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Relaxed Straight Hair Extension Weave from ONYC Hair Perfectly mimics gently Relaxed African American natural hair texture. The Relaxed Straight Sew In is also available in Relaxed Hair Tape In Extensions. It is also available in Bleach Relaxed Clip In Hair Extensions. 100% Human Hair Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles with Closures for the perfect Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions Look.

ONYC Cuticle Virgin Hair Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions are the Purest Hair made with Full Human Hair. It has all the Cuticles intact; therefore, it can be reused over and over again. The hair is sourced from one donor and is also known as ponytail hair. This collection is PURE LUXURY and of course, the best hair your money can buy.

Hair Weave Textures: Medium-Low Luster with Medium-Coarse Texture.

The ONYC Relaxed Texture Hair Extensions is the Best Weave Hair for Sew In on Natural Hair Textures! They’re available in 2 types: Relaxed-Perm and Light Relaxed-Perm texture. These wonderful textures offer a sleek but textured look for the most natural look! 


This is the coarser texture of the two. This is the Best Weave Texture for African American Hair as it mimics typical relaxed black hair. Imagine a Relaxed 4A to 4B Natural Hair Texture. This looks fuller and thicker. For better understanding, this texture is similar to the “Yaki Texture” in looks but it has much more body and luster to it. Read the Relaxed straight hair extensions reviews to know why this is one of our customer’s favorites! 

Light Relaxed-Perm:

The Light-Relaxed Relaxed Hair Weave is the silkier texture of the two. These ONYC Relaxed Straight Hair Bundles are more lightweight and have more body to them hence will hold more curls. Imagine a Relaxed 3B to 3C Natural Hair. For better understanding, this texture is similar to the “Light Yaki Texture” in looks but it has much more body and quality to it.

Tips for Achieving the Best of Both Worlds:

It is hard to achieve both the bounce you want and the texture. To get both, order both textures and alternate the tracks. The featured look was achieved by blending both the Relaxed-Perm and Light Relaxed-Perm Textures! This trick will also work well on Relaxed Hair Tape-In Extensions.

Custom Blended Relaxed-Perm and Light Relaxed-Perm Textures!

Need the Silkier Light Relaxed-Perm?

Best Clip In Hair Extensions For Black Hair Texture, Textured Straight African American Straight Hairstyles Gallery

• The Product of 100% Cuticle Mongolian Virgin Hair. 
• Best Relaxed Hair Extensions, PERIOD! 
Very Natural Looking Straight Sew In Hair Texture.Weave Extensions, PERIOD!  
Available in Relaxed Hair Tape-In Extensions.
• Available in Relaxed Straight Bundles Deals.
• Silky Relaxed Hair.
Reusable- Frequent wash does not impact Long-Lasting.
Matching Frontal Closure available in this Best Hair extension for Relaxed Hair.
• Healthy, Lively Perm Straight Human Hair Extensions with high Flexibility and Luster
Best Weave Texture for African American Hair. This is truly the Best Weave to match Relaxed Hair.
• Best Straight Weave for Natural Hair, textured to match with African American Relaxed Natural Hair Weave Textures.
• Easy to Chemically treat, Easy to be colored. Colored Silky Relaxed Hair Clip-Ins are also available.
• Best Straight Sew In Hair Weave Textures, great for Blending Relaxed Hair Weave with Leave Out. 100% Virgin Remy Cuticle Hair.