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We’re happy to feature ONYC Hair Relaxed Perm Customer Review featuring Stephanie, who is showing off in her ONYC Relaxed Perm. Did you know, the Relaxed Perm Texture is the very first Texture ONYC introduced?   Read to find out more about her hair care and styling tips and know why this texture is loved by many! 


Houston, TX

ONYC® Status

ONYC® Grad

Hair Specs

You can achieve this style with Relaxed Perm 18 and 20 inches with a large closure.

Have you worn similar hair texture before?

Yes, from another company.

How long have you been rocking this hair?

For the past 2 years

How often hair is washed?


What Shampoo do you wash your hair with?


What other Products Do You use on this hair?

Dove Conditioner

Favorite way to wear the hair?

In its original state.

Why do you love this particular hair?

The pros would have to be, (is) the natural look of the closure as well as how long the products last. I’ve had this closure for 2 years and I’ve dyed it and it’s still great.

What do you say to Individuals considering purchasing this hair?

Go for it! It’s well worth it!

What is your one hair care tip for this ONYC Hair?

Use a heat protectant.

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