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Hair Care Guide

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Does the price of hair weave confuse you?

Does the price of hair weave confuse you?

Prices For Affordable Hair and Weave

Hair extensions and weaves are the new trend in hair styling among women for quite some time now. For those who consider wearing weaves religiously, hair weave price are usually on top of the question.

Every woman wants high quality weaves that would best suit their lifestyle and personal style, but that doesn’t mean they have to spend too much money on it. Of course we’d all go for an affordable hair and weave that won’t sacrifice seamless quality. Affordable hair and weave is a lifesaver after all.

In a market wherein too many competitive hair weave products are being sold, hair weave price could be a bit confusing. Hair weave price varies from different factors like hair types, textures, and patterns. If you are new to wearing hair weaves, this article is for you especially if you are interested in exploring different affordable hair and weave from ONYC Hair.


Silky Straight Hair Weave Price (From $129.99)

ONYC Hair Silky Straight Virgin 1B

ONYC Hair Silky Straight Virgin 1B

This hair type features a sleek and silky straight texture which usually comes in a virgin state. Silky-straight hair appears with a slight body and has incredible shine!! If you are prefer this texture, you will spend more because it is a thinner so you will require more hair to achieve a full look especially if you prefer longer hair. This hair texture blends better with Caucasian and Asian hair texture.


Textured Straight Hair Weave Price

 ONYC Fro Out Kinky Straight Virgin Hair

ONYC Fro Out Kinky Straight Virgin Hair

1. Fro-Out Kinky Straight (From $149.99)

This Fro-out kinky textured straight weave from ONYC Hair is perfect for a seamless length with the look of a healthy Dominican blowout with lots of body and movement. This hair is super full so will be cost effective, most people achieve full look with two bundles and closures are not required unless necessary.


ONYC Hair Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave

ONYC Hair Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave

2. Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave (From $129.99)

This textured straight hair weave is meticulously processed to blend seamlessly with gently relaxed African American hair texture. The subtle texture would look really natural on black hair.  We also have closures to match for a very realistic look.


 ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Light Relaxed-Perm

ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Light Relaxed-Perm

3. Light Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave (From $129.99)

Light relaxed-perm has a perfectly sleek-straight texture that mimics hair that underwent relaxing process. This texture looks good on women of any ethnicity.. We have two grades of this texture. The budget Friendly Remy Hair type and the more expensive Cuticle Hair Type.


Kinky Curly-Textured Hair Weave Price

ONYC Hair Kinky Curly Textured Hair 3B3C 

ONYC Hair Kinky Curly Textured Hair 3B3C

4. Kinky Curly Texture (From $149.99)

Need hair weave that mimics loose curls of kinky hair? Then, this Kinky 3B-3CCurl from ONYC Hair is the best for you. This medium-coarse texture is very easy to manage depending on your preferred body and volume.. ONYC Hair Kinky 3B3C has been voted by many publications as the best natural hair texture and longevity!


ONYC Hair Tight Kinky 3C-4A

ONYC Hair Tight Kinky 3C-4A

5. Tight Kinky Curly Texture (From $149.99)

Tight Kinky Curly has a coarser texture and tighter curls than the Kinky Curly hair. This type of texture is best designed for wearers who are avid fans of frizzy, kinky hair.  It is super full so maximum of two bundles will do!


Wavy Hair Weave Price

 ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Body Wave

ONYC Hair Sassy Remy Body Wave

6. Body-Wave (From $69.99)

We have two grades of Body Wave, we have the Sassy Remy Collection and Luxury Ultima Cuticle Hair Collection.   Body-wavy hair weave type has a super fine texture while maintaining few moderate waves. Lustrous Body-Wave is perfect for natural wavy and bouncy hair type. 


ONYC Hair Wavy- 2 Hair Texture

ONYC Hair Wavy- 2 Hair Texture

7. Wavy Hair Texture (From $129.99)

This wavy hair type has a stunning S-wave pattern which more subtle than the Body-Wave 2-A. Women who opt to sport a beach holiday hairstyle would definitely love this!


It is undeniable that there are too many businesses dealing with hair weaves and extensions, making the competition more steadfast as ever. Thus, finding an affordable hair and weave with a competitive quality and longevity has become quite a challenge.

ONYC Hair is a black-owned company with the expertise of creating high-quality hair extension products that caters to women of varying ethnicity. ONYC Hair offers hair weaves in a fairly competitive price. Because ONYC Hair uses 100% pure virgin hair with full cuticle, we can give you assurance that your purchased product will be at its finest quality that would last for more than a year provided with proper care and treatment. When looking for inexpensive hair weave price, don’t just go for affordable hair and weave. It is best to consider the quality, integrity, and longevity of the product to save more money and time!

To view more variety of ONYC Hair products, please visit ONYCHair.com!

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Friday, 15 February 2019
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