Colored Hair Weave Extensions from ONYC Hair!

Frequent hair color changes can easily damage your hair due to harmful chemicals. As a result, ONYC developed colored hair weave extensions to let you change hair color and style without damaging to your hair or Extensions!

Be the first to try ONYC Hair latest collection of natural colored extensions. ONYC® Golden Collection™ has a wide variety of colored hair weave extensions to choose from. You can pick from a lot of options. These include blonde hair weave, colored curly hair, colored straight hair, and colored wavy hair.

ONYC used 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin Remy Hair. Our colored hair weave extensions are of excellent quality to make sure that they last longer and look natural. Our wide variety of extensions comes in different hues of brown and blond. You can choose from these hair colors depending on your mood.

If you attend an event, you can change the way you look by wearing our products. Wearing hair extensions is a great way to easily change your hairstyle and hair color as it does not damage your hair cuticles.

Additionally, ONYC® Golden Collection™ is designed meticulously as we want to give you high-quality colored hair extensions. Besides that, each product comes with a certificate of authenticity as a guarantee that ONYC products are of premium quality.

Certainly, not everyone is daring to try new colors and styles. Try ONYC Golden Collection and be confident to wear the hair that you have always dreamed of. Be bold and try different colors and hairstyles without having to worry about damaging your hair.