A seasoned and savvy Black Female Entrepreneur and business professional, ONYC Hair Founder CEO Thelma Okoro is a passionate Nigerian born Beautypreneur, with a mission to help women become more confident and fabulous in their skin. Through her love for hair and beauty at such a young age, she molded her career through experience and education in her passion. She has worked with an impressive variety of companies, paving her way up and founded ONYC Hair.

Launched in 2007 ONYC Hair has quickly grown to be one of the country’s leading luxury hair extension retailers marked by the brand’s lustrous 100% Pure Cuticle, Virgin and Remy Hair products from around the world. Thelma’s business acumen as a successful Black Female Entrepreneur can be accredited to the principles bestowed upon her from her inspiration and mentor; her mother. “Growing up in Nigeria hard work and determination were taught to us from a very young age,” says Thelma.

“I took those ideas and applied them to every facet of my life, especially my business ventures.” These values were also evident in Thelma’s tenure at The University of Abuja where she graduated with a microbiology degree that influenced her decision to know every part of the hair business. “I knew the effects of the harsh chemicals on women’s hair. I wanted to produce a product that minimized the need for that.” Coupled with her extensive training, her love of learning and commitment to holistic beauty Thelma’s approach to the cosmetic beauty industry is one to be rivaled. Unlike many hair retailers, Thelma is immersed in the beauty industry.

In addition to her degree with The University of Abuja, she is also a graduate of Helia D International Health and Beauty College and Spectrum Beauty Academy and more. In Thelma’s own words, she always had a deep love and passion for enhancing beauty. Her mother owned three beauty salons enabling her to be completely immersed in the “family business” since she could crawl.

Armed with these skills, Thelma had the opportunity to work with an impressive variety of major corporate brands including cosmetic companies such as Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Chanel, Dior, YSL, and M.A.C.

She has also been featured as a Black Female Entrepreneur by USA and Nigerian publications such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Vanguard Newspaper, The Nation Newspaper and many more. With her brand known as the “Top Hair Extensions Brand” by Ebony, Juicy Mag, and Allure Magazine. With her expertise and fervor for hair and beauty, Thelma Okoro continues to flourish and live up to her dream of delivering the quality service to all her clients.

She recently launched Exclusive New Hairline for European Hair Texture “Euro Collection Hair” have been getting amazing feedback since its launch in July 2017!

ONYC Hair continues to grow as Thelma expands her business portfolio with innovative and profitable brand building ventures. As the number of options for beauty products continues to grow, Thelma will remain ahead of the curve and work these trends to the benefit of her loyal customers.

For more information on Thelma Okoro or to arrange a meeting, you may contact ONYC PR and Media at prandmedia@onychair.com or call 202-769-6692. You may also visit her website at FacesOfOny.com