Why ONYC® Hair Tape In Hair Extension?
ONYC Tape In Hair Extensions is a good method for a quick hair extension system for long term bonding. ONYC Tape In sets offers individual air extensions that are attached with durable tape glue. They are easy to attach and can cause less damage to your own hair if proper guidelines are followed!

It allows you to rock those high ponytails!

Tape In Hair Extensions is very useful for clients with thin hair. It lies flat against the scalp, so you can wear your hair up or down.

Good quality tape extensions made of 100% Cuticle Remy Hair so are reusable and this makes it worth.

The application process is relatively quick and doesn’t involve harmful tools or chemicals.

They are damage free and comfortable Hair Extension option! Extensions. Just clean them, add new tape, and then re-apply them.

Is the ONYC Tape In Hair quality the same as your Weft Hair?
The ONYC Hair Tape In is the same exact hair quality as our popular Cuticle weft extensions. If you have tried our weft or Clipin you will be getting the same texture and quality, only in Tapein finished look!
How much Tape in Hair do I Need?
ONYC Tape in Hair Extensions FAQ – Quantity

The hair you will need depends on your natural hair length and fullness and what style you want to achieve. Customers buy from one set to 4 sets or even more! In general, if you are buying it to get only fullness and not increase hair length, you will need 1 to 2 sets. If you intend to increase your hair length, you will need at least 3 sets.
Please reference our Tape-In measurement and then decide if it is enough for the style you are
aiming to achieve.

Please Note:

The weight of our Tape-In format is the same as our weft hair. Each length is 50g and does not vary length to length so the longer you go, the more hair you will need to cover your head. The Tape-In is like half of a hair weft bundle.
For convenience, we have provided our Tape-In Hair Extension Measurements below.
You can certainly use different width size; the smaller ones are great for edges and on curved areas.

Small – 1.6 Inches Width (50g)

12 Inches = 42pc Tapes, 1.2g per piece

14 Inches = 36 Tapes, 1.4g per piece

16 Inches = 32 Tapes, 1.6g per piece

18 Inches = 28 Tapes, 1.8g per piece

20 Inches = 25 Tapes, 2g per piece

Large – 3.2 Inches Width (50g)

12 Inches =:21 Tapes, 2.4g per piece

14 Inches = 18 Tapes, 2.8g per piece

16 Inches = 16 Tapes, 3.2g per piece

18 Inches = 14 Tapes, 3.6g per piece

20 Inches = 13 Tapes, 4g per piece

Is natural Black the only color you have for the Tape In? Do you offer your Tape in in Colored Hair?
For now, we do not offer colored Tape In, the Tape In is only available in Natural Black Color!

Please Note:
1) If you plan to color the hair, the general rule is not to go more than two shades lighter than the original color. It is also wise to do a strand test to see the result you might take. Please note that strand color tested product is void for exchange.

For additional coloring guide and questions, you must consult a professional hair color expert that is experienced in coloring treated hair.

Can I order the ONYC Tape in textures other than straight?
Tape In Hair Extensions FAQ – Texture Options

We only offer our Tape In in the straight textures.  Due to the complexity of our Curly and Wavy hair production.

Can I order the Tape in in lengths longer than 20 Inches?
Tape In Hair Extensions FAQ – Length Options

The longest we offer Tape in is 20”

How long does my natural hair length need to be?
To achieve a natural and flawless look, your hair needs to be at least 4 to 6 inches long. This will ensure it is long enough to cover the Tape.
However, an experienced hair stylist could do it with 3 inches hair, but it needs to be closer to your parting area. The hair needs to cover the tape area.
How do I apply Tape In hair extensions?
Tape in Hair Extensions FAQ – Application

Please consult a professional Hair Extension expert for application.

Can I do my Tape In Hair Extensions myself?
Tape in Hair Extensions FAQ – Application

We strongly advise getting a professional apply the Tape In Extensions.  A Clip-In set allows you to easily do your own attachment, but it will be helpful to have someone else do the Tape in hair especially at the back of the neck!

How often should I wash my Tape In Hair Extensions?
Tape In Hair Extensions FAQ – Washing

Please note to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after tape in hair extensions application.  This way, the adhesive will have been given adequate time to adhere to your natural hair. This will make them last longer and hold tighter.

Ideally. We will suggest washing it once a week. When you need to shower, use a shower cap.

Can I sleep with Tape In Hair Extensions?
Of course! Tape In Hair Extensions is semi-permanent hair extension method and not temporary like Clip In. because of this, it has the great advantage of being secured to your head 100% of the time. Sleeping with tape hair extensions. unlike clip-in hair extensions is totally fine. So gives you the advantage of waking up and going!

Please Note:

  • Please make sure to sleep with your hair in a ponytail or wrapping your hair without having them loose. to avoid frictions. To ensure a good night’s rest while minimizing any chance of damage to your hair and tape hair extensions.


  • Do NOT go to sleep with wet hair. Wet hair is much more susceptible to damage. if you are wearing tape in hair extensions and you like showering before sleeping, make sure cover your hair with a shower cap. Your hair needs to be completely dry before heading off to bed.

How many times can I reuse Tape In Hair Extensions?
Once applied Tape In Extensions can be reused for up to three or four times. Removal is also easy; a hair extension expert can do it in a short amount of time.