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I love the natural colors.

5.0 rating
July 22, 2019

I love the many natural color options form this selection. Shipping was fast, will buy gain.


Very Sleek, highly recommended

5.0 rating
July 15, 2019

I don’t usually leave comments about products I buy online, but I’m really so happy about this purchase that I can’t afford to not leave one. This hair is as thick as it can get, and it’s probably the best one that I have ever had. This is like the fourth of fifth hair extension I bought online, and I must say it’s the best I’ve got– although two of the other ones I have are way more expensive.
When I tried it on for the first time, I was surprised that I didn’t have to use all that I bought because the hair was thick enough to cover my head, and it looks very natural! I highly recommend this hair weave. Love everything about it! I don’t regret a thing! Just awesome!

Julie Irvin

ONYC Hair helps me boost my confidence

5.0 rating
July 14, 2019

I really understand losing self-confidence from having thin hair because I myself have done through that stage before. Thankfully through the help of a friend who recommended me to use ONYC Hair Relaxed Perm, I restore my beauty and feeling prettier. If you are looking for a really effective solution to hair thinning, this is something you should give a shot.


This hair is perfect

5.0 rating
July 3, 2019

Okay, I want to share my ONYC Curly Addiction Experience.
This is the already pre-colored one, not the natural Black.
1) I have not observed any real shedding or tangling so far. If it does, I just do a quick finger comb and the tangles behave.
2) Love the curls on this as it just pops and the curl pattern remains. Really love that characteristic of this hair.
3) Maintenance is a breeze. I use a little bit of water and some leave-in conditioner. That’s it.
4) When it first arrives make sure to cowash and use a little bit of shampoo and conditioner. The hair bounces back after a good wash so do it.
If you need beautiful curl with very low maintenance compared to the Kinky hair, then you will love this hair. Really recommend this. Can’t say enough good things about this hair.

Garcia Nicole

Gorgeous hair

5.0 rating
July 1, 2019

I love the way it falls and bounces so healthily. It’s so natural that some of my friends thought something was different about me but could hardly point it out. The color is also very natural as it matches mine perfectly.
This was one of the challenges for me when looking for hair extensions. I have such a full but fine black hair that the extensions I buy either lack thickness or the color doesn’t really match my hair, which would then result in an unnatural look. I hate it when it doesn’t look as perfect as possible, so I’m happy about this great purchase. It really looks like my own hair. Thank you ONYC. It really is gorgeous! Till my next purchase!


Worth my money!

5.0 rating
June 30, 2019

This is by far the best relaxed looking hair weave that I have bought online, Most weaves that I attempted to use in the past are prone to shedding after washing it for a few times, but this one is really durable. I can hardly notice any shedding.
Plus, the delivery was so fast that I thought I had to wait for a couple of weeks before I can get my hands on it. I will definitely buy more in the future. It really complements my real hair, and I’m really happy to find the right hair color and weave for me. It also fits my tight budget well as I can reuse it. After saving up, I’ll be buying my second ONYC product. Satisfied customer here! Thank you so much.

Emily Nichola

Sharing my ONYC Hair Review

5.0 rating
June 30, 2019

I really enjoyed wearing my Colored Weave Extensions. My sister and my mother also loved it. I think they will be going to buy also. Thanks, ONYC Hair. Really great company. Worth the money. 100% pure hair. Looking forward to my next purchase.
Highly recommended.

Michelle Bolton


5.0 rating
June 23, 2019

Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS HAIR! I am so happy that I found this website! I ordered the Mongolian kinky curly 3b/3c 16 inch bundle. Fast shipment, this hair came very quickly. There was NO shedding even before I sealed the weft. I also love the sealant I bought from this website. When I sealed the weft, the sealant dried really quickly, which was just what I needed because I got it installed the next morning. This hair blended really well with my natural hair.No one can’t tell me that this isn’t my hair. It blends that good! This hair did not tangle, it’s easy to comb through. I just love it. I’ve been recommending this hair and referring my friends and my hair stylist back to this website. ONYC, you have a customer for life.


Blends so well with my natural texture

5.0 rating
June 23, 2019

I love my ONYC Hair kinky curly 3b/3c it blends so well with my natural texture.Sometimes I forget its not my real hair lol! My, I love my ONYC Hair kinky curly 3b-3c it blends so well with my natural texture. Sometimes I forget its not my real hair lol! My boyfriend loves it. It’s so soft it flows in the wind it feels like real hair. I would tell all my friends to get this hair you won’t be sorry. It’s expensive but worth it TOTALLY!


Looks just like my hair

5.0 rating
June 23, 2019

Love it, matches my own head perfect. Never had hair to mimic and look just like my hair!!!!


It's worth the investment

5.0 rating
June 23, 2019

This Kinky Curly hair weave from ONYC is perfect. It looked beautiful in every way. I will definitely continue buying this hair because it’s totally worth every penny I spend. I just love this hair. It costs a fair bit compared to other hair you can buy online, but it’s totally worth it. It lasts longer than other products I have bought in the past. This is by far the best one I have ever bought. I guess my search for the perfect hair is over. This just matches my natural hair, and I love it.

Adaora Njoku

One of the best!

5.0 rating
June 22, 2019

I am extremely satisfied with this product! The length is just right so I can use it without having to worry about how it would look inconsistent and unnatural. The thickness is also very good.
I recommended it to my sister because she’s been having problems with the thickness of her hair, so she bought one as well and couldn’t be any happier. Now we both have healthy-looking hair extensions that also look astonishingly natural.
I tied it in a bun one time, and I didn’t expect that it would fall easily on my shoulders. Kinda expected it to be very stiff, but that’s not the case. Plus, it doesn’t smell awkward at all! I remember my first hair extension purchase from a different store, and the odor is really bad when I received it. I had to wash it many times to get rid of the smell. This one looks and smells natural, and I love it.

Ariel Savage

Amazing Results.

5.0 rating
June 22, 2019

I am a cosmetologist and my goal is to provide very natural hair extensions for my clients.
I ordered this for one of my clients and the result was amazing.
It blended so well with her hair. The quality of the tip is great, the glue lasted for a while.
Thanks ONYC Hair for your various options and constantly thinking about the natural hair community.
PS: I will love this in Golden Collection, just a thought ONYC Hair!


It's so soft and healthy

5.0 rating
June 20, 2019

One of the best quality hair I have tried. You really can’t beat the quality of ONYC Kinky Curly Hair Weave. This is one of the few times I decided to buy hair online and I was not disappointed. The shipping was on time, and it arrived earlier than promised. I am impressed. The best part of this hair is that it’s the perfect hair for me. Everything matched from the curl pattern to how comfortable it is to wear. I have not experienced any shedding at all. It’s textured and healthy hair and you can really tell that it’s really high quality. Highly recommend this. I have told a few of my friends about this. I know they’re going to love it.


Fast delivery and high quality hair!

5.0 rating
June 6, 2019

This hair weave is of a different caliber. The quality is just amazing! Tried it with different hair styles and it works perfectly each time. I used flat iron and curler with it, and it doesn’t look fake at all. It blends naturally with my natural hair, even the color! And it does seem very durable.
I have always been hesitant to order online because more often than not, either the quality is pure crap or the promised delivery time isn’t met. That’s not the case here. I was afraid that it wouldn’t make it to my event, but I was really glad to receive it earlier than expected. It helped me look my best during my big night. Excellent product and service!

Katelyn Branch

Perfectly Matches my Natural Hair

4.0 rating
May 28, 2019

I am very surprised at how ONYC Kinky Straight tape in hair came out so well. The way it matches with my natural hair was just awesome. My only real problem with this is that it goes a little thin towards the end, but it doesn’t really take away how great this hair is. Even my hair stylist was amazed at how good it is and the result after it’s on my head. My stylist warned me about shedding, but this stood up and saw little to no shedding at all. I’m going back in there to recommend this because they’ll really love this as this is high-quality hair.

Susan Copper

The best Natural Hair I have bought

5.0 rating
May 27, 2019

This product is by far the most natural-looking out of all the hair extensions I have bought in my life. I have, like, a dozen different hair from different stores as I can recall. I’ve been using ONYC Light Relaxed Hair Tape-In for around two weeks now, and I have totally ignored a whole lot of my old collection. Unbelievable! I don’t know where this product has been my whole life. I wish I knew about the brand a lot sooner! Great product. I’m loving the quality, and it’s totally worth the price. I’m planning on trying your other products too. Hopefully, the quality is consistent. I have a friend who is into extensions too. I’ll have her try out ONYC. Thanks, guys!

Mimi Nicole

Happy with my Perm Straight Hair

5.0 rating
May 27, 2019

I’ve been looking around for so long for perm straight hair extensions, and I’m just happy that I’ve decided to buy one of ONYC Hair Extension. I have zero regrets and I’ll totally buy more in the future. Right now, I’m really satisfied with the quality and look of this product. It suits me well! My colleagues even asked how I grow my hair so fast. They didn’t know it was just a hair extension. It’s really natural-looking, and it’s amazing. Good job! I love the color of mine; it really matches the original color of my hair. I won’t be thinking of seeing the salon for a while now. Just having these extensions is enough. It’s definitely convenient, comfortable, and classy.


I love the quality

5.0 rating
May 24, 2019

You can really tell that they have put a lot of effort into putting this product together as the weft that I got was carefully packed and in real good condition. It’s my third time to use it now and still, there is no shedding whatsoever. I wore this during a party, and they did not even notice that I am wearing one.
Honestly, I kind of expected to get disappointed again after so many bad shopping experiences online, but I’m happy that this time, I got what I wanted. This is one of my best purchases so far, and I will purchase more in the future. Thank you ONYC! You’re now my go-to shop. Keep up the good work!

Mia Briggs

So soft!

5.0 rating
May 19, 2019

I couldn’t stress enough just how soft this weft is. This is my second time to own weave, and the first one that I bought was really disappointing because I couldn’t even style it properly as it’s a bit stiff. This weave is much better in terms of quality. It looks durable, healthy, and really natural.
After I tried it on, my best friend liked it too and she bought one for herself. Now, I can easily leave my house with my hair on point. That’s how good this product is, and I wish they also offer other colors so I can still wear one even if I decide to change my hair color. Overall, I’m super satisfied and I’m excited to order again soon!

Felicia Poole

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