Straight Tape Hair Extensions ONYC Light Relaxed
Straight Tape Hair Extensions ONYC Light Relaxed2
ONYC Tape In Hair Extensions

Light-Relaxed Straight Tape Hair Extensions

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Light-Relaxed Straight Tape Hair Extensions is the perfect match to healthy Relaxed Natural Look.

Ensure to read “Details” and “Care” Tab below.

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 Straight Tape Hair Extensions for the Sleek Relaxed Look!

100% FULL CUTICLE VIRGIN Mongolian Hair perfectly textured to mimic natural well-relaxed hair.

The hair can be reused over and over again due to the high-quality hair.

Length Measurement: In the straight state.


Relaxed Hair Tape Extensions by ONYC Hair Extensions yields the most natural and flexible hair weave.  With proper installation, they can be amazing and virtually undetectable!  

ONYC Hair also offers the Replacement Tape so you can reuse your Virgin hair.  Tape In Extensions usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.  

Benefits of Light-Relaxed Straight Tape Hair Extensions:

  • Low Lustre for the perfect blending.
  • Low Maintenance and least damaging.
  • Reusable hence more affordable Hair Extension.
  • Very Safe alternative for African American hair:  Tape In Hair Extension is a much better alternative than the glue in extensions.
  • Suitable for all hair types, from thick to fine hair.  A great alternative for fine thin hair.
  • Very Natural and Invisible – Lays really flat to give you that undetectable hair extension that will blend well with your own hair. 
  • Very Versatile – Easy to style into so many different styles just like the natural hair.  It can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, wear in the ponytail and styled with hot styling tools.  
  • Flexible – Guaranteed to move and feel just like one’s own natural hair.  
  • ONYC Hair offers the replacement tape so you can reuse your Virgin Hair Tape Weave Extensions for long period.  Hair can last up to a year or more depending on how well you care for them and how often you use them.   

Light Relaxed Hair Tape Hair Weave Options:

ONYC Hair offers two sizes of the Light Relaxed Hair Tape Extensions Hair so you can better customize your application for the most natural and flawless look.

Small – 1.6 Inches Width (50g)

12 Inches = 42pc Tapes, 1.2g per piece

14 Inches = 36 Tapes, 1.4g per piece

16 Inches = 32 Tapes, 1.6g per piece  

18 Inches = 28 Tapes, 1.8g per piece  

20 Inches = 25 Tapes, 2g per piece


Large – 3.2 Inches Width (50g)

12 Inches =:21 Tapes, 2.4g per piece

14 Inches = 18 Tapes, 2.8g per piece

16 Inches = 16 Tapes, 3.2g per piece

18 Inches = 14 Tapes, 3.6g per piece

20 Inches = 13 Tapes, 4g per piece

Weight: 50g

Color: Natural Black


Need more info on the Light-Relaxed Straight Tape Hair Extensions? 


Read the Relaxed Textures FAQs Here.

Read the Tape In FAQs Here.

Need more info on this product? Click “Questions & Answers” above.

We recommend getting your Fro Out Kinky Straight Tape Hair Extensions installed by a professional!

In general, when shampooing their hair, it is important that they tilt your head back and gently massage from the top of the head downwards. With tape in hair extensions, it is important NOT to pull too much or scrub too hard. Doing so can create a matting or clumpy appearance and take away from the natural look. It can also damage the tape in glue.
When applying conditioner, recommend avoiding the root area of their extensions and to apply only to the middle and ends of the hair. We will suggest a leave-in conditioner spray to maintain softness and lessen tangles.

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NOTE Back-order: Items will be available within 6 to 10 weeks of your order.  Please order a stock item if you do not wish to wait!

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Weight2 oz
Size - Tape In


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Short Description

Light-Perm Relaxed Extensions is the PERFECT match for a healthy looking African American Sleek Straight Tape Hair Extensions look!

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  1. (verified owner)

    This product is by far the most natural-looking out of all the hair extensions I have bought in my life. I have, like, a dozen different hair from different stores as I can recall. I’ve been using ONYC Light Relaxed Hair Tape-In for around two weeks now, and I have totally ignored a whole lot of my old collection. Unbelievable! I don’t know where this product has been my whole life. I wish I knew about the brand a lot sooner! Great product. I’m loving the quality, and it’s totally worth the price. I’m planning on trying your other products too. Hopefully, the quality is consistent. I have a friend who is into extensions too. I’ll have her try out ONYC. Thanks, guys!

  2. (verified owner)

    I’m just so happy that I found your product. Because of this, I was able to give my aunt the best gift for her birthday. She really liked the quality of the hair extension. I remember that she said that it was perfect and I believe her. It was really perfect although I don’t use hair extensions. The feel and look are natural and high-quality. Plus, it’s really affordable. It’s definitely a good deal for me. I can confidently recommend this to everyone. Now, I definitely know where to go for the best gift for my mom. She would absolutely love to receive one too, her hair is super thin and she does not want a wig. I think she already knows I’m getting her one, so yeah. Hopefully, she will really love it.

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