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Shop Virgin Wavy Body Hair Extensions

ONYC has a variety of stunning waves that you can choose from. We have a wide selection of virgin wavy hair which is all made of 100% Natural Hair. Due to that, hair flow will look exactly like its original as you wear it. Moreover, you can find several Virgin Wavy Hair Extensions and Body Wavy Weft, Closures, and Wigs in our store, so don’t forget to scan and browse for more.

In terms of quality, we make sure to carefully craft our products to satisfy our dear customers. We at ONYC Hair value our products with high authenticity and with great textures and styles. If you are looking for a Sassy Wave from top to bottom, we can recommend Virgin Wavy Hair Extensions or Virgin Body Wavy Hair. It usually goes with any season and is not that hard to maintain.

If you are also looking for a luxurious twist and Wavy Style, then you’ll want to try our Loose Wavy Hair Extension. Either of them have almost the same feels and characteristics, so you can just choose from the two. On the other hand, you can also get your hands on our Wavy Hair Closures which blend with the virgin wavy hair extensions weft hair, making them look like they’re a natural part of your hair.

Our virgin wavy body hair extensions have a soft and smooth feels to them. It is to make sure that our valued customer feels comfortable wearing it. ONYC only offers the best there is. From silkiness to shiny free-flowing wigs, we cover it all. We also provide very fashionable hairstyles weaved carefully just for you.