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Discover 100% Premium Cuticle Virgin Hair

ONYC Hair Cuticle Virgin Hair is their purest hair ever! It consists of 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair. This means it has all cuticles intact which flows in the same direction from the root to the tip. ONYC preserved it so well that it resulted in a product that can be reused over and over again. Plus, this is the best virgin hair, among other hair types, ONYC offers including ponytail hair, raw human hair, and long-lasting hair.

Experience the collection of Pure Luxury Cuticle Virgin Hair that will save you from continuous hair extension change. The hair is a high-quality product for those who don’t want poor quality hair that always tangles and matt at the slightest use. Moreover, if you spend a lot of money on hair wigs or extensions which are no longer reusable, then you might be surprised to know that this one is indeed reusable.

You no longer have to wear artificial-looking and damaged hair as this product has a smooth, healthy, and natural-looking appearance.

Along with this, the Cuticles of the hair are still intact. This will provide you a hairstyle that will suit your hairstyle needs. Indeed, this collection provides a new healthy alternative hair weft for more manageable hairstyles. ONYC will never disappoint with its Cuticle Virgin Hair as it’s indeed a luxury product with amazing functionality.

Aside from that, ONYC also offers Hair Extensions ranging from Silky, Relaxed Straight Texture up to Wavy, and Kinky Curly Texture. There is a wide selection that lets you choose which one can complement your hair need.