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Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions

Discover ONYC Relaxed Hair, the pinnacle of Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions, designed as the Best Weave Texture For African American Hair. Available in Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles Weave, Hair Closure, Clip-In, Microlinks, Tape-Ins, and Hair Wig! 

Need the Silkier Light Relaxed-Perm?

Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions| Best Weave Texture for African American Hair

Meticulously crafted for those seeking the Best Hair For Sew In On Natural Hair, our Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles promise a seamless Straight Hair Sew In With Leave Out experience. Dive into the luxury of Permed Straight Hair Weave, made from premium Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions, ensuring a natural blend every time. Available in Relaxed Hair Tape In Extensions. It is also available in Bleach Relaxed Clip In Hair Extensions. 100% Human Hair Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles with Closures for the perfect Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions Look. 


Shop Gallery - Relaxed Straight Hair Photos

Explore our gallery for some inspirational photos of ONYC Beauties. Whether you are shopping for Curly, Wavy, Kinky Curly, or Straight Hair, there are style inspirations just for you.  Visit the Straight Hairstyles for Black Women now!
ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair Extension, The Best Weave Texture For African American Hair

About ONYC® Relaxed Straight Hair Extension Weave

ONYC Cuticle Virgin Hair Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions are the Purest Hair made with Full Human Hair. It has all the Cuticles intact; therefore, it can be reused over and over again. The hair is sourced from one donor and is also known as ponytail hair. This collection is PURE LUXURY and of course, the best hair your money can buy. The ONYC Relaxed Texture Hair Extensions is the Best Weave Hair for Sew In on Natural Hair Textures!

They’re available in 2 types: Relaxed-Perm and Light Relaxed-Perm texture. These wonderful textures offer a sleek but textured look for the most natural look! 


This is the coarser texture of the two. This is the Best Weave Texture for African American Hair as it mimics typical relaxed black hair. Imagine a Relaxed 4A to 4B Natural Hair Texture. This looks fuller and thicker. For better understanding, this texture is similar to the “Yaki Texture” in looks but it has much more body and luster to it. Read the Relaxed Straight Hair extensions reviews to know why this is one of our customer’s favorites! 

Light Relaxed-Perm:

The Light-Relaxed Relaxed Hair Weave is the silkier texture of the two. These ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles are more lightweight and have more body to them hence will hold more curls. Imagine a Relaxed 3B to 3C Natural Hair. For better understanding, this texture is similar to the “Light Yaki Texture” in looks but it has much more body and quality to it.

ONYC® Relaxed Straight Hair Extension FAQs

Understanding the difference between ONYC Hair Relaxed and Light Relaxed straight hair extensions is key to choosing the best option for your needs!

The Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions by ONYC Hair are designed to mimic the texture of hair that has been chemically relaxed. This type of extension offers a sleek, straight look with a bit more volume and coarseness, closely resembling the texture of naturally straightened African-American hair. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a seamless blend with their chemically relaxed hair. Though the quality is better, it’s similar to a Yaki Texture.

The ONYC Hair Light Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions, on the other hand,  are slightly softer than the “Relaxed” version. They offer a finer, silkier texture while still providing a textured straight look. These extensions are ideal for individuals with naturally softer and looser curl patterns.  Or those who prefer a softer, more flowing style.

When deciding on the best relaxed straight hair extensions, consider your natural hair texture and the look you wish to achieve. For a more natural blend with chemically relaxed hair, the “Relaxed” straight hair extensions are a perfect match. However, if you’re aiming for a smoother, silkier appearance, the “Light Relaxed” option is the way to go.

Remember, the key to beautiful extensions is not just in the product but also in how well they complement your natural hair and style preferences. ONYC Hair ensures quality and versatility with both options, allowing you to choose the best match for your unique hair needs.

When considering the best hair to blend with relaxed hair, it’s essential to look at texture and manageability. ONYC offers two popular choices: ONYC Relaxed and ONYC Light Relaxed Hair.

While both provide a seamless blend, the ONYC Relaxed has a coarser texture, closely resembling African-American hair that has been relaxed. On the other hand, ONYC Light Relaxed Hair boasts a slightly silkier finish, making it ideal for those with a finer texture.

In conclusion, while both options from ONYC can be considered among the best hair to blend with relaxed hair, your personal hair texture will determine which is optimal for you.

No, we also offer color-treated options under our Colored Bundles Human Hair.  The Natural Black is more like a light version of #1B/Darkest of #2.

Order Colored Relaxed- Perm

Order Colored Light Relaxed- Perm

Relaxed Hair Weave Frequently Asked Questions – Coloring

Yes, you can color the Natural Black!

For the color-treated extensions options that already come treated with color, we strongly recommend deposit colors ONLY (this means going darker than the original color but not lighter.

Generally, it is advised to make any major color changes before installment. This is because the hair might have a slightly different texture or porosity compared to the weft hair. Also, it is quite difficult to completely watch off the residue from the color process on the installed weave. You DO NOT want the chemical residue on your scalp which can cause serious scalp injury which includes hair loss.

Keep in mind that coloring (lifting color) the hair involves applying chemicals which will alter the hair cuticle and will affect the integrity of the hair.
This is real hair so applying strong chemicals will damage it, just like it damages your real hair.

NOTE: we will advise doing so with the help of a professional stylist! Please do not go more than 3-4 shades lighter to maintain the integrity of the hair.

Lastly, make sure your stylist performs a strand test.  (He/ She should know this already ?)

We do not offer services to color the hair, please contact a professional stylist. You are welcome to color it with the help of a professional stylist. Please note we will advise coloring the hair not lighter than 2 shades for Natural Black.  For already color treated ones, we will recommend ONLY “deposit color” going darker than the original color.  We will strongly suggest doing a strand test also.

Unfortunately, we do not offer that option, but you can “back-order” some colors.  Back-Order will allow customers to order an existing color or length option that is not readily available.

If an item is available for “Back-Order” you will see “available on backorder” on add to cart instead of “in stock”

Relaxed Hair Weave Frequently Asked Questions – Maintenance

This type of hair only needs to be clarified and conditioned properly once a week and just apply some serum like our Demorin to induce luster.

The more textured the hair, the more maintenance is required.  The Light Relaxed Perm will require less maintenance than the Relaxed-Perm texture, it is more low maintenance.

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