Lace Frontal Closures Weave

ONYC has a wide selection of high-quality Lace Frontal Closures to choose from. Our products are all made of real human hair. With this in mind, you can wear the most natural piece of hair weave or custom made wig with both comfort and confidence.

Here at ONYC Hair, we offer products that have met strict quality standards. We handpick each hair bundle used in the production. This process takes time, but this effectively ensures high-quality results. Those that fail to make the cut are disposed of properly. Throughout the whole process, we make sure that each product meets the standards of the industry as well as those of our customers. To top it all, our weave, wigs and curly extensions are crafted by hand, ensuring the finest of qualities.

Thousands of women love our products because they come with high quality. Plus, we have a wide variety of accessories to choose from, including Lace Frontal Closures for protective styles and custom wig designs, and more. With our extensions here at ONYC, you can achieve a full weave look or just about any other kinds of look.

In addition, you will be happy to know that Lace Closures and other ONYC products are reusable for up to one year or more with proper care. Some customers even claim to have used ONYC products for two years or more. This simply proves that our products come with high quality and durability.

  • Most Natural Closure Piece.
  • Freestyle so that you can part it in different directions.
  • Very Natural Density which helps to combat wig look.
  • Very Natural distribution to mimic your natural hair density.
  • Double Knotted for Durability – With proper care you can re-use it several times.