Unlock the Secret to Gorgeous Locks with ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions! Discover ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions Products and explore the Advantages of ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions. Learn from User Reviews on ONYC Relaxed Hair and get insider tips with ONYC Relaxed Hair Care Tips: How to Maintain Relaxed Hair Extensions. Elevate your hair game with the ultimate guide to achieving stunning, relaxed locks.

Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Tips, Tricks, and Trends for Gorgeous Locks


When it comes to achieving smooth, straight, and gorgeous Locks with ONYC Relaxed Hair, the beauty industry has seen a surge in demand. ONYC Relaxed Hair has grown in popularity because of its natural appearance and manageability. With an array of highlighting trends for colored relaxed hair and the latest trends in ONYC relaxed hair styling, users are spoiled for choice. However, maintaining such beauty requires some knowledge. This article dives deep into ONYC relaxed hair care tips, how to maintain its pristine condition, and the buzz from user reviews on ONYC Relaxed Natural Hair Extensions. By understanding the intricacies of caring for relaxed hair, you can confidently showcase those luxurious strands.

Discover the world of ONYC Relaxed Hair with this comprehensive guide. Uncover essential tips and tricks to maintain healthy, vibrant locks, and stay ahead of the latest trends. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to relaxed hair care, this guide offers valuable insights for achieving and sustaining beautiful, luscious hair. Perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their relaxed hair journey!

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Gorgeous Locks with ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions

Explore the world of ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions with our comprehensive guide, covering tips, tricks, and trends to achieve gorgeous locks, along with the unique advantages of using ONYC relaxed hair extension products.

ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions are the ultimate solution for achieving a transformative look, offering a flawless combination of style, volume, and length. Made from 100% high-quality real human hair, these extensions seamlessly merge with your natural hair, ensuring an impeccable finish that surpasses expectations.

When it comes to style, ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions excel in providing a wide range of customization options. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated appearance or desire a more voluminous and bouncy hairstyle, these extensions have got you covered. The seamless integration of the extensions with your natural hair effortlessly creates a cohesive and polished look that enhances your overall style.

Additionally, ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions provide an exceptional boost of volume, perfect for adding dimension and fullness to thin or lackluster hair. Through the use of high-quality human hair, these extensions seamlessly blend with your own locks, creating a natural and voluminous effect. The added body and thickness offer the desired oomph, allowing you to confidently embrace a fuller and more glamorous hairstyle.

Moreover, the versatility in length options offered by ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions is truly impressive. Whether you envision cascading waves or dream of luxuriously long tresses, these extensions can effortlessly help you achieve your desired length. Their seamless integration with your natural hair ensures a flawless and cohesive appearance, granting you the freedom to experiment with different lengths and create a visually striking impact.

ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions Products

For those aiming to achieve the look of straightened, relaxed hair without the commitment or potential damage of chemical treatments, ONYC collection of relaxed hair extensions is nothing short of transformative. Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after ONYC Hair products that champion the look of luscious, relaxed tresses.

Kinky Straight Hair: The Natural Look

One of ONYC Hair standout products is their line of Kinky Straight Virgin Hair Weave. These extensions, which emulate the appearance of naturally kinky hair that has been straightened, strike a balance between texture and smoothness. They’re an excellent match for individuals who have naturally kinky hair and occasionally straighten it. Offering both volume and length, they blend seamlessly, ensuring that no one can tell where your natural hair ends and the extension begins. The versatility of kinky straight hair extensions by ONYC allows for various styling options, from updos to letting it flow freely.

Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with Fro-Out™ Kinky Straight Hair Extensions
Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with Fro-Out™ Kinky Straight Hair Extensions
Meet the Face of ONYC showcasing the ONYC Kinky Straight Hair

Relaxed Straight Hair Clip Ins: The Quick Transformation

For those who desire a temporary yet convincing transformation, relaxed straight hair clip ins by ONYC are a game changer. Perfect for special occasions or just those days when you want an extra boost of confidence, these clip ins are easy to install and even easier to remove. They give the wearer the freedom to switch up their look without any long-term commitment. Moreover, with ONYC Hair superior quality, these clip ins boast a natural sheen and movement, ensuring that they move, feel, and look like your own hair.

Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with ONYC 7 Piece Clip In Relaxed Perm Straight Hair2
Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with ONYC Hair Beauty Kelley Wearing Relaxed Perm Clipin Hair. Best Hair to Blend with Relaxed Hair Straight
ONYC Beauty Rocking ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair

Silky Relaxed Hair: The Epitome of Smoothness

If you dream of hair that’s sleek, smooth, and utterly resplendent, ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair Weave extensions are your answer. Crafted meticulously to ensure they mimic the texture of chemically relaxed hair, these extensions are soft to the touch and possess an enviable luster. Whether you have naturally straight hair or relaxed hair, these extensions blend flawlessly, elevating your hairstyle to new heights. The silky relaxed hair extensions are perfect for those who desire a polished, refined look without the frizz or tangles.

Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with Virgin 1B Silky Straight Colored Hair Extensions Product
Exploring ONYC Relaxed Hair: Discover Tips, Tricks, and Trends to Enhance Your Gorgeous Locks with Onyc Light Relaxed Perm Hair Extensions
ONYC Beauty Rocking ONYC Silky Relaxed Hair

Blonde Straight Weave: The Radiant Change

For those wanting to experiment with color while retaining the smooth texture of relaxed hair, the Blonde Straight Weave from ONYC is a revelation. This weave is not just about adding length or volume; it’s about introducing a vibrant, sun-kissed hue to your look. Crafted with precision, this blonde weave ensures that hair doesn’t look brassy or artificial. Instead, it offers a radiant, golden tone that complements various skin tones, making it a favorite for many.

Lexi Beautiful Flexi Rod Hair ONYC Hair
Lexi Showcasing Her ONYC Blonde Straight Weave

Advantages of ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions

1) Natural Appearance: ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions offer a remarkable advantage with their ability to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a flawless and natural-looking result. With careful selection and matching of your hair texture and color, these extensions become virtually indistinguishable from your own hair. This natural appearance is key to achieving a fuller and more lustrous look that enhances your overall hair style.

2) Versatility: One of the standout qualities of ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions is their exceptional adaptability. These extensions, including the deep curly weave variety, offer ease in styling, coloring, and curling to achieve your ideal appearance. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and straight look, a full and bouncy style, or a set of beautifully curled tresses, ONYC deep curly weave hair extensions can be seamlessly tailored to reflect your personal fashion sense.

3) Durability: When it comes to investing in extensions, durability is a key factor to consider. Thankfully, ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions are crafted with durability in mind. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last longer, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday styling, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting locks.

Overall, the advantages of ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions lie in their ability to provide a natural appearance that seamlessly blends with different hair types, their exceptional versatility that allows for various styling options, and their durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, ONYC Relaxed Hair Extensions offer a range of benefits that can help you achieve your desired look with confidence.

Customer reviews on ONYC Relaxed Hair

User reviews on ​ONYC Relaxed Hair have been instrumental in providing valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of these hair extensions. With an informative tone, let’s delve into the feedback shared by ​customers who have experienced the transformative effects of ONYC Relaxed Hair.

To begin with, numerous users have praised the exceptional blend of ​style, volume, and length that ONYC Relaxed Hair extensions offer. Transitioning seamlessly with natural hair, these extensions have garnered positive feedback for their flawless finish. From sleek and sophisticated looks to more voluminous and bouncy weave hairstyles, customers appreciate the diverse customization options provided by ONYC Relaxed Hair. The integration of the extensions with natural hair has been seamless for users, creating a cohesive and polished appearance.

Featured Reviews

Adding to the positive user reviews, ONYC Relaxed Hair extensions have proven to be a game-changer in terms of volume and thickness. Many users with thin or lackluster hair have expressed their delight in the added dimension and fullness these extensions provide. The high-quality human hair used in crafting ONYC Relaxed Hair ensures a natural blend with existing locks, resulting in a voluminous effect that enhances the overall look. Customers have gained confidence in embracing fuller and more glamorous hairstyles, thanks to the incredible boost in volume offered by these extensions.

Furthermore, in ONYC Hair Reviews, customers have praised the remarkable versatility and length options offered by ONYC Relaxed Hair extensions. Whether one dreams of cascading waves or desires luxuriously long tresses, these extensions effortlessly help users achieve their desired length. The seamless integration of these extensions with natural hair allows for a flawless and cohesive appearance, empowering users to experiment with various lengths and create a stunning visual impact.

ONYC Relaxed Hair Care Tips: How to Maintain Relaxed Hair Extensions

Caring for relaxed hair can be a breeze when armed with the right knowledge. Here are some golden rules:

Caring For Textured Hair Texturized Hair Guide Ponytail how much do hair extensions cost in a salon, Compare Hair Extension Prices

Deep Conditioning

Maintaining relaxed hair extensions requires a dedicated hair care routine, and at the heart of this regimen lies the essential practice of deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is a crucial step in keeping your relaxed hair extensions looking and feeling their best. Here, we’ll delve into the importance of deep conditioning for relaxed hair extensions and share some valuable tips to help you achieve optimal results.

Why is Deep Conditioning Important?

    • Moisture Restoration: Relaxed hair extensions, like natural hair, can become dry and brittle over time due to exposure to environmental factors and regular styling. Deep conditioning infuses moisture into the hair, preventing it from becoming parched and prone to breakage. See how to moisturize relaxed hair to learn more.
    • Maintaining Hair Elasticity: Deep conditioning helps maintain the elasticity of your hair extensions. Elasticity is crucial because it allows your hair to stretch and contract without breaking. This is especially important for relaxed hair, which is already chemically treated and more susceptible to damage.
    • Enhancing Softness and Smoothness: Deep conditioning treatments leave your relaxed hair extensions feeling softer and smoother. This not only makes your hair more manageable but also contributes to a sleek and polished appearance.
    • Preventing Breakage and Split Ends: Proper deep conditioning can significantly reduce the risk of breakage and split ends. It strengthens the hair shaft, minimizing the likelihood of damage caused by brushing, combing, and styling.
Deep Conditioning your ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair is a good way to keep it glowing at all times. Shampoo And Condition-How To Take Care Of your Weave How To Care For Hair Under Sew In Weave Blog Featured Image

Tips for Effective Deep Conditioning

    • Frequency: Depending on your hair’s specific needs, deep condition your relaxed hair extensions regularly. Typically, once a week is a good starting point, but you can adjust the frequency based on how your hair responds.

    • Use the Right Product: Choose a deep conditioner formulated for relaxed hair or chemically treated hair. Look for products that contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like natural oils, shea butter, and protein to repair and strengthen the hair.

    • Application: To use leave-in conditioner for relaxed hair, apply the product evenly from root to tip, covering all hair extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through your hair, ensuring an even distribution of the leave-in conditioner.

    • Rinse Thoroughly: After the recommended processing time, rinse your hair extensions thoroughly with cool water. This helps to seal the cuticles and lock in the moisture.

    • Avoid Overuse: While deep conditioning is essential, overusing it can lead to product buildup and weigh down your hair extensions. Follow the instructions on the product label for the recommended frequency.

    • Leave-In Conditioner: Consider using a leave-in conditioner between deep conditioning sessions to maintain moisture levels and prevent dryness.To use leave-in conditioner for relaxed hair, apply the product evenly from root to tip, covering all hair extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through your hair, ensuring an even distribution of the leave-in conditioner.

Avoid Heat: A Crucial Element in Relaxed Hair Care

Maintaining the health and beauty of relaxed hair extensions is a task that requires careful attention to various factors. Among these, one crucial element to focus on is avoiding excessive heat. Heat styling tools like flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers can pose significant challenges to the longevity and overall well-being of relaxed hair extensions. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of avoiding heat when caring for your relaxed hair extensions and explore alternative methods to achieve the desired look without causing damage.

1. Heat Damage: The Silent Culprit

Excessive heat styling can cause irreparable damage to your hair extensions. High temperatures over prolonged periods weaken the hair’s structure, leading to brittleness, dryness, and increased susceptibility to breakage. This issue is especially significant for kinky straight hair extensions, which, unlike natural hair, don’t benefit from the protective oils naturally produced by the scalp.

2. Alternative Styling Methods

To maintain your relaxed hair extensions’ health and longevity, consider alternative styling methods that are gentler on the hair. For example:
    • Air Drying: Allow your extensions to air dry whenever possible. Pat them gently with a towel to remove excess moisture and then let them dry naturally. This method reduces the stress caused by blow-drying.
    • Low Heat Settings: If you must use heat styling tools, choose lower heat settings and always use a heat protectant spray before styling. Lower temperatures are less damaging and can still achieve the desired results.

3. Routine Moisturization

Maintaining relaxed straight hair extensions requires regular moisturization, especially for silky relaxed hair extensions. Heat styling often strips away moisture, leaving hair dry and susceptible to damage. Incorporate leave-in conditioners and hydrating products to ensure your extensions remain silky, nourished, and hydrated. Regular deep conditioning treatments are also essential to replenish moisture and repair any damage caused by heat styling.

4. Regular Trimming

Regular trimming is an essential aspect of maintaining relaxed hair extensions from ONYC. Trimming helps to prevent split ends and maintain the overall health and appearance of your extensions. By periodically trimming your relaxed hair extensions, you can ensure they stay looking fresh and vibrant, promoting a longer lifespan for your extensions. This practice not only improves the appearance but also contributes to the overall health and longevity of your relaxed hair extensions, allowing you to enjoy your new look to the fullest.
ONYC Relaxed hair protective styling options helps elongate the hair's life-span. For First Timers, Better Go For A Semi Or Demi Permanent Hair Color First.

Protective Styling

Maintaining relaxed hair extensions can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to achieve a sleek and polished look effortlessly. One essential aspect of keeping your relaxed hair extensions in top condition is through the practice of protective styling. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of protective styling and how it relates to ONYC Relaxed Hair Care Tips.

Understanding Protective Styling

Excessive heat styling can cause irreparable damage to your hair extensions. High temperatures over prolonged periods weaken the hair’s structure, leading to brittleness, dryness, and increased susceptibility to breakage. This issue is especially significant for kinky straight hair extensions, which, unlike natural hair, don’t benefit from the protective oils naturally produced by the scalp.

The Benefits of Protective Styling for Relaxed Hair Extensions

    • Minimized Friction: Protective styles such as braids, twists, or updos minimize friction between your hair extensions and clothing, reducing the risk of tangling, matting, or excessive shedding.
    • Retained Moisture: Protective styles help trap moisture, preventing your hair extensions from drying out and becoming brittle. This is especially important for relaxed hair extensions that may be more prone to dryness.
    • Length Retention: By reducing manipulation and exposure to environmental factors, protective styling aids in length retention, allowing you to enjoy your relaxed hair extensions for an extended period.
    • Versatility: Protective styles come in various forms, allowing you to switch up your look while safeguarding your hair extensions and natural hair. From sleek buns to elegant braids, there are plenty of options to choose from.
Protective styling is a must note care tip for ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions. Replace Hair Treatments With Straightening And or Curling Iron

Scalp Care: Maintaining a Healthy Scalp with Relaxed Hair Extensions

When it comes to maintaining relaxed hair extensions, it’s not just about the extensions themselves; it’s also about the health and care of your scalp. ONYC Relaxed Hair Care Tips emphasize the importance of scalp care as a fundamental component of ensuring the longevity and overall health of your relaxed hair extensions. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of scalp care within the context of maintaining relaxed hair extensions.

1. Cleanse and Moisturize the Scalp

Keeping your scalp clean and adequately moisturized is crucial for both your natural hair and the relaxed hair extensions. A clean scalp reduces the risk of product buildup and dandruff, which can affect the appearance and comfort of your extensions. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your scalp gently, and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to maintain a healthy moisture balance.

2. Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Excessive heat styling can lead to scalp issues, including dryness and irritation. As part of ONYC Relaxed Hair Care Tips, it’s advisable to limit the use of heat styling tools and apply heat protectant products when necessary. This helps protect your scalp from the potential adverse effects of high temperatures.

3. Regular Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are a simple yet effective way to promote scalp health. Massaging your scalp regularly increases blood circulation, which nourishes the hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. You can use natural oils like coconut or jojoba oil for a soothing massage that also locks in moisture.

4. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Nutrition plays a significant role in the health of your hair and scalp. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids supports scalp health and hair growth. Include foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy scalp.

5. Consult a Professional

If you encounter scalp issues such as persistent dryness, itchiness, or excessive flaking, it’s advisable to consult a professional. A dermatologist or trichologist can diagnose and treat any underlying scalp conditions, ensuring that your scalp remains healthy while wearing relaxed hair extensions.

6. Mindful Product Selection

Choose hair care products that are suitable for both your natural hair and relaxed extensions. Look for products that promote scalp health and are free from harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp.

Highlighting Trends for Colored Relaxed Hair

Gone are the days when relaxed hair was limited to monotone shades. Today, colored relaxed hair is in vogue. Highlighting can add depth, dimension, and a chic vibe to your locks. Some popular trends include:

Highlighting the trends of ONYC Colored Relaxed Hair. If You Are Still Confused About Which Shade To Get, Better Get A Lighter Shade. how to apply hair color yourself

Ombre: Gradient Shading Technique

When it comes to showcasing personal style and flair through hair, colored relaxed hair offers an impeccable canvas. While there are countless coloring techniques and trends to explore, one particular method stands out for its enduring appeal and versatile application: the Ombre effect. Dive deep into this highlighting trend and discover how it perfectly complements relaxed hair textures.

Understanding the Ombre Trend

At its core, “Ombre” is a French term that translates to “shadow” or “shade”. In the realm of hairstyling, this trend refers to the gradual blending of one color hue to another, typically moving tints and shades from light to dark. Unlike the stark contrasts seen in some highlighting techniques, Ombre offers a seamless transition, allowing for a more natural yet striking appearance.

Why Ombre and Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair, with its smooth texture, provides an ideal foundation for the Ombre effect. Here’s why:

    • Flawless Transition: The straightened texture of relaxed hair ensures that the transition between the chosen colors in an Ombre style is smooth and evident. There’s a clear showcase of the gradient effect, which is the hallmark of Ombre.
    • Versatility in Styling: Whether it’s worn straight, curled, or in waves, relaxed hair retains the Ombre effect beautifully, just like in Ombre Kinky straight hair. This adaptability means that you can switch up your hairstyles without losing the essence of the Ombre highlight.
    • Protection from Over-processing: For those who have undergone chemical relaxing treatments, further chemical processes like bleaching can be a concern. Ombre allows for minimal bleaching, typically focused on the hair’s ends, reducing potential damage.

Ombre Variations for Relaxed Hair

While the traditional Ombre transitions from dark roots to light ends, there are several variations tailored for personal preferences:

    • Reverse Ombre: This is the inverse of the traditional style, with lighter roots transitioning to darker ends. It’s a bold choice and can be especially dramatic on relaxed hair.
    • Sombre: A subtler version of the Ombre, the ‘Sombre’ (subtle Ombre) offers a softer and more muted transition between colors.
    • Colored Ombre: Move beyond the usual browns and blondes. Incorporate vibrant colors like blues, purples, or reds for a more avant-garde look.

Balayage: A Brush with Artistry

In the dynamic world of hair coloring, trends come and go, but some techniques manage to capture the essence of beauty so flawlessly that they remain timeless. One such technique that has taken the spotlight in recent years, especially for those with colored straight weave, is Balayage. As we explore the current highlighting trends for colored relaxed hair, it’s impossible not to delve deep into the artistry and allure of Balayage.

Balayage – Originating from the French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique. Unlike traditional foiling or cap highlighting methods, Balayage involves the strategic and artistic application of color, creating a soft, sun-kissed, and natural-looking finish. The beauty of Balayage lies in its subtlety. It gives the hair depth, dimension, and a radiant glow.

Why Balayage Works Beautifully on Colored Relaxed Hair

    • Natural Transition: For those with relaxed hair, Balayage offers a seamless transition from the base color to the highlight. The technique ensures that there are no harsh lines or stark contrasts. The result is a harmonious blend that mimics the natural highlights one would achieve after spending time in the sun.
    • Low Maintenance: One of the major perks of Balayage on relaxed hair is its low maintenance nature. Given that the highlights are not structured or uniform, as the hair grows out, the roots are less noticeable, extending the time between touch-ups.
    • Customizable: Balayage is not a one-size-fits-all technique. Depending on your base color, skin tone, and desired outcome, the colorist can customize the intensity, placement, and tone of the highlights. For relaxed hair, which often requires specific care and attention, this customizable approach ensures that the integrity of the hair is maintained.
    • Enhanced Texture and Depth: Relaxed hair, when colored, can sometimes appear flat or monochromatic. With Balayage, the varied placement of highlights adds depth and dimension, enhancing the overall look and making the hair appear voluminous.


Hair highlighting has always been a go-to strategy for those seeking to elevate their relaxed hair look. While traditional highlights remain a favorite for many, a surge of new trends has arisen, pushing the boundaries of hair coloring techniques. Among these avant-garde trends, one that stands out for its unique appeal and understated boldness is “Underlights.” Let’s delve into the world of underlights and see how it’s revolutionizing the highlighting game for colored relaxed hair.

What are Underlights?

Underlights, as the name suggests, are essentially highlights hidden beneath the top layer of your hair. This technique involves coloring the hair strands underneath the top layer, keeping the colored sections concealed until the hair is moved, or styled in a way that reveals the vibrant colors beneath. Think of it as your hair’s secret identity; it appears conventional at first glance, but with a flip, twist, or braid, a pop of color is revealed!

Why Choose Underlights for Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair, given its treated nature, can often be more susceptible to damage from frequent coloring. Underlights, however, provide a safer alternative for several reasons:

    • Less Damage: Since you’re only coloring a section of your hair and not the entire head, the potential damage from bleach or dye is localized.
    • Versatility: Underlights give you the freedom to showcase or conceal your colors as you please. This means you can keep it professional during the week and let loose on the weekends.
    • Retention of Natural Look: For those who love their base hair color but want a hint of playfulness, underlights maintain the integrity of the overall natural shade.

Underlights: A Perfect Match for Colored Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair, with its smooth and straight texture, can beautifully showcase the transition between the natural hue and the vibrant underlights. When relaxed hair is styled – whether curled, braided, or put up in a bun – the underlights create a stunning contrast, giving depth and dimension to the hairstyle.

Moreover, for individuals with colored relaxed hair, underlights can be a way to introduce complementary or even contrasting colors. Imagine a base of chestnut brown with hints of teal or purple peeking through; it’s edgy, modern, and utterly chic.


To conclude, while the ONYC Relaxed Hair trend is here to stay, maintenance is key. By following the care tips, staying updated with the latest styling trends, and exploring color options, you can continue turning heads with your gorgeous locks. Remember, hair is a crown you never take off; wear it with pride and confidence!

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NO RESTOCKING FEE: Shop with confidence, we do not charge a restocking fee on items we received in perfect condition! We understand we are an online business so we honor exchanges with no restocking fee. (Restocking fee only applies if the item is received with missing packages like the pouch or boxes). Please make sure to review your item before removing the tags and disposing of the packages.

PAID SHIPPING FEE: The original shipping and Insurance fees are non-applicable towards the store credit or refund for returned or unclaimed items. Please keep this in mind when selecting expensive shipping options like “UPS Overnight, UPS Second Day, or USPS Express” 

FREE SHIPPING FEE: If your item was shipped using our free shipping deal, the shipping fee (same as the USPS standard fee) will be deducted if you wish to return all items or keep some items less than $350 in value. The original shipping and Insurance fees are non-applicable towards the store credit or refund for returned or unclaimed items.

INSURANCE FEE: Insurance fees are non-refundable. They’re not applicable toward the refund or store credit on returned or unclaimed items.


1) Please allocate at least 24 hours of processing time to ALL orders.

2) Orders are shipped on business days only. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays in the United States.

3) How soon you receive your order depends on the shipment option selected.

4) Same-day shipping is only applicable to “confirmed orders” This is an order received before 2 pm EST from Monday-Friday excluding public holidays. Confirmed orders are usually paid with credit card payment where the shipping address is the same address as the billing address.

5) Please note we are not liable for any delay with the shipping company. The shipment warranty is limited to order processing time only. We will strongly advise you to order in advance to avoid any delay.

6) If your order is shipping to an address that is different than your credit card billing address, additional verification steps will be required and your order may be delayed or canceled.

7) we’re sorry; we will only ship to continental U.S. destinations and Canada for all Credit Card transactions. Orders outside of the USA and Canada should pay via Bank Wire transfer.

8) NOTE: Depending on the declared value of your order, some shipments may require a signature upon delivery to ensure that your package is delivered successfully. We cannot waive this.


1) We will not be responsible for any customs or broker fees/delays associated with your order. Please contact your country’s tax department for more information on these fees and additional transit time.

2) Planning to insure your shipment? Please note that the added insured value MUST match the declared value. We cannot insure it for high value and then declare it for less. If you wish to avoid high duty, then during checkout, you should not select the Insurance option!

 Please Note: UPS automatically awards $100 for the uninsured item and the US Postal service award $50. This means if your item is lost or damaged, you will ONLY be eligible for $50 or $100. View our International Shipping Policy.


Important, Please make sure your address is complete and entered correctly. This includes but is not limited to the apartment #. Make sure the apartment or unit number is entered on address line 2.

We use an automated system to pull out whatever address you entered in creating your label. We are not responsible nor liable for “Undeliverable address”

We will strongly recommend using UPS if you think your address is somewhat complicated as opposed to USPS. It is NOT possible to amend the USPS address once shipped so they will NOT try to redeliver your package if there is even a slight error with your address.


1) Please note that it is 100% your responsibility to track your order!  We do our best as a company to ship your order in a timely manner including providing you with a tracking number.

2) Please track your package once shipped to know the transit time. To know the status of your order, please log in to your account and view Order History. From there you can easily see your order status.  You can easily track your order by clicking on the tracking number.

3) Note to open the actual order in question to view the tracking number or other important notes associated with that order.

5) If your order is unclaimed and returned to us, there is an additional shipping fee plus a 15% Restocking Fee. Ensure that you input the correct address; make sure to review your shipping address to avoid having an undeliverable address.


1) We will strongly recommend adding insurance to your package! This ensures if your package is lost, damaged on arrival, or stolen a claim can be filed.

2) Selecting the signature option does not protect your shipment from being lost, damaged, or stolen. If you need the shipment protected, you must select “Add Insurance*

3) If your item is lost or damaged, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and we will file the insurance claim for you. We will file a claim on your behalf and contact you if any further documents are required.

Important Notes:

1) You must exercise patience when it comes to lost items! This will give the insurance company ample amount of time to thoroughly investigate your claim. We are not affiliated with the Insurance company, we are only helping you file the claim with them.

2) Replacements will ONLY be shipped pending a thorough investigation. Replacements are only valid on orders that are confirmed to be lost or damaged. This process can vary between fourteen (14) days or up to two (2) months depending on the shipping carrier of your item. You will need to place another order if you cannot wait that long. We will reship you the original transaction once we receive the reimbursement from the insurance company or receive the missing shipment back.

3) Claims for the Damage item must be submitted within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your package. We must receive supporting evidence like proof of the damaged item (clear picture) before we can file a claim. Most of our shipments require a signature, If the shipping package is damaged, we will recommend refusing the package.

3) Claims for a lost package are eligible for submission depending on the carrier.

Please Note the Claim eligibility based on the carrier:

UPS – 1 to 7 days after the expected delivery date, once the package has been confirmed as delivered or lost.
USPS – 30 days after the shipment date.

4) We strongly advise you to keep Damaged items in the exact condition you received them.




Updated: January 10, 2020

The information we collect, how it’s used, to whom it’s shared to, as well as the choices given to control access, and update your info is what our privacy policy covers.

We do our best to create this policy in a typical human voice for better understanding. However, if you still have more questions regarding anything in this policy, then feel free to contact us. 

We Prioritize Your Security
Your security and protection is our top priority. We implement many important security measures which are used to maintain the safety of your personal information when entering, submitting, and accessing your personal information. Our website utilizes SSL, which further protects personal data.

We don’t transfer, sell, or trade user information to other parties. However, this doesn’t include third parties we trust to assist us in website operation, conducting our business, and improving our services for you. We make sure that the parties we use to agree to keep such information used confidential.

Also, we might release information when deemed appropriate to comply with law and enforcement, to enforce our website policies, as well as to protect ours and others’ rights, safety, and property.

Furthermore, non-personal visitor information might be provided to other third parties, which will be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

The Information Collected
We collect personal information you willingly give us, or information we request for when using and interacting with our services. For instance, when you order or register on our website, we ask you to enter importable details about you, like your:
Unique username
• Email address
• Phone number
• Billing and shipping address
• Birthdate (optional)
• Credit Card Company (Note that we DON’T have access to full credit card details unless required to fill up verification, which is not required when shipping your order to your billing address)

Besides this, you will also share with us any information sent through our website and services, like reviews, comments votes, videos, and photos.

Furthermore, when you contact our Support team and communicate with our company, we collect information you volunteer to give and is asked of us.

Information Chosen to Share Via Social Login
Besides registering your account via email, we also offer social media login through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google, which is to make your transaction experiences seamless and easier.

You also have the opportunity to connect to our website through their API upon or after registration. If you connect to our website through your social media accounts, we will store, use, and collect such information given in accordance with our privacy policy, as well as information you agreed that your social media accounts can provide to our website through its API.

Your agreement, and access to your information, occurs when you accept or allow your social media account to register our website for you, or when connecting it to ONYCHair.com

The information our website may access, collect and store may include the following (only as allowed by you, your social media API, and your account’s privacy settings):
Your name
• Profile photo
• Email address
• Location
Other information made publicly available by you on your connected social media account

Your Information Collected by Cookies
Just like many websites and online services, we might use cookies and other advertising identifiers. These are used to collect information regarding your browser, web activity, and your device.

Cookies are small files which websites and service providers transfer to your device’s hard drive through the Web browser you use (only if you permit). This would enable the said website or service provider’s system to recognize your browser, capturing and remembering information.

We use cookies to save and understand your preferences for your next visits, also keeping track of advertisements and compiling aggregate data about website traffic and interaction. This is so we are able to provide even better website experience.

But if you prefer not to allow websites to use your cookies and information, you are able to remove or reject such through your browser settings or from your device. But do take note that when you remove or reject cookies, it can affect both availability and function of our website services.

We might also contract with third party service providers, who assist us to understand our visitors better. These service providers aren’t allowed to use any information collected on our behalf, only except when helping us in conducting and improving our business to better serve you.

How We Use Your Information
Again, your data security is important to us. We make sure that our company and website does NOT use your personal information for any illegal matters. Information collected from you will only be used for:

Contacting You:
Your personal information, whether private or public, won’t be exchanged, transferred, or given to other companies for whatever reason without consent other than for the sole purpose to deliver your purchased service or product.

Emailing You:
The email address you have given for processing your order will only be used for us to send you updates and information regarding your order. We may also send promotional emails, surveys, and contents. If you choose to unsubscribe from such emails, you are able to do so by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mailing list, or by emailing us at prandmedia@onychair.com using the subject, “unsubscribe.”

Third Parties Due to Legal Purposes
We might share information about you if we believe that doing such is required for:

• Complying with valid legal processes, laws, rules, regulations, or by government request.

• Investigating, remedying, or enforcing any violations of our Terms of Service.

• Protecting the property safety, and rights of us and our users.

• Detecting and resolving fraud or other security concerns.

Revisions of Our Privacy Policy
We might change our privacy policy every now and then. When we do, we notify all our users in various ways. Sometimes, we let you know through revising the date on top of our privacy policy, which is available on our app and website.

Other times, we show you additional notice, like adding statements on our website and providing you with notifications through the app.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, then contact us using our information given on the Contact Us page. 

ONYC Hair Certificate Of Authenticity


Conditions of Use

Welcome to the ONYC® International Web site. Please carefully read below as it contains important details about your rights and obligations as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you. By using this Web site YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS CONDITIONS OF USE (explained below), PRIVACY POLICY, and all disclaimers and terms and conditions that appear elsewhere on this ONYC International Website.

ONYC International reserves the right to make changes to this Web site and its Conditions of Use at any time. Each time you use this site, you should visit and review the then-current Conditions of Use, and Privacy Policy that applies to your transactions and use of this site. If you are dissatisfied with the ONYC International Web site, its content, or Conditions of Use and Legal Notices, you agree that your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the ONYC International Web site at this time.


Tampering with the site, misrepresenting the identity of a user, or conducting fraudulent activities on the site is prohibited. All intending customers of ONYC International must register on our site and have an account in other to place an order. We only allow one account per user. Please note, though you can change the email, you cannot change your username on your account so ensure you use your preferred username to register on our site.

Right to Change Sites

ONYC International reserves the right, at any time in our sole discretion, to: modify, suspend or discontinue the Sites or any service, content, feature, or product offered through the Sites, with or without notice; modify and/or waive any fees charged in connection with the Sites; and/or offer opportunities to some or all users of the Sites. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the Site, or any service, content, feature, or product offered through the Site.

Site Contents

The Sites and the Contents are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. You may download or copy the Contents and other downloadable materials displayed on the Sites for your personal use only. No right, title or interest in any downloaded Content is transferred to you as a result of any such downloading or copying. You may not reproduce (except as noted above), publish, transmit, distribute, display, modify, create derivative works from, sell, or exploit in any way any of the Contents or the Sites.

Unless otherwise specified, the Sites and the Contents are intended to promote ONYC International products and services. The content on this site does not constitute professional advice. You should consult with your professional hairstylist, cosmetologist, or dermatologist. ONYC International is not responsible for any medical or health problems that may result from your engaging in any activities described on this site or from any information you obtain from this site.

Personal Information Submitted Through the Sites

Your submission of personal information through the Sites is governed by our PRIVACY POLICY. This Agreement incorporates by reference the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.


Other Submissions

Apart from your personal information, any communication or material you send to the ONYC International site, electronically or otherwise, including but not limited to data, questions, comments, suggestions, or submissions is and will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Anything you send to the ONYC International site may be used by ONYC International for any purpose including but not limited to modification, reproduction, transmission, disclosure, publication, broadcast, and posting. By submitting material to ONYC International, you irrevocably transfer and assign to ONYC International, and forever waive and agree never to assert, any copyrights, “moral” rights, rights of publicity or to privacy, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights that you may have in such material. ONYC International is free to use, without obligation of any kind, any ideas, concepts, techniques, or know-how contained in any communication you send to the ONYC International site for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing manufacturing, and marketing products and services.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

By using ONYC International, you expressly agree that the use of the International website is at your sole risk. ONYC International website is provided on an “AS IS” and “as available” basis. Neither ONYC International”, affiliates, subsidiaries or designees nor each of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, third-party content providers, designers, contractors, distributors, merchants, or the like (collectively, “Associates”) warrant that use of the ONYC International Web site will be uninterrupted or error-free. Neither ONYC International nor its Associates warrant the accuracy, integrity, or completeness of the content provided on the ONYC International Web site or the products or services offered for sale on the ONYC International Web site. Further, ONYC International makes no representation that content provided on the ONYC International Web site is applicable to, or appropriate for use in, locations outside of the United States. ONYC International and its Associates specifically disclaim all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. No oral advice or written information given by ONYC International or its Associates shall create a warranty.

Under no circumstances shall ONYC International or its Associates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from your use of or inability to use the ONYC International Web site, including but not limited to reliance by you on any information obtained from the ONYC International Web site that results in mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion or corruption of files, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, or any failure of performance. The foregoing Limitation of Liability shall apply in any action, whether in contract, tort, or any other claim, even if an authorized representative of ONYC International has been advised of or should have known of the possibility of such damages. The user hereby acknowledges that this paragraph shall apply to all content, merchandise, and services available through the ONYC International Web site. The customer agrees that for any liability related to the purchase of services not bundled with products under this agreement, ONYC International is not liable or responsible for any amount of damages above the aggregate dollar amount paid by the customer for the purchase of services under this agreement.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold ONYC International harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to your use of the Sites and/or your breach of any representation, warranty, or other provision of the Agreement.


Images of people or places displayed on the ONYC International site are either the property of or used with permission by, ONYC International. Use of these images by you or other third parties is prohibited unless expressly permitted in the Terms of Use or elsewhere on the ONYC International site. Any unauthorized use of these images may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and other applicable regulations and statutes. Any product, service, program, or technology described in any document published by ONYC International on this site may be the subject of other intellectual property rights owned by ONYC International. Any such right that is not expressly licensed hereunder is reserved by ONYC International.

User Comments, Feedback, and Other Submissions

ONYC International is pleased to hear from users and welcomes your comments regarding our products and services. (collectively, “Comments”), you agree that we may, at any time, without restriction, edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, and otherwise use in any medium any Comments that you forward to ONYC International. ONYC International is and shall be under no obligation (1) to maintain any Comments in confidence; (2) to pay compensation for any Comments; or (3) to respond to any Comments. ONYC International has the right but not the obligation to monitor and edit or remove any Comments.

You agree that your comments will not violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, or another personal or proprietary right. You further agree that your comments will not contain libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive, or obscene material, or contain any computer virus or other malware that could in any way affect the operation of the Sites. You may not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself, or otherwise mislead ONYC International as to the origin of any Comments. You are solely responsible for any comments you make and their accuracy. ONYC International takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any Comments posted by your or any third party.

Product Information

ONYC International’s website has lots of information regarding our products. We have the “Overview” page and the “details” tab, PLEASE ensure to properly review the “details” tab and visit the corresponding links if provided. By successfully placing your order via our website, we assume that you have read all the details regarding your product of interest.

The prices displayed on the Sites are quoted in U.S. Dollars.

Color Display

ONYC International attempts to display product images shown on the site as accurately as possible. We will make every effort to match each order to your exact specifications but keep in mind that the conditions that these photos were taken were under studio lighting and colors will also vary from monitor to monitor. Use the color chart as a general guide, but not a literal one.


Please ensure to read the “details” tab on the individual product page. Because these two colors are natural hair colors, each individual piece comes from a separate donor we cannot guarantee the exact hair color shade. In some cases, we may have natural lighter or darker pieces that are available upon request but not guaranteed. Please be forewarned, a slight color variation will not be a reason to request an exchange. You may add in a comment session upon checkout with your natural color preference and we will do our best to meet your request based on the inventory on hand.

Texture Display

Due to the fact that ONYC International offers 100% virgin cuticle human hair which is real hair from a real donor, each pouch comes from a separate donor we cannot guarantee exact hair texture. Even with our processed Mongolian line, the only process done on it is to change the curl pattern. This means that the hair will maintain its natural characteristics, some hair comes naturally silkier, coarser, dull, shinier, thicker, or thinner in diameter. Each characteristic affects the way the hair behaves/reacts to weather and product. This is the dynamic of virgin hair and is beyond our control. Depending on the batch you receive, you will consult your professional stylist and adapt to the maintenance routine for that type of hair.

We have tried our best to categorize the texture based on the curl pattern, the image provided are guidelines only and not a direct literal one. We cannot guarantee a course, silkier, or curlier batch. A slight texture variation will not be a reason to request an exchange.

Image Display

The images shown on the site must be used as a general guide, but not a literal one. Due to the dynamic of real hair, the way you style or treat the hair will affect the actually finished look. Keep in mind that the conditions that these photos were taken were under studio lighting and colors, textures, and sizes will also vary from monitor to monitor. The “Details” tab and the actual product will determine what you’re ordering.

Errors, Inaccuracies, and Omissions

Product availability, prices are offers are subject to change without any notice. Occasionally there may be information on the ONYC International website that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, and availability. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and ONYC International reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase, we will contact you with an option to cancel or process your order. If you wish to process the order, we will require you to pay for the difference if less payment is captured or we will issue you a refund of the excess amount if more payment is captured. If you wish to cancel your order, ONYC International will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. Individual bank policies will dictate when this amount is credited to your account.

Pricing Policy

Our website will display the current selling price. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL for discontinued and clearance items.

Sales Tax Policy

ONYC International collects and remits sales tax as required by U.S. 6% Maryland Sales Tax applies to all orders shipped to the state of Maryland.

Sales taxes are based on the full price.

Payment Option/ Terms

Currently, we accept (1) all major credit cards (2) Venmo/ CashApp/ Zelle (3) Bank Wire transfers.

Terms of payment are always 100% upfront. As soon as you place an order online via the credit card option, note that your credit card will be charged immediately.

WE TAKE CREDIT CARD FRAUD SERIOUSLY. All Credit card fraud and theft of our merchandise will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To process orders going to a different address other than your billing address MUST require you to fill out a credit card authorization form and verify your credit card. This includes submitting the image of your credit card and other supporting documentation before your shipment can be processed. Please review more details of our PAYMENT OPTION.

Promotional Materials

Coupon Code: Promotional Codes are debited at the time an order is placed. Coupons will automatically be redeemed to purchase totals, up to the total purchase amount. Coupons must be used before their noted expiration date, additional terms of the coupon, and within a single transaction. Coupon cannot be combined with the additional offer, it is void if you cancel or return your purchase.

Product Availability

Our entire inventory is online and most time will be accurate. For any reason, including a system error that your product is out of stock, or unavailable, or if we are just simply unable to fulfill your order we will contact you immediately to find out if you are interested in receiving a substitution. If a substitution is not acceptable you may wish to cancel the sale in which case, we will refund the full amount we charged to your credit card.

Order Validating/Acceptance/Confirmation

Your receipt of electronic or other forms of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. The ONYC International Web site reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason.

Although our system charges you immediately after placing your order, this is NOT a guarantee that we will immediately ship out your order. After you place an order using our shopping cart, we will check the information you give us for validity, by verifying your method of payment or shipping address we reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors. We also reserve the right to reject any order you place with us, and/or to limit quantities on any order, without giving any reason.

If we reject your order, we will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you have given us with the order. We will process a refund for the charge that has been made against your card.

Order Processing

We require at least 48hrs to process a confirmed order. By confirmed orders, we mean orders that have passed our payment and shipping terms. Make sure to review our payment and shipping terms before placing your order.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. All orders received before 2:00 pm are processed as next-business-day orders. Orders placed over the weekend will be considered the next business day order. Once shipped, orders arrive within the estimated time frame selected on your SHIPPING OPTION checkout.

For your protection, some orders may require a signature confirmation upon receiving them.

Order Changes/Cancellation

You CANNOT cancel your order once placed. We will honor a mild order change prior to shipment up until the status changes to “In progress”

Shop with confidence at ONYC® Hair and initiate a return for a refund or store credit! Full terms are located on the checkout page! Note that no exchange will be issued on packages returned due to a bad address, refused upon delivery, and unclaimed.

Order Limitations/ Limited Quantities

ONYC International, at its own discretion, limits or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household, or per order. We reserve the right to reject any order you place with us, and/or to limit quantities on any order, without giving any reason.

These restrictions may include orders placed by the previously ordered customer, using the same ONYC International Web site account, the same credit card, and orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. In the event we make a change to an order, we will attempt to notify you by contacting the e-mail address you registered with on our site.

If we reject your order, we will generally attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you registered with on our site.

International Order

At this time, If your billing address is an address other than the USA, we ONLY accept Venmo App, Cash App OR Wire Transfer for ALL orders. Just check out via Wire Transfer. There will be an additional $20 fee for International Bank Wire Transfer.

Please review our INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for additional information.

Shipping/ Order Tracking

All orders placed on this site are subject to product availability and will be shipped according to ONYC International shipping policies. Our system will automatically send you an update once your order status changes. This update includes your shipping update and tracking number once your order is shipped.

It is your responsibility to track your order especially if your shipping option is “United States Postal Service” this is because they will only attempt delivery once and afterward you must go to the local post office to pick up your item. Failure to do so will warrant the item being returned to us. In that case, we will charge you an additional shipping fee to reship your item.

Please review our SHIPPING POLICY for additional information on shipping options, transit times, rates, and policies.

Return/ Exchange Policy

All sales made through the ONYC International Web site are subject to the ONYC International return policy.

ONYC International is a reputable hair extension company. We take so much pride and pay attention to the details of the product we ship to our customers. Everything package goes through a rigorous quality control process to make sure you are receiving the best quality product possible. All hair orders are thoroughly inspected before shipping. Our goal is to have satisfied returning customers hence have maintained over 98% positive feedback from our customers.

We suggest that you request a sample where applicable before investing in the hair if you are not familiar with Our Hair. Also, note that returns due to a slight color variation will not be authorized.

Please review our RETURN/EXCHANGE policy for a complete explanation of the return policy.

Return Fraud

We take ALL Return Fraud seriously. All incidents must be reported to authority to the fullest length of law.

Return frauds include but are not limited to:

Returning a counterfeit product that is not the product ordered.

Purchasing merchandise for short-term use with the intent to return the item Purchasing higher-priced merchandise with the intention of returning the item(s) claiming the lower-priced item was received.

Product Defect/ Replacements

ONYC International takes great pride in our product, each package is a product of 100% FULL CUTICLE human hair, hence certifies and guarantees that.

PLEASE NOTE: Thoroughly review your product including the weft before removing your label. You can also do a few strand tests on the weft to determine the integrity and quality of the hair prior to using it. Since this is natural hair, it will be reactive to the products used, how it’s installed, the environment, and the maintenance routine.

Due to hygienic reasons, we will not accept any product without the label and packaging intact.

However, if you already installed the hair and feel you have received any product that is defective you must contact us within 14 calendar days from the date your item was received. We will also require you to submit corresponding details and evidence which includes images of the product in question, then we will require you to send us the product back, this means you will need to uninstall the extension.

Please note that waiting longer to install or uninstall the hair will make it void for any sort of review, we simply cannot accept the product at that time.

If ONYC International verifies and agrees that the product is defective in any way, ONYC International will then exchange or replace the item.

Please NOTE that you will be responsible for paying costs associated with returning the ONYC product(s) if we do not validate the product defect issue.

If the customer selects a product in exchange for greater value, they will be responsible for paying the additional cost of the item.

Lost item/Insurance

In the rare event that your order never arrives, notification of lost items must be received within 14 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation e-mail. Please view our INSURANCE POLICY here.

Dispute Resolution

Mindful of the high cost of litigation, not only in dollars but also in time and energy, both you and ONYC International agree to the following dispute resolution procedure: In the event of any controversy, claim, action, or dispute arising out of or related to any transaction conducted on the Sites, or the breach, enforcement, interpretation, or validity of this Agreement or any part of it (“Dispute”), the party asserting the Dispute shall first try in good faith to settle such dispute by providing written notice to the other party describing the facts and circumstances, (including any relevant documentation) of the Dispute and allowing the receiving party 30 days in which to respond to or settle the Dispute.

Both you and ONYC International agree that this dispute resolution procedure is a condition precedent that must be satisfied prior to initiate any litigation or filing any claim against the other party.

Termination of Use

ONYC International may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account or your use of the ONYC International website at any time. ONYC International reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue all or any aspects of the ONYC International Web site at any time without prior notice.

Inquiry regarding further clarification about our Terms and Conditions or general questions should be forwarded to contact us.


Custom-order items are not available for immediate shipment. Items will be available within 6 to 12 weeks from your order confirmation date.

Please order an in-stock item if you do not wish to wait! The custom-order item is non-refundable. It is also non-exchangeable unless the wrong item is received.

Make sure to review full product detail including the FAQ if available. This is to make sure the item you are ordering is the right item for you!

Discount codes are not redeemable on Custom Order.

I understand and I still want it.

ONYC Hair Rewards Point


To ensure uniformity we ask that all photos meet our Customer Rave guidelines before being submitted.
We ask that you adhere to the guidelines below please:

•Large clear size preferred (1MB +)

•No selfie unless it is an additional image. It will be great to have a friend/ family to capture the image, so they can capture your side and back view.

•Only submit photos with clear, non-busy backgrounds. The hair must be the focus.

•Send a minimum of a forward-facing and side profile photo.

•Minimum of two portrait-size photos required.

•Only submit clear, non-blurry photos.

•We prefer photos with just you, if it is a group picture, each individual must be wearing our product.

For an example of photos acceptable for Customer Rave, Click Here to see any of our featured customers

If there are any questions about the Questionnaire or submitting your Customer Rave, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Employment Disclaimer

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I hereby authorize and its designated agents and representatives to conduct a comprehensive review of my background causing a consumer report and/or an investigative consumer report to be generated for employment and/or volunteer purposes.

I understand that the scope of the consumer report/ investigative consumer report may include, but is not limited to the following areas: verification of social security number; credit reports, current and previous residences; employment history, education background, character references; drug testing, civil and criminal history records from any criminal justice agency in any or all federal, state, county jurisdictions; driving records, birth records, and any other public records.

If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.

ONYC Hair Rewards Point


ONYC® Hair cannot consider photographs submitted on behalf of another person. Photographs are selected for publication at the sole discretion of the ONYC® Hair team. There will be no payment for publication.

ONYC® Hair may cut, edit, crop or arrange your photograph(s) or graphic as we think fit to appear on the ONYC® Hair websites and company blog, and we may remove your photograph(s) or graphics at any time. Your public name will be published alongside your photograph(s) or graphic, but we may modify any comments which you submit along with your photograph(s) or graphic before publishing.

IMPORTANT: You retain ownership of the copyright of your photograph as its author and you are free to republish it wherever you wish and in whatever medium you want.

By submitting your photograph for “Customer Rave” consideration, you represent and warrant that:

• You own the rights to any and all submitted photos and confirm that none of the submitted photos contain any third- party materials and/or content that you do not have permission to use.

• You further warrant and represent that your photograph is not obscene, defamatory, or in breach of any applicable legislation or regulations.

• You: a) give ONYC® Hair permission to publish your photos on the ONYC® Hair websites and company blog; b) Grant ONYC® Hair a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to republish your photos; c) Give ONYC® Hair permission to use your public name, town or city.

Local Pickup

Order Online, Pick up at the Warehouse

Pickup from our warehouse in Rockville, MD – FREE

Important Note:

1. Your shipping addresses must be in Maryland to enable you to choose the “Local Pickup” option. If you do not have a Maryland address, you can easily use our address provided below as your shipping address. 

2. Please ONLY arrive for pickup when your order status says “Ready for Pickup” You can always find the status of your order by visiting your Order History. You will also receive an email from us once your order status changes to “Ready for Pickup”  

3. This is usually within 24 hrs of “confirmed payment” for the “In-stock” item. For the “Back-Order” or “Custom-Order” items, you will also receive an email when your order is back in stock and ready for a pickup.

4. If your order is via a credit card, we will require the original credit card used and photo ID to reconfirm your identity for security purposes. Please note to come with these 2 documents.

Local Pickup Days/ Time: 

Pickup Address: ONYC Hair Warehouse, 611 Lofstrand LN, Rockville, MD 20850

Pickup Days: Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

Pickup Time: 11 am – 4 pm EST

ONYC Hair Free Shipping

Reward Points

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Points are credited to your account once your order is sent out.

Rewards points accumulate
on your account as you shop
(you’ll be eligible for Gold,
Platinum or Diamond status)

The value of your Reward Points will be awarded for upgrades and discounts.


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Is this your first time trying Kinky Curly Hair? If so, please try our 3B-3C in manageable lengths instead!

DO NOT BUY THIS HAIR AND EXPECT TO TAME IT!  The Tight Kinky 3C-4A has a tighter curl with a coarse texture.

A lower luster with coarse texture equates to a higher tendency to look frizzier and bushier…

Looking frizzy is the very best characteristics of this hair.  It will not be Tight Kinky without the frizzy.

ONYC Curly Length Guide


  • Venmo is ONLY available for USA customers. Your order must be shipped to a USA Location.
  • Before sending us payment, make sure you place your order first. Then send the exact amount on your order invoice.
  • NOTE to reference your Order Number during payment.
  • Pay using our Venmo user name “@ONYC-Hair” or Email “orders@onychair.com”
Cash App Usd


  • Available for USA and UK customers.
  • Before sending us payment, make sure you place your order first. Then send the exact amount on your order invoice.
  • NOTE to reference your Order Number during payment.
  • Pay using our Cash App username “$ONYCUSA”


  • Available for USA customers. Your order can be shipped to an International Location.
  • Zelle payment requires an additional one business day to process, this means that the same-day order processing is not applicable.
  • Both the sender and recipient of a Zelle payment must have US-based bank accounts and phone numbers.
  • Before sending us payment, make sure you place your order first. Then send the exact amount on your order invoice.
  • NOTE to reference your Order Number during payment.
  • Pay using our Zelle email “orders@onychair.com”


Custom-order items are not available for immediate shipment. 

Items will be available within 6 to 12 weeks from your order confirmation date.

Please order an in-stock item if you do not wish to wait! The custom-order item is non-refundable. It is also non-exchangeable unless the wrong item is received. (Not that we would ship you the wrong item!). It is great for those that want a particular length and/ or color we do not stock.

Discount codes are not redeemable on Custom Order.

Read the Custom Order FAQs HERE


*Final Sale *Limited Inventory, this product cannot be restocked!



PR, Social Media, and Partnership Program Manager

Come Work With Us and get rewarded for your expertise, dedication, and commitment!

  • The position is for immediate hire, 100% Onsite, no remote work with a big opportunity for advancement.
  • Our office is located in Sangotedo. The preferred candidate must reside within Sangotedo, Ajah, Agungi, and Chevron’s vicinity.
  • Serious candidate ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT apply if you have NO previous experience. We are looking for applicants who would like to grow with our company long-term.
  • Please Note the Work Hours if hired (We operate in USA EST Time): 
  1.  Mon-Fri: 7 am to 4 pm EST (1 hr break) which is  1-10 pm Nigeria (WAT) time.
  2.  USA daytime saving period (Sun, Mar 13 to Sun, Nov 6) Mon-Fri: 7 am to 4 pm EST (1 hr break) which is  12 – 9 pm Nigeria (WAT) time.
  3.  After one month, you will only work 3 days a week for the above schedule and the rest will be 8-5 pm Nigeria time!


  • Are you an individual with a penchant for smart and strong marketing who possesses a Social Media, Content Creation, and Public Relations background?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, customer service skills, and a strong independent work ethic?
  • Are you trustworthy and can follow exact deadlines without making delays or excuses? This is important as you will be reporting directly to the CEO and COO.
If the answer to all the above is yes, then we need you!

We are an International Hair Extensions Company looking for a PR and Marketing Manager to be part of the team to manage all Communications and Social Media profiles of the ONYC company brand in Nigeria and beyond.  To build ONYC and CEO’s personal brand and expand on current social media and brand strategy. This role would collaborate with our CEO and COO to execute the brands’ thought leadership strategy.

We need someone who lives in the online marketing/ social media arenas, with a passion for the web and PR. Someone who is creative, good at coming up with ideas — willing to take an idea and run with it without a lot of micro-managing, has tons of enthusiasm for what they are doing and is always looking for what we can do next. We need someone who has a desire to learn and be part of a team but can think outside the box and help brainstorm new ideas. Also, we need someone who is communicative and knows how to follow up on assignments when necessary.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: (Focus of the position includes but is not limited to the Following Responsibilities)
1) Managing Social Media Accounts:

Management of social media accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube/ LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, etc), daily to engage users, increase user retention as well as expand membership & brand recognition. 

  • Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy with the aim of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Develop, manage, and oversee social media content creation and dissemination!
  • Creating captivating content for an organization’s social media including writing blogs, articles, posts, and multimedia content.
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign and give monthly reports of the social media platforms.
  • Provide engaging and trendy topics for the brand.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.
  • Familiar with social media marketing tools.
  • Track and analyze SEO in order to provide effective solutions for content optimization.
  • Developing monthly reports on emerging social media trends that will be submitted to the management and executive teams.
  • Managing a social media team and guiding junior members.
  • Monitoring and responding to customer feedback and comments via social media and third-party sites.
  • Research and engage with LinkedIn groups relevant to Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Travel, and Entrepreneurship.
  • The ability to frame stories to be of interest to both the consumer and trade marketplaces is important; the ability to write social-media-friendly headlines is an absolute must
2) Public Relations:

Create and maintain a positive public image for our brand. Create Press Releases and Newsletters. This entails coming up with topics on what is going on in our company and creating a new story, written in the third person that seeks to demonstrate to various media outlets the newsworthiness of our new product arrivals, events, new services, or happenings. 

3) Partnerships Management and Lead Generation:

This entails maintaining current partnerships (stylists, customers, affiliates, and celebrity endorsements), creating cross-publicity for us, and acquiring future partnerships. This means searching for and monitoring the most popular blogs/bloggers, hairstylists, fashion gurus, makeup artists, and celebrities – contacting them to collaborate.  

You will also have to search around for similar blogs and websites that discuss hair & beauty and engage in the conversation. Network with industry professionals and influencers via social media.

4) Content and Blog Manager: 

Editing content creators’ articles for Blogs and websites to ensure proper grammar, relativity, and appropriate SEO formatt