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ONYC 3C4A Review | ONYC 3C4A Hair Reviews

This week on ONYC hair customer reviews, we have the pleasure of showcasing ONYC 3c4a review featuring Ms. Bryana B! The gorgeous stylist from Fayetteville ,NC was excited to share her entire  Tight Kinky Curly Hair experience with us. We’ll let you get the facts straight from Bryana B:


Fayetteville, North Carolina

ONYC® Status

ONYC® Newbie

Hair Specs

ONYC® Tight Kinky 3C-4A Curl (2) 14’

Have you worn A similar hair texture before?

Yes, from ONYC®!

How long have you been rocking this hair?

5 years

How often hair is washed?

once a week.

What Shampoo do you wash your hair with?

Shea moisture.

What other Products Do You use on this hair?

Leave in conditioner, Shine pomade.

Favorite way to wear the hair?

Styled differently!

Why do you love this particular hair?

This hair is so easy to style just like your own natural hair. You can pineapple style it to save a style, twist out, braid out, or even wash and go!
Must-Have ONYC® Essential

Don’t have any favorites yet.

What do you say to Individuals considering purchasing this hair?

Do it! It is worth the investment!

What is your one hair care tip for this ONYC Hair?

Detangle! Even if you pineapple, take the time to gently tug apart strands that have clumped together in order to maintain the longevity of the hair.

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