What are I-tips and what are they used for?
I-tips are Keratin pre bonded hair used for the fusion method.

How many I-tips packs would I need for a full head?
There are many factors that you must consider when using the fusion method. Only a professional stylist will be able to tell you how much hair you need based on the thickness and length of your natural hair and the look you are going for. In general, a minimum of 54 bundles is used for length increase.

How many Tips are in each bundle?
Size Options Medium: 1g/strand, 25 Strands Per Pack, Weight per pack: 25g
Size Options Small: 0.5g/strand, 50 Strands Per Pack, Weight per pack: 25g
What microbeads should I use for my I-tips?
ONYC® I tip length and corresponding Bead Size:
14 Inches- Buy Large Beads
16 Inches – Buy Large Beads
18 Inches – Buy Large Beads
20 Inches – Buy Medium Beads
22 Inches – Buy Medium Beads
Is natural Black the only color you have for the Tip Extensions? Do you offer your Tip Extensions in Colored Hair?
For now, we offer colored I Tip for our Silky Straight Virgin 1B only. For any other texture, the Tip Extensions is only available in Natural Black Color!

Please Note:
1) If you plan to color the hair, the general rule is not to go more than two shades lighter than the original color. It is also wise to do a strand test to see the result you might take. Please note that the strand color tested product is void for exchange.

For additional coloring guides and questions, you must consult a professional hair color expert that is experienced in coloring treated hair.

How long does my natural hair length need to be?
To achieve a natural and flawless look, your hair needs to be at least 4 inches long. This will ensure it is long enough to cover the clips.
How do I take care of the I-Tip hair?
The maintenance of the hair had more to do with the texture of the hair. Make sure to look for proper maintenance for the hair texture of the I-Tip you are using. Also, contact the professional stylist that installed your hair.