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This week, we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Juliette Abi Brown! The sophisticated fitness enthusiast from Northern Virginia by way of Nigeria was excited to share her entire ONYC ONYC Hair Fro Out Kinky Straight experience with us. In this ONYC Hair Reviews, Juliette was able to share the ultimate Fro Out versatility!  We’ll let you get the facts straight from Juliette below:


Haymarket, Virginia

ONYC® Status


Hair Specs

ONYC® Fro-Out with (1)18″-20″ large frontal closure, (1) 20″ bundle at the top, and (1) 22″ at the bottom

Have you worn similar hair texture before?

No, this is my 1st time!

How long have you been rocking this hair?

One month

How often hair is washed?

once a week

What Shampoo do you wash your hair with?

Tea tree oil (generic)

What other Products Do You use on this hair?

Brazilian Tech Keratin

Favorite way to wear the hair?

In its original state. I love to wear it pulled back when I am working out in the morning, straightened at work, and curled when it’s time to have some fun!

Why do you love this particular hair?

I love the natural state of this hair. The fact that it is the closest to my African natural texture in a blown out state makes it so believable. I am able to live an active lifestyle as a runner as well as able to take care of it myself. I love how soft and light the hair is and how I can go from wearing it in its naturals state which has a lot of body, to bone straight with just a little flat iron and then to an even more glam look by using flex rods or curling iron on it… It is absolutely hands down the best hair I have tried, and trust me I have been wearing premium hair extensions for over 25 years!

What do you say to Individuals considering purchasing this hair?

Don’t wait, just do it!

What is your one hair care tip for this ONYC Hair?

Wash it once a week and use a good conditioner

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