Curls for a 3A. Learning the Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern will help you determine the best curly weave for sew in.

– Loose Curly – 3A Curl


Loose Curly – 3A Curl Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern - best curly weave for sew

Loose curly or 3A strands are shiny, large, loose curls that are about the size of sidewalk chalk, but there are plenty of variations in their width and density. Some may look fuller or finer, depending on the length. They are also easily blown out and incredibly reactive to elements. They look anything but typical. Check out Spider-man’s MJ, Zendaya. She has 3A curls that look gorgeous.

– Deep Curly – 3B Curl

Best curly weave for sew in Deep Curly – 3B Curl

Deep curly or 3B strands are coarse, springy ringlets with the circumference of a Sharpie marker. Unlike 3A curls that get easily pulled out or lose their definition, they stay coiled no matter what product you put on them. However, they can get dry and frizzy quickly, so be sure to use products that attract moisture to the strands.


The 3B-3C curls are very sparingly with lots of C pattern curls.  The 3C-4A curls have a mixture of zigzag and C curls with a lower luster. Explore the hair gallery to see different types of curly weave hairstyles for a style inspiration.

– Kinky Curly – 3B-3C Curl

Kinky Curly – 3B 3C Curl Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern - best curly weave for sew

Compared to 3B strands, kinky curly hair weave 3B-3C strands are definitively tighter. They are thickly packed together, giving way to a more natural volume. They have the size of a straw or pencil and tend to have a finer texture, which makes them more prone to dryness, breakage, and loss of definition. Frizziness can also be an issue with this type, so try to use sulfate-free products.

– Afro Tight Kinky Curly – 3C-4A Curl

Afro Tight Kinky Curly – 3C 4A Curl different types of curly weave hairstyles

Afro Tight Kinky Curly Hair 3C-4A strands have dense, springy, S-patterned coils with the size of a crochet needle. They tend to retain more moisture than other hair types, meaning they are the least likely to shrink. But, they do need some serious hydration to keep them bouncy and healthy. A combination of creams, oils, and gels can do the trick.

How to Choose the Best Curly Weave for Sew-In

Poorly chosen curly weaves can look fake and cheap. Worse, they can damage your natural hair. The key to gorgeous, natural-looking hair is selecting the right extensions for your hair type. With several options, how do you know which is the best for you?


– Make Sure it is 100% Cuticle Virgin Hair

Top 4 Tips To Maintain Natural Black Hair

Cuticle Virgin Hair Virgin is chemically unprocessed human hair. Considered of the highest quality, it lasts longer than other hair extension types. It also requires proper care and maintenance since its cuticles are intact. This means more work is needed to maintain its look and feel.


– Make Sure the Texture Matches | Different Types of Weave Styles

Make Sure The Texture Matches

Blend your curls with that of the weave to make it look as natural as possible. To make sure the texture matches, pay close attention to the coarseness of your real hair and the texture of your bundles. Try to base your choice on the texture of your leave out after styling or manipulation to avoid everyone from immediately spotting that your weave and sew-in don’t match.


– Make Use of the Curly Length Chart | Best Curly Weave for Sew In

ONYC Curly Length Guide

The curly length guide helps you understand the difference between hair texture and length before placing an order. Curly hair tends to look shorter compared to other natural hair types. If you buy a 14-inch curly hair bundle, you will only get shoulder-length hair. The 22-inch will only be as long as 20-inch hair. If you want tighter coils or a lot of hair, opt for a shorter length and natural density to avoid excessive tangling. For a longer length, it’s best to choose a wig or clip-in as you can easily take it out and detangle it.


For the purest hair in the market, shop ONYC®. We use 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair and have excellent customer service with knowledgeable staff. Our products are proven to be reused for up to one full year. You can effectively color them as you like, too. Overall, the brand brings the best value to your money.

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