How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece How To Care For Your Closure Hair Piece
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 Learning how to care for your hair closure piece is very important as a hair closure is your best friend when it comes to having that instant, lustrous and beautiful hair. It gives you that “oomph” factor for any occasion and puts your best self forward in first impressions. Women may be a bit worried that a hair closure piece will make them look as if they are wearing a wig or it would seem so unnatural. However, there are standard procedures that ensure a good hair closure would look as natural and beautiful as possible. Seek the advice of a hairstylist to get the best hair closure option and care for your look.

How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece


Treat Your Hair Closure Like A Baby

Hair closures need tender loving care just like your natural God-given hair. Hair closure pieces are somewhat delicate, whether they’re silk or lace hair closure types. Your investment would be put to waste if your closure gets damaged due to balding. Balding occurs when a spot on your closure loses its hair strands. So treat your hair closure with extra care using the following tips on How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece and never worry another bad hair day again.

Be Gentle Brushing Or Combing Your Closure

Treat Your Hair Closure Like a Baby| How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece

Don’t do anything rash with your closure such as tugging, scratching or rough handling. These are the primary causes of balding which will do more harm than good.


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Brushing or Combing

Softly brush or comb your closure using a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb. Brush the hair from the ends as you work your way up to the root. Hold the hair at the root while combing to avoid tension.

Applying Hair Products

Applying with Hair Products

Do not apply heavy hair products directly to the closure as this could damage the piece. This is a very important tip on How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece Frontal.  Avoid using too many gels, lotions, oils or mousse since this can cause tangles and damage. To add moisture and keep it soft, apply a little amount of light moisturizing hair serum instead so that you can easily form your curls or waves. Extra care should be taken if you use rollers, flat iron, curling or crimping devices.

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Store Your Closure Piece Properly

One of the main reasons why a hair closure piece would get damaged is when it is exposed to the elements or rubbed with other objects. Store your closure in a dust-free box without any other stuff in it or hang it properly inside a cabinet. Store it in a way that rubbing with other objects could be avoided.

Properly Clean Your Closure Hair Piece 

Cleaning Your Closure Piece

Most closures are hand-knotted to offer a more natural look so require a little “Tender Little Care” Do not put much tension on the closure and do not stretch too hard to avoid damage. Wash your hair closure once every 10 – 14 days very gently. For a deep scalp cleanse, we recommend removing the closure before wash and reinstall afterward. To wash your uninstalled closure, hold your hair closure at the base as you saturate it with lukewarm water. Then apply a sulfate-free shampoo from root to ends. Rinse thoroughly with water and condition it the same way. Let your hair closure air dry before use.

Treat your hair closure with twice the love as you give to your naturally-given hair. Your hair closure is your crowning glory, and it will do wonders for your look. Proper care and maintenance will make it last for three to four months, which up until then will give you another opportunity to choose a new look.

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ONYC guide on How To Care For Your Hair Closure Piece requires some TLC. If you have any suggestions on Closure Piece care that can prolong longevity. Then add in the comment section below.

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