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Hair Care Guide

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The Best Human Hair Extensions Reviews

The Best Human Hair Extensions Reviews

Using Human Hair Reviews as Your Guide in Choosing the Best Human Hair Extensions

 Many women get beautifully longer and thicker tresses by wearing hair weaves and Clip-Ins without anyone noticing the latter’s existence. Hair extensions reviews always remind us that the best extensions are those that we can wear discreetly. If the hair extensions don’t blend naturally with your own hair, then what is the point of wearing them?

You might have been wearing weaves for a long time, or you could be one of those who are just planning to get into the trend. But how much do you really know about those additional lengths of locks? I’m sure you are interested to know more information about hair extensions, which you can’t always find in hair reviews from the internet. That is why we would like to share this blog about human hair extensions reviews, which will also serve as a guide for you in choosing the best extensions for your hair, budget, and lifestyle.


Most Popular Types of Human Hair Extensions

1. CUTICLE Virgin Human Hair

 ONYC Body 2 Wavy Hair Extenstion 

According to many hair extensions reviews and experts, Cuticle Virgin human Hair has the highest quality among other hair types. This is because Cuticle Virgin Hair comes from 100 percent real human tresses. It is collected from donors with healthy hair that has never been touched by any chemical treatments. Meaning, the hair is in its natural, virgin state upon collection. Cuticle Virgin Hair is naturally delicate and fragile, that is why the processing system needs to be gentle and thorough in order to keep the hair quality intact.

When processed properly with the right process, Cuticle Virgin Human hair extensions should be healthy, glossy, and natural looking. Hair reviews all agree that Cuticle Virgin Hair is quite expensive because of its excellent features. But experts claim that it lasts longer than any other extensions, making it worthy of investment.

Hair strands under this category are usually processed, curled, or waved into different styles and textures of hair weaves, namely: Body Wave, Brazilian Wave, Deep CurlyAfro-KinkyTight Curl, and Deep Wave among others.


2. Remy Human Hair

                                                                        ONYC Sassy Remy Light relax and Body Wavy Hair Extenstion 


Human hair extensions reviews tagged Remy hair as the most popular on the market because of its unquestionable quality and reasonable price.

High quality Remy Hair comes from several donors wherein the strands are cut on full length. Remy hair extensions don’t have to be in its virgin state, as long as all of the cuticles are intact, and the strands follow the same direction.

True Remy hair should be free from tangling and matting even after several washes. Hair reviews recommend this hair type for weave fanatics who want high quality products but aren’t willing to spend much on Cuticle Hair.


3. European Hair 

                                                     Sofia Jamora With Euro Collection Hair Extenstion 

European hair is distinctively characterized by many hair extensions reviews based on its naturally straight and silky texture. This hair type is suitable for most Caucasian hair texture.  Blonde Raw European Hair is the MOST expensive hair and very rare to find.  Be weiry of companies that claim to be selling Rusian hair for instance.  Fine Cuticle Virgin dark hair can be processed to yield a very natural blonde hair color with a very unique coloring process.  


4. Regular Human Hair

Regular Human Hair is considered the lowest grade quality among other types of human hair false hair in the market. If you will read human hair extensions reviews, you will find that this hair extension is the least recommended by experts.

These extensions are created from human hair that is collected from the floor of temples and salons all over the world. Because the collection method is random, the cuticles are more positioned towards different directions, making it prone to tangling and matting. In order to mask the problem, manufacturers use harsh chemicals (acid bath) to completely strip the cuticles off the strands. This process involves the use of silicone to cover the hair to achieve soft and silky texture of the extensions. However, hair reviews warn users that the beauty of this type of human hair weaves does not last long, especially after just a few washes. Once the silicone coating wears off, the strands would turn brittle, causing not only tangles and knots, but even breakage. Moreover, this hair type doesn’t tolerate color treatment or heat. Therefore, this type of hair is good for one-time uses only.


5. Yaki Hair Texture

                                                    ONYC Fro Out Kinky Straight Hair Flat Ironed

Unlike the European hair, Yaki hair has more volume and a coarser texture. It features the characteristics of the natural African-American Kinky Straight hair that has been straigtened. Because of its unique body and texture, Yaki hair is recommended by human hair extensions reviews for African-American women who want to achieve a fuller style for their mane.  Most "Yaki Hair" are made with very poor hair quality and even horse fiber.  Similar texture can be processed using Cuticle Virgin Human Hair for a relaxed hair extension look!


Women who wear hair extensions consider their added locks as a part of their natural hair. Therefore, it is only natural to be assertive about the strands that are being attached to our tresses. So, before you rush shopping for your weaves, try researching first about the best quality products from hair extensions reviews to make sure that you are spending on the right deal. When you are in doubt in choosing from countless hair extensions in the market, human hair extensions reviews would really come in handy to save the day!

For more information and choices of quality human hair extensions, shop ONYCHair for numerous Ethnic hair texture or for European haair Textute, visit EuroCollectionHair.com and find the best deals for you!


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Friday, 15 February 2019
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