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All posts tagged: curly hair

Different Types Of Curly Weave Curl Pattern

– – Kinky Curly – 3B-3C Curl Compared to 3B strands, kinky curly hair weave 3B-3C strands are definitively tighter. They are thickly packed together, giving way to a more natural volume. They have the size of a straw or pencil and tend to have a finer texture, which makes them more prone to dryness,

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Caring For Textured Hair Texturized Hair Guide

Textured hair is hair strands that are not completely Straight naturally! Yes, Wavy Hair Textures and Relaxed Hair fall into this category also. Caring for Textured hair with curves, spirals, zigzags or waves; Kinky Curly or, Coily needs you to understand the hair. Knowing your hair texture means you can treat it correctly for its

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Cutting Tips For Curly Hair Tips For Cutting Curly Hair At Home

If you are the savvy DIY, rock on but perhaps you want to spare yourself the burden of enduring a really bad haircut!  No more bad hair days for you girl, if you make sure your stylist follows these five cutting tips for curly hair. When getting a curly haircut, it’s essential that the cutter

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Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Top 4 Tips to Maintain Natural Black Hair

 Learn the Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair Texture.  Every woman with naturally curly hair considers detangling as the number one challenge. The constant battle with tangles, dryness and hair shedding seems to never stop. With the stress and hassle associated with hair detangling, we realized that it would be helpful to list down

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