ONYC® Hair offers different Virgin Hair Quality Extensions. We are well known for the Most Natural Virgin and Remy Hair Extensions. Below you will find the different collection of products we offer.  We offer Cuticle Virgin hair Extensions and Remy Human Hair Extensions.  You can also view our “Collections By Har Type” to better understand different ONYC Hair Textures or “Collections By Finished Styles” like Wigs, Weft, Clip-In, Tape In and Tip Extensions.

LUXURY ULTIMA™ – Purest hair made with Full Cuticle Virgin Human Hair. It has all the cuticles intact; therefore, it can be reused over and over again. The hair is sourced from one donor and is also known as ponytail hair. This collection is PURE LUXURY and of course, the best hair your money can buy!

SASSY REMY™ – This product is the finest 100% Pure Remy Human Hair! Our SASSY Remy™ is a budget-friendly alternative compared to our Cuticle Hair. Be rest assured that we maintain our quality standard- CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY, and CONSISTENCY all the way. Products on our SASSY Remy™ collections can be reused several times and still retain its texture.

GOLDEN COLLECTION™ – The product is made from the finest 100% Pure Remy Human Hair! Our Golden-Collection consists of all our Luxury Ultima Collection but in color-treated options.   From the vibrant red to gorgeous blondes.

ACCESSORIZE BY ONYC® – We offer an array of products to enhance your ONYC® Hair experience. From Styling Accessories and tools like Brushes, Hair Towels, Hair Extension Supplies and Diffuser that are necessary for proper maintenance and longevity of your ONYC® Hair. To arrays of Decorative Hair Accessories like Pins, Clips, Decorative Combs, Hats, and Scarves that can also add some glitz to your fashion sense!

EURO COLLECTION™ – Euro Collection Hair Extensions is our sister company that offers perfect hair color to match most European hair texture. Euro Collection Hair is available in Clip-In, Tape-In, and Tip Hair Extensions.  Shop – https://www.eurocollectionhair.com