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Short hairstyles have been a trend among women for quite some time now.  We see our favorite Hollywood celebrities chop off their locks every now and then, making us more inspired, and brave, to ditch our beloved long hair for a shorter do.

Whether you’ve been sporting short hairstyles since when Karlie Kloss chopped off her signature Victoria’s Secret long hair, or if you are new to the short ‘do haircuts; you could use a little advice from our list of the best hairstyle for short hair as well as short hair tips that would really come in handy before you consider the cut.

As you read in this article, we will be sharing with you our top 10 favorite short haircuts and hairstyles to help you manage your cropped hair.

Check out our list of Top 10 Killer Hairstyles for Short Hair

-Slicked-Back Short Hair Styles

Slicked Back Short Hair Styles

Bob haircuts and pixie cuts are overrated that sometimes we find them boring.  Cropped-short hairstyles would look more daring and sexy when worn slicked-back.  This hairstyle is perfect for a smooth and crisp look.  It’s like you’re up for a runway show or something. 

-Short Wavy Hair with Bangs

Hairstyle ONYC Hair Style Guide Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Wavy With Bangs

Wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles that work perfectly on short haircuts.  Whether your hair is cut medium length or close-cropped, the waves will give texture and body to your hair, topping it off with an edgy finish.  Not to mention the bangs, which is among the most advised short hair tips for those who want frame effects to the face.

-Braided Short Hair Do

Short Hair Braid

We all know how beautiful and feminine braids are, that’s why it’s always on top of the most favorite hairstyles among women.  Believe it or not, braids are also a great hairstyle for short hair as long as there is enough length of strands that you can work with.  Just grab sections of your hair, twist into a braid, gather it at the back and pin it up for a chic braided do.  Who says braids are for women with long hair only!

-French Twist

French Twist Braid

Just like braids, the French twist is a classic hair ‘do that is very popular among women across the globe.  But just because you chopped your hair shorter, doesn’t mean you can no longer wear this hairstyle.  If you can sport a braided do with your short hair, then you can also work with a beautiful French twist without exerting too much effort.


ONYC Hair Style Guide Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Waterfall Braid Hair

The waterfall braid is a new twist to the classic braid.  In doing this hairstyle, you should consider bobby pins as your best friend.  Just a little twist here and there, and voila! You’re ready for the part!

-Twisted Half-Up Do

ONYC Hair Style Guide Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Half Up Do Hair Style

Another beautiful hairstyle for short hair – the twisted half-up ‘do prove that short hair is never boring.  With this hairstyle, you could still glam up a holiday hairstyle.

-Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

Low maintenance girls love this hairstyle as it is really easy and quick to do.  All you need is an elastic band and a minute to finger-comb your short hair to achieve this sexy hair ‘do.  Now you can face the long day ahead without worrying about being stylish because you already are.

-Shaved Pixie with Side Bangs

Hairstyle ONYC Hair Style Guide Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Shaved Side Pixie With Side Bangs

The famous pixie hair brought confidence and a fierce personality to women who tried sporting this hairstyle.  The Pixie cut could be more daring and bold with closely shaved sides and side bangs.  This is another twist to the same old pixie that would definitely challenge brave women who prefer shorter ‘dos.

-Voluminous Curls

ONYC Hair Style Guide Killer Hairstyles For Short Hair Voluminous Curly Hair Style

If you have big, natural curls, then there really isn’t much work to style your hair.  Short voluminous curls are runway classics that you can actually do for your hair.  Just apply for some leave on hair polish to add shine to the curls and you’re good to go.  Messy curls are also a good option if you don’t feel like the styling at all!

-Deep Side Part

Relaxed Perm Styled By @ayannagivegoodhair


This hairstyle is really easy and is a lifesaver during bad hair days, especially when you are caught in a time crunch and left with no idea how to tame your hair.  Just comb your hair into a deep side part and no one else would think about what your hair is going through.

If you know more Killer Hairstyles for Short Hair, then add in the comment section below

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