Hair Coloring Tips And Tricks How To Dye Your Hair  how to dye your hair with professional products
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Hair coloring is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reinvent your look. However, the world of hair care considers hair coloring as a complicated science. So when you decide to make a big change in your hair shade, make sure you fully understand what coloring does to your locks. ONYC Hair presents to you these top five hair coloring tips and tricks to help you ensure you won’t regret your new hair color.

How to Apply Hair Color Yourself | Hair Coloring Tips and Tricks

1 | Find the Right Shade.

1. Find The Right Shade.

Just because everyone turns blonde, red or chocolate brown – doesn’t mean you have to get the same shade as well. And just because ash blonde looks good on your best friend doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll also look hot on you. One of the hair coloring tips you’d frequently hear or read is finding the right shade for you. Consider your eye color, your skin color, and your ethnicity when choosing a hair color. Those with cool skin tone or those with fair and rosy skin with blue, grey or green eyes look best on ash blondes and mahogany browns. Cool skin tone will look paler on warm or golden hair colors.

2 | If you are still confused about which shade to get, better get a lighter shade.

If You Are Still Confused About Which Shade To Get, Better Get A Lighter Shade. how to apply hair color yourself

It’s easier to fix light hair color that you don’t like than to correct a dark hair color that you regretted getting. If you are doing hair coloring at home, remember that the shade that appears on the boxes will turn out darker than what you expected so unless you’ve tried a box and you liked the result, choose a shade lighter than your expected final result.

3 | For first-timers, better go for a semi or demi-permanent hair color first.

For First Timers, Better Go For A Semi Or Demi Permanent Hair Color First.

Such type of hair color will wash out after several washes, usually after 30 shampoos or less. In this case, if you don’t enjoy the color, you can get rid of it faster without subjecting your hair to chemical treatment again. Demi-permanent hair colors are also usually available in shades closer to your natural hair color so the change won’t be too drastic if you opt to have these.

4 | Check your crowning glory for grey hair.

Check Your Crowning Glory For Grey Hairs.. how to dye your hair with professional products

This is one of the hair coloring tips that most people forget. Because such grey hairs are already light in color, your chosen shade will appear lighter on them. So if you have more grey hair, be extra careful in choosing a color otherwise you might have a full head that is at least two shades lighter than what you wanted.

5 | When you’ve finally settled into a shade and had your full head colored, make sure you use hair products for color-treated hair.

Hair Coloring Tips And Tricks

Hair coloring can be really expensive if done in high-end salons or if done using several shades and advanced techniques so make sure you preserve the warmth and intensity of the shade by using the right hair products. Also, hair dye is a chemical and may cause hair dryness and brittleness so don’t forget to moisturize hair and get regular treatments.


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