General Hair FAQ

What is Cuticle hair?
Cuticle hair is referred to hair that has the cuticle intact and all cuticles going in the same direction! The cuticle provides a natural luster and sheen to the hair. It is what prevents the hair from tangling. ONYC® Luxury Ultima™ and Golden-Collection are all product of Full Cuticle Virgin Hair, which means each strand of hair has its cuticle intact. Cuticle hair is the most expensive hair; don’t be fooled with Companies that claim to sell you full cuticle hair for a fraction. It is most likely mixed with non-cuticle hair.
What is Remy hair?
Remy Virgin Hair is 100% human hair made with Virgin Human.  It has the cuticle intact, but hair is sourced from multiple donors.

Because of the Complexity of Textured hair like Relaxed, Kinky Straight, Curly, and Kinky Curly, we ONLY produce these textures using Cuticle Hair to minimize inconsistency.


In honesty, if you do not wish to color this hair, do not want to use it for a longer period or on a budget buy the Remy Collection.  Our Remy hair is still better than a lot of the Remy texture out there, you will still LOVE it?

What does the term ``Virgin Hair`` stands?
The term Virgin is used to describe hair that has never been tampered with chemically i.e perms, dye or bleach. All virgin hair is not the same. The best virgin hair is Cuticle virgin hair; this is virgin hair with aligned cuticle.

There is also non-cuticle virgin hair usually sold at a fraction of cuticle virgin hair. Even though it’s virgin, it has No aligned cuticle so will tangle tremendously. This type of Hair requires an acid bath to strip the cuticle and then coated with a chemical to make it soft.  This type of poor quality hair usually have the awful distinct smell and once you wash, you will notice the chemical bleeding off, YIKES(

ONYC® Virgin Hair, the Cuticle Virgin, and Remy Virgin are both products of 100% cuticle human hair. They’re the ultimate hair for softness; luster and durability. It is human hair in the same condition as it grew from the scalp! There are huge selections of textures available. Choose from Straight, Wavy or Curly and be rest assured that they are “No FUSS, No JUNK, JUST PURE”!

What is the difference between Indian, Brazilian, Mongolian, Cambodian and Russian Hair?
We generally do not sell our hair by hair origin; we strictly concentrate on the quality of the hair due to the fact that these names are widely misused. Many companies will label the hair “Brazilian or even Russian hair when the hair is not from there. It is possible to find hair that looks like “Indian hair” with a donor from “America” for instance!

Indian Hair -This from an Indian donor, Brazilian hair from a Brazilian donor and Mongolian hair, from a Mongolian donor. To narrow it down and help you understand the complexity. Indian hair is generally finer and has smaller diameter than Mongolian Hair.There is also a strict routine on how to care for raw Indian hair.

Mongolian Hair– This has a thicker diameter than Indian hair but has a smaller diameter than Chinese Hair.

Brazilian hair– This is most versatile of all so comes in more variety of textures and colors- from black to blonde; Fine to Coarse; Straight to Wavy, Curly and kinky Curl! It is possible to have Brazilian hair look just like an Indian or Mongolian hair. It is also very possible to have hair from a “Russian” donor look just like hair from an “Indian” donor!

What does the term ``bulk`` or ``wefted`` hair means?
Bulk hair is a bundle of loose hair used for braiding, fusion and many other hair Extension styles. Wefted hair is hair used for weaving. It is sewn or bonded onto a track during the weaving process. Wefted hair is also used for making wigs and clip-ins.
Does ONYC® offer ``bulk`` hair?
NO, we only offer weft hair. All our product is a product of 100% Virgin Remy and Cuticle Hair which are more expensive than regular Human hair. The request for Bulk hair is very low. Most people will love to reuse the hair to get the best value for their investment.

Some customers buy the weft hair and then cut off the weft. Please view all the finished style options we offer.

What is the difference between Hand-tied and Machine weft?
Hand-tied wefts are made by hand. They are generally thinner than machine wefts. The hand tied wefts must be reinforced right where you want to cut before cutting. Nail glue or super glue works great. Machine wefts are done by machine, they do not need to be reinforced or secured before cutting. Most have thicker weft, ONYC® machine weft on the other hand is thinner and flatter than regular machine wefts hence lay flat on the scalp also. Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair weft machine.
Does ONYC® offer Hand-tied wefted hair?
NO, we only offer machine wefted hair.
What is the difference between Single drawn and double drawn hair?
Single drawn hair is ponytail hair cut from one donor. Therefore, there are a few natural shorter strands within a bundle of hair. The very short hairs have been removed. That’s why the hair may be sold 16” to 18” This means, the hair is not equal length, most of the hair is 16-18 inches. Double drawn hair is equal length. We only offer single drawn ponytail hair!
Will the hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?
There might be slight variations in color and texture between the hair you receive and the photo on our site, especially with our raw virgin hair because they each are from a different donor, that is part of the fun of buying and wearing quality virgin hair. It is as unique as you are! The picture is to give an idea of texture and color
How is the length of ONYC® hair measured?
All hair is measured by pulling the hair straight. For instance, if you order curly hair, the actual hair length is the length of the hair when straight.
What is the weight of ONYC® wefted hair?
Our wefted hair is sold in pouches; it is approximately 3.6-3.8oz after Wefting. Make sure to visit “detail” tab on your item of interest for more details.
How Much Hair Do I need?
It depends on the style and density you want. In general 5-7 OZ is required for a full head installation. Some will need more some will need less. The great thing about our hair is that if you do order over, you will be able to reuse the hair and add on whatever you have left over, if necessary.
It will be helpful to consult with your stylist before ordering as well.
Can I color or perm ONYC® Hair?
YES, you can color all our hair! However the extent of coloring and/or chemical process depends on the product. You’re free to use a lifting color on all our Cuticle hair in Natural Colors. Already colored hair and/or our Sassy Remy™ collections, we recommend deposit colors ONLY. You can perm all our Raw Virgin hair! We recommend doing any chemical process professionally. Generally it is advised to make any major color or perm changes before installment. This is because the hair might have slightly different texture or porosity compared to your natural hair.
How long does ONYC® hair last?
Our hair can last for a very long time depending on how you take care of it and the grade of hair used. We have reported some customers that told us they’ve had the hair for two years! Take very good care of it just like your natural hair. Our Luxury Ultima™, Euro-Collection and Golden-Collection are FULL CUTICLE hair so can be reused over and over again and our Sassy Remy™ hair collections can be reused several times!