Keep your crowning glory full and healthy and avoid hair shedding through these five hair styling tips that can protect your hair. Avoid hair loss by following this hair styling guide provided to you by ONYC Hair.

Braid Your Hair.

You can wear a braid in any style you want. Goddess braids look lovely and very feminine. French braids in a bun up-do looks really stylish. Keep your entire hair protected, especially the ends and edges by braiding your hair. You can choose whatever braid you want. The important thing is through braid you are able to keep the natural moisture of your hair. One of the hair styling tips that we keep on mentioning is hydrating hair. Moisture is necessary to protect your hair from dryness, which can result to breakage and shedding so make sure to moisturize your hair, even if you have braids.

Twist It.

If you think braiding isn’t for you, just part your hair in sections and twist it. Coat your hair with a moisturizing product prior to twisting. You can go for a two-strand twist or a flat twist where your two-strand twist stays close to your scalp. Try puffy twists sometimes for that youthful look.

High Bun.

Shedding of natural curly hair may also be the result of too much manipulation. So protect your curly hair by moisturizing it then gathering it loosely and securing it with hairpins as you form a bun. Remember not to pull the edges too tightly as it can cause further breakage.

Low Bun.

This stylish hair style can protect your hair and at the same time give you a glamorous look. This hairstyle is also easy and quick to do.

And the ultimate protective hair styling tip would be to build a low manipulation hair routine. Yes, height and volume look good and most protective styles just give you flat hair. So what do you do? We say, build a hair care routine that involves very little manipulation. Go with a wash and wear hairstyle but remember to detangle hair while it is still damp before working on the style you choose. Frequently deep condition your hair so styling would be easier. Get rid of the split ends as soon as you see them. Apply conditioning and moisturizing treatment liberally to fully protect your hair. Use a protein treatment from time to time so your hair can be more resilient to withstand manipulation. Again, moisturize during and after hair washing so that even with some manipulation (as when you don’t keep your hair tied, braided, twisted and flat), your hair remains healthy and damage-free.

This hair styling guide features just a few countless ways that you can protect natural hair. Curly hair is funky, stylish and versatile but it is also very fragile. A protective hair care routine can help you manage curly hair.

Part of the ONYC Hair Guide is to provide you information about caring for your hair. What’s the use of giving you hair extension tips when your very own hair isn’t ready to take any more weight or pressure. So let these hair styling tips help you care for your hair so that they will remain healthy and ready for any form of hair manipulation.

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