Different Hair Extension Types And Methods
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Hair talks and makeovers would never be complete without Hair Extensions!  Hairstylists and customers alike are enthralled with the wonders of hair extension types within the extremely competitive market around the world.  With a wide variety of different hair weave Types that exist today, sometimes it is hard to choose the best style, hair type, and application method that suits you.

Women get fascinated by the beauty of lengthy and lustrous locks that hair extensions promise to give them in an instant.  There are many types of hair extensions based on style and texture.   But one thing that many tend to overlook is the different methods used in applying several extension types. It is very important to pay attention to this.  One wrong move when installing hair weaves and extensions could cause hair damage or worse, baldness.

This article will provide you with important guides about the different hair weave types that you are most likely to find in the market.  So the next time you shop for hair extensions, you will be well equipped on how to choose the perfect type for your hair.

Read on to learn about hair extension types and methods that will suit your needs.  Below we have outlined the most popular types and methods.

  Hair Extension Types and Methods | Different Hair Weave Types

1 | Sew-In Hair Weaves / Wefted Hair Extensions

Different Hair Extension Types and Methods - 1. Sew In Hair Weaves Wefted Hair Extensions

Machine weft or machine wefted hair extensions typically denote hair extension types that have been wefted or sewn to create a bundle of hair. Loose or bulk hair is placed into a triple-head sewing machine to stitch the roots together. The stitched top part is folded over and stitched again to create the wefted hair extensions.

Wefted hair extension types can be machine wefted hair extensions or hand-wefted. Individual strands are tied by hand to secure the hair and create a weft. Hand wefted hair extensions are strong if done properly and durable.  But these types are not popular due to unevenness of the weft compared to machine-wefted extensions. Machine wefted extension sits closer to the head

ONYC Hair offers numerous selection of wefted extensions.  From the popular  Body 2 Wavy to Bouncy Curly Addiction 3B Deep Curl or Silky Straight Virgin 1B we got it.  The Relaxed African American Textures like Relaxed Perm or Light relaxed Perm are also available.  The Kinky Textures like Kinky Curly or Kinky Straight Textures are so popular among our customers.

2 | Clip In Hair Extensions

Different Hair Extension Types and Methods - 2. Clip In Hair Extensions

The most common Hair Extension Types and Methods is the clip-in hair extension. This offers versatility because you can wear it and remove it anytime you want. You can wear different hair types without commitment. Clip-in hair extensions offer a quick and easy solution to wearing different types of hair. Just clip it in and you’ll have a long hair or a curlier one in an instant. ONYC Hair’s clip-in hair extensions are well-made and well-designed to give you that most natural look. Great Clipin should be durable and reusable.  They are the product of 100% virgin human hair so they tend to tangle less and have the bounce and shine of natural hair.

The Euro-Collection has Clip-Ins available in Caucasian Textures and colors. This type of hair extension method is also available in Ethnic Hair Textures like straight, curly and kinky curly hair extensions.

3 |   Tape-In Hair Extension – Hair Extension Types

Different Hair Extension Types and Methods - 3. Tape In Hair Extension

One of the most popular Hair Extension Types that is widely used is Tape-in hair.  They are semi-permanent extension types that use strips of strong grade tape in attaching the weft to your own locks.  This type of hair extension is said to be one of the most desirable types among women with thin European hair texture.  This is because of its lightweight and seamless features.  The adhesive tape used in the application method is easy to conceal, making it look more natural while giving the wearer that barely-there-hair extensions feeling.

You can also find the Tape-In in Ethnic Hair Textures though not as popular and with limited texture.

4 |   Bonding/ Loop/ Fusion Hair Extensions

4. Bonding  Loop Fusion Hair Extensions

Bonded hair like keratin bond, micro-bead, and loop hair extensions are installed by means of a method that uses either hair glue, adhesives or clamps.  However, because the extensions are attached to the hair in a strand by strand manner, you might not feel too comfortable while wearing this type of hair extension.

Fusion hair refers to extensions bonded to your natural hair using a hot tool that fuses hair keratin together. This hair extension type may be considered as permanent because they last longer than the usual wear-and-remove hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are commonly reinstalled every two to three months. This type of hair extension may have a nail tip, v-tup, or flat tips.  These tips are the ones bonded to your hair without the use of rings, clips, links or tubes.

5 |   I Tip Hair Extensions

5. I Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip hair extension that uses a heat-sensitive tube. Keratin Pre-Tipped I Tip Hair is specially designed for fusion and non-fusion methods. It is mostly used as a non-fusion and applied using a ring, tubes or beads. The beauty of the bonded hair extensions is that it is used microbeads or micro rings that are easier to blend with the hair.

This type of hair extension has built its reputation in the market for its durable bonds that still manages to offer comfort and versatility to the wearer after installation.  I-Tip hair extension types are perfect for adding volume, lengths, highlights, and low lights.

I-Tip Hair Extensions are available for Caucasian Hair Texture and Ethnic Hair Textures.  Easily add volume or highlights into your hair using ONYC I-Tip pre bonded hair extensions.

Hair extensions are fun so there is no need to fret, just follow the simple do’s and don’ts of hair extensions to avoid damage caused by bad hair extensions.

Being knowledgeable about the types of hair extensions is not enough for you to be an expert on hair extensions yourself.  You should also learn the different hair care tips and guides in wearing weaves in order for you to reap all the benefits of extensions and not the harmful side effects.  To help you out.

These are the most basic types of hair extension methods. If you are still confused about which ONYC method to try, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.  We stand by our promise of premium quality that will deliver attractive, naturally bouncy, shiny, and healthy-looking hair extensions.

These Hair Extension Types and Methods including Clip In, Fusion and Wefted Hair, Tape-In are the best options. If you have more suggestions about the different hair weave types, add in the comment section below..

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