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Hair Care Guide

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Runway Models Hairstyles to Steal

Runway Models Hairstyles to Steal

Runway Hair Trends and Hairstyles to Steal

The 2016 Fashion Week is here! Once again, it is the time of the year when top designers, runway fashion and models hairstyles reign —some of the things that ladies are so excited about.

Runway models from New York, London, Paris, and Milan always fascinate us with the best designer fashion. But it’s not just the fashion. They also leave us tons of runway hair trends that inspire our hairstyle goals. And you can’t deny the fact that you wished you have that drop-dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models hairstyle at some point while watching the show.

Runway hair trends feature really good styles that you might want to try for yourself. But the over-the-top models hairstyles seem more overwhelming than possible for ordinary girls to achieve. That’s why we created a selection of sophisticated, classy runway hair trends and easy hairstyles to steal.

Check out these top models hairstyles that you can effortlessly try for the runway look.


ONYC Hair Style Guide Middle-Parted-Hairstyles

1. Center Part Hairstyle

One of the most popular runway hair trends since the 70’s, the center part hairstyle gives a simple and flawless look without giving up the sophistication. This probably tops the list of easiest models hairstyles to steal because it is very versatile. You can actually wear this hairstyle either sleek and straight, or with waves, and even curls. 



ONYC Hair Style Guide-Side-Parted Hairstyles-Models H

2. Side Part Hairstyle

The side part has the same popularity as the center part hairstyle among runway hair trends. It doesn’t matter if you have super fine or voluminous hair. The side part brings out the glamorous quality of femininity.



 ONYC Hair Style Guide - Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

 3. Braids

Fashion show hairstyles won’t be complete without the classic braid. Hairstylists experiment from simple to elaborate and intricate braid patterns on models and the next thing we know, women have started copying the hairstyle. Braids are beautiful and stylish that it easily became famous among other models hairstyles that inspire women.

Fishtail braids have been the most favorite among other styles of braid for quite some time now.  



ONYC Hair Style Guide - Twisted Hairstyles - Runway Models Hairstyles

    4. Twists and Rope Braids

Braids have been reigning the runway for such a long time and they still do. But recently, some models from the New York Fashion Week were spotted deviating from the braid trend as they flaunt a new variation of the hairstyle, the twists.

Twists and rope braids are just some of the newest runway hair trends. Also, hairstylists vouch that this models hairstyle is very easy to do, adding it up to our list of easy runway hairstyles to steal. It is as easy as dividing the tail in half and twisting each side clockwise before winding them together in the opposite direction before you tie them together. 


 Low Pony Tail ONYC Hair Style Guide

5. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is another favorite of runway models that we often see it in different fashion shows over the years. This hairstyle is definitely chic and sophisticated that it looks good day and night. It’s really good for low maintenance girls who want to remain on track of runway hair trends.

In doing the low ponytail, you can play with a variety of parting styles and texture. To get more of the runway vibe, you can try wrapping the ponytail with a strand of your hair.


 Wavy Hairstyles ONYC Hair Style guide

6. Wavy Hairstyle

There is nothing much to say about wavy hairstyle, just that it’s a big trend among models hairstyles. Victoria’s Secret Angels are mostly notable for this sexy do, making it one of the most popular runway hair trends that women love to steal.

And just a little tip, volume and body are the top secret for a successfully runway-inspired wavy hairstyle.  Try Clipin Hair Extensions for instant va va voom!



ONYC Hair Styling Guide retro-curls

7. Retro Curls

This hairstyle is a vintage favorite of models. The name might sound old but Retro Curls are very much alive in runways around the world. The elaborate and voluminous curls are both classic and sexy.

It is best to try getting this kind of curls with short to medium hair.



ONYC Hair Style Guide bold-bangs

8. Bold Bangs

Bangs don’t get go out of style, they only get bolder in catwalks. Runway hair trends are usually enhanced by topping it with bangs. Supermodels love it full, blunt, or wispy. The bolder the bang, the louder is the statement.



ONYC Hair Style Guide - Braided Chignon - Runway Hairstyles

9. Braided Chignon

Every women love the bun hairstyle, so do the models. The braided chignon is just an elaborated version of the bun wherein the hair is braided first before being twisted and pinned up into a bun. Now here’s another do in your list of easy runway hairstyles to steal, and one of the sexiest as well.


Who says only models can sport runway hairstyles? You can rock those stylish hairdos as well without too much effort. Check out similar blog posts here at Onychair.com for more hair styling tips and guides.


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