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Do you want to learn How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and make it grow? Do you need to know How to have Healthy Relaxed Hair? All hair should be pampered to maintain their shine and luster. But, Relaxed Hair requires a special treatment due to their processed nature. It undergoes controlled damage to achieve a straighter look. Thus, you need proper maintenance and a relaxed hair regimen: a selection of relaxed hair care products, and dedication to keep your locks luscious through all the chemical processes. With good relaxed hair care, you can maintain the health and integrity of your mane.

Relaxed Hair Care | How to Have Healthy Relaxed Hair

With a proper routine, you can honestly know how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow!  Learn how to take care of your hair, including hair care products, to keep it healthy and hydrated. Different types of hair textures require different kinds of treatment to keep them healthy throughout the year.

Relaxed hair, by its definition, undertakes chemical treatment, making them compromised and more prone to damage. 

How To Take Care Of Relaxed Hair And Make It Grow

Relaxed Hair Regimen

  • Wash your Relaxed Hair once a week and Double up on the Moisturizer!

Washing your hair once a week makes sure it is clean without stripping your natural oils. It is enough to prevent excessive dryness that could lead to breakage. However, if your hair is greasy and your scalp is itchy, you can wash your hair more than once. Use shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for relaxed hair and add treatments like a hair mask, hot oil, and protein treatment to add extra moisture. Putting moisture back to your relaxed hair keeps it light and bouncy.

  • Go easy on Heat Styling

    Different types of hair textures, including relaxed hair, tend to be naturally dry. When you continuously apply heat on them, they dry out even more. When you do use heat styling, make sure you have a protectant. You can also make the style last longer by wrapping your hair with a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase!

  • Avoid Overprocessing

    Relaxers can be your best friend when it comes to hairstyling if you use them correctly. You can get a touch-up every two months, depending on the speed of your hair growth. Sweating can also revert your hair much faster, so a touch-up may be needed sooner. But as much as possible, for optimum relaxed hair care, you need to resist the urge to touch-up your hair too often to prevent irreversible damage. Also, avoid using chemical hair dyes. Your relaxed hair is already processed. You don’t want to damage it further using synthetic hair dyes and bleach. Instead, rock your natural hair color.

  • Get Protein Treatment before your next Relaxer Treatment

    In addition to using conditioner and moisturizing relaxed hair care products, invest in a repairing protein treatment about once a month. Protein treatments infuse your hair with rich nutrients to strengthen your hair and reduce the amount of follicle damage. Get it done by a professional to prevent damaging your hair even more.

  • Wait a while before Installing Sew-ins

    If you don’t have straight hair types, you may be tempted to use braids or hair weaves after a fresh relaxer. But, you should resist it no matter how great your hair looked the last time you had sew-ins. A protective style covers your hair up, so you can’t wash it properly and add moisture. Instead, get treatment and a good trim before you get a sew-in to protect your hair as it grows out.

Relaxed Hair Care to Help it Grow

Now that you already know how to have healthy Relaxed Hair, you need to learn the proper Relaxed Haircare regimen for growth. You don’t have to envy people with straight hair types if you have soft, shiny, and healthy straightened hair. To make sure this happens, you should follow these relaxed hair care tips for growth:

Get Your Ends Trimmed Regularly
No matter your hair type, trimming and taking care of your ends is essential to hair growth. Most people think that cutting their hair will not make it longer. However, that is not entirely true. As your hair grows, it starts to split and break. While getting rid of split ends does not make your hair grow faster, trimming it as necessary keeps your hair healthier as it becomes longer.

Drink Water and Attend to Your Diet
Some people are blessed with good genes, and their hair flourishes no matter what they eat. But for the rest, you need to eat a proper diet and take vitamins to maintain the health of your hair. Take B12 vitamins and Omega 3 supplements for healthy skin, nails, and hair. You should also drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated.

Wear Protective Styles 
If you have long, healthy, straightened locks, you want to show them off, right? But if the ends seem drier, you can wear protective styles like Braids, Weaves or Hair wig to retain more moisture. An excellent Relaxed Haircare regimen should always include keeping the ends well-moisturized as they fit into an overall healthy mane.

Relaxed Hair Care Regimen for Growth: Protective style like sew-in is a good relaxed hair regimen for hair growth.

Applying straightening substances to your hair can lead to breakage, damage, and even hair loss. But with proper diet and good hair care maintenance, you can achieve healthy Relaxed Hair and growth. Just keep your hair hydrated and conditioned as much as possible. Also, keep your ends trimmed to prevent split ends. Additionally, use protein treatments and essential oils to maintain your mane.

Now that you know how to have healthy Relaxed Hair, you may start reading on how to get thicker hair. You can try safe and efficient shampoos, supplements, and treatments to boost your hair’s thickness. You can also use natural remedies to give your relaxed hair than extra oomph. Read ONYC® tips on How To Get Thicker Hair naturally.

Relaxed Hair Care Products Recommendations

There are many products you can choose from to help you know how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow. The most important thing is to choose products meant for natural and textured hair, even relaxed hair weave. These are our Product Recommendations to Maintain textured hair. Some are just a recommendation and not an endorsement of the brand.

Another important reminder on how to take care of the textured hair is to avoid using excessive hair products. They can leave your strands greasy and stringy, and may even cause buildup.

Shampoo: Best Products for Relaxed Hair:

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two or Three: This is amazing clarifying shampoo. If you’re on a budget, try the generic brand at your local Sally’s Beauty supply store.


Deep Conditioner for Relaxed Hair:


OGX Ever-Straightening + Brazillian Keratin Therapy Conditioner

OGX Ever-Straightening + Brazillian Keratin Therapy Conditioner: Though this is meant for Straight hair, it does WONDERS on all textured hair, especially for detangling and co-wash.

Cream of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner: This is also good. It moisturizes and hydrates without weighing hair down. This is also sold at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply store.


Hair Oil/ Serum:

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil Of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil Of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil: Though there are many options you can get, this is affordable and still does the job. Apply a generous amount towards the root, especially at the back.

The One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment is also good.


Detangling Hair Brush:

Detangler Hair Brush ONYC Ultimate detangling Brush, how to keep curly weave from tangling

ONYC Ultimate Detangler: Though there are many options and other brands, our customers love this brush, it is truly the Ultimate detangler!


Relaxed Hair Weave and Hair Extension Care Tips

When it comes to the Relaxed Hair Weave, the care depends on the quality of the Hair Extensions!  The above recommendations listed for natural hair will work for 100% Cuticle Textured Straight Hair like the Relaxed Hair Weave or the Silky Relaxed Hair Weave. It will also work for the100% Remy Relaxed Hair Weave.

On the other hand, poor quality hair similar to the Yaki Hair will matt extensively with constant washing. How to take care of yaki hair is different from taking care of quality hair.

Follow Below Extra Relaxed Hair Regimen to care for your Relaxed Hair Weave and Extensions:

Before washing, make sure to completely detangle hair from the tip gradually going to the root. 

• Use a sulfate-free organic shampoo at least once every two weeks to get rid of the build-up. Using a shampoo with sulfates in it will make the hair dry out. Also,  always maintain the hair going in one direction throughout the shampooing and conditioning process to avoid tangling.

• Followed with a moisturizing conditioner can work wonders on your hair. Always make sure to use a moisture-rich conditioner and don’t raise off all the conditioner. Leave some behind to keep the hair hydrated.

Co-wash the hair once a week using the above-recommended products. More Textured Relaxed Hair Like the ONYC Relax Perm requires TLC. The Relaxed Hair Texture should be treated as Relaxed Natural hair. It tends to dry out more than the Light Relaxed Texture. For a softer Relaxed Hair Texture, try the Light Relaxed Hair Extensions.

• Preferably, air-dry hair as opposed to drying with a hairdryer. Always allow hair to properly air dry.

•Before sleeping, wrap hair in silk or satin scarf or sleep on a pillow that is either silk/satin.

•Use heat sparingly to maintain hair integrity and prevent cuticle damage.

• If you apply permanent hair color, wash hair with Apple Cider Vinegar after rinsing off the color. Then follow with shampoo and very mild conditioner. This is a great clarifying recipe!

• Please tell your stylist NOT to double the tracks to avoid tangling. Leave a little more space in between tracks at back towards the nape area. To avoid friction between the hair tracks which may cause tangling and matting.

• Note: AVOID using holding sprays, gels, and likes. These will make the hair hard, lifeless and tendency to tangle. If this happens, wash with clarifying shampoo and mild conditioner and your hair will be as good as the first time. This is a great advantage of cuticle hair!

Where to Buy Relaxed Hair Weave Extensions

ONYC Relaxed Hair Care How To Have Healthy Relaxed Hair

You can get affordable, high-quality weave extension at ONYC®. We are an established hair extension company with a team of knowledgeable experts and multiple quality options. Our products are made of 100% Pure Cuticle and Remy Virgin hair, so you can be sure they last longer if well taken care of.

We offer collections from daily, occasional to professional wear hair extensions for all seasons. ONYC® is undoubtedly an excellent destination for all your natural textured straight hair needs. Explore our Instagram for photo inspirations.

We hope these tips helped you Learn How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and make it grow Healthy!

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