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Light Relaxed-Perm Machine Weft

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100% Full Cuticle Virgin Relaxed Hair Extensions to match gently Relaxed Ethnic Hair.

Ensure to read “Details” and “Care” Tab below.

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Relaxed Straight Hair Weave perfectly textured to mimic Sleek Relaxed African American texture.

With proper care, this hair can be reused over and over again due to the high-quality hair.

Length Measurement: In the straight state.

f hair like Relaxed Perm

With proper care, all you need is a good moisturizing conditioner and hair serum for this hair!

Though this is less textured than the Relaxed Perm, we will still recommend proper maintenance routine. Avoid splitting the weft on this type of hair, especially for longer lengths to avoid shedding.



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Doll Face Ms. Jane shows the amazing Relaxed Hair Textures!  Relaxed Textures has received great responses for its ability to really mimic the Relaxed hair texture to a T.

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 Jane Rocks Relaxed Hair Textures
How To Custom Blend Hair Textures

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Weight3.6 oz
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Short Description

A perfect match to Well Relaxed Sleek-Straight Ethnic Hair Texture!

37 reviews for Light Relaxed-Perm Machine Weft

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  1. (verified owner)

    It’s my first time to use extensions and I love it! A month ago, my niece accidentally spat her bubble gum on my hair. I had to cut a chunk to get it. It looked horrible. With a party coming, I didn’t have a choice but to purchase extensions to conceal the hair loss. My fear is to end up with fake-looking hair. Thankfully, I bought ONYC Light Relaxed hair extensions. They look like natural hair and blend well. Many people even complimented my hair, thinking it’s the real thing. I am so happy with my purchase. I even recommended it to my friends with hair loss issues. And, they’re happy too!

  2. (verified owner)

    In my experience, expensive hair extensions tend to have higher quality than cheap ones. This Light Relaxed hair extensions from ONYC did not disappoint. The hair is of high quality. 2 weeks with them and they’re still holding strong. They blend well with my hair, too. I’m a crazy picky person and I don’t want other people to tell I’m wearing extensions. This is what I love most about the product. My friends didn’t recognize I’m wearing them. The only thing I’m not 100% satisfied with is the thickness of the hair, it’s a little on the thin side. I had to buy another hair to get the volume I wanted. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and will buy them again.

  3. (verified owner)

    I do not usually write reviews about the products I use, but I can’t help but share just how amazing this straight relax hair extension. For years, I’ve been searching for a brand that works well with my hair texture. I’m so happy that finally, my search is over. This ONYC hair extension is made of high-quality hair and is relatively easy to do on my own. I wash it weekly with organic shampoo and conditioner and it is fine. It does get tangled when I move around in my sleep though, but it’s nothing a mini brush can’t solve. It’s way better than so many hair extensions I have tried too. I highly recommend it if you have thinning hair.

  4. (verified owner)

    I don’t usually leave comments about products I buy online, but I’m really so happy about this purchase that I can’t afford to not leave one. This hair is as thick as it can get, and it’s probably the best one that I have ever had. This is like the fourth of fifth hair extension I bought online, and i must say it’s the best I’ve got– although two of the other ones I have are way more expensive.
    When I tried it on for the first time, I was surprised that I didn’t have to use all that I bought because the hair was thick enough to cover my head, and it looks very natural! I highly recommend this Light relaxed hair weave. Love everything about it! I don’t regret a thing! Just awesome!

  5. (verified owner)

    I love the way it falls and bounces so healthily. It’s so natural that some of my friends thought something was different about me but could hardly point it out. The color is also very natural as it matches mine perfectly.

    This was one of the challenges for me when looking for hair extensions. I have such a full but fine black hair that the extensions I buy either lack thickness or the color doesn’t really match my hair, which would then result in an unnatural look. I hate it when it doesn’t look as perfect as possible, so I’m really happy about this great purchase. It really looks like my own hair. Thank you ONYC. It really is gorgeous! Till my next purchase!

  6. (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied with this product! The length is just right so I can use it without having to worry about how it would look inconsistent and unnatural. The thickness is also very good.

    I recommended it to my sister because she’s been having problems with the thickness of her hair, so she bought one as well and couldn’t be any happier. Now we both have healthy-looking hair extensions that also look astonishingly natural.

    I tied it in a bun one time, and I didn’t expect that it would fall easily on my shoulders. Kinda expected it to be very stiff, but that’s not the case. Plus, it doesn’t smell awkward at all! I remember my first hair extension purchase from a different store, and the odor is really bad when I received it. I had to wash it many times to get rid of the smell. This one looks and smells natural, and I love it.

  7. (verified owner)

    This hair weave is of a different caliber. The quality is just amazing! Tried it with different hairstyles and it works perfectly each time. I used flat iron and curler with it, and it doesn’t look fake at all. It blends naturally with my natural hair, even the color! And it does seem very durable.

    I have always been hesitant to order online because more often than not, either the quality is pure crap or the promised delivery time isn’t met. That’s not the case here. I was afraid that it wouldn’t make it to my event, but I was really glad to receive it earlier than expected. It helped me look my best during my big night. Excellent product and service!

  8. (verified owner)

    You can really tell that they have put a lot of effort into putting this product together as the weft that I got was carefully packed and in real good condition. It’s my third time to use it now and still, there are no shedding whatsoever. I wore this during a party, and they did not even notice that I am wearing one.
    Honestly, I kind of expected to get disappointed again after so many bad shopping experiences online, but I’m happy that this time, I got what I wanted. This is one of my best purchases so far, and I will purchase more in the future. Thank you ONYC! You’re now my go-to shop. Keep up the good work!

  9. (verified owner)

    I couldn’t stress enough just how soft this weft is. This is my second time to own weave, and the first one that I bought was really disappointing because I couldn’t even style it properly as it’s a bit stiff. This weave is much better in terms of quality. It looks durable, healthy, and really natural.

    After I tried it on, my best friend liked it too and she bought one for herself. Now, I can easily leave my house with my hair on point. That’s how good this product is, and I wish they also offer other colors so I can still wear one even if I decide to change my hair color. Overall, I’m super satisfied and I’m excited to order again soon!

  10. (verified owner)

    It took me a long, long time to find the right hair for me, and I’m so glad to know that ONYC Hair offers great relaxed hair extensions perfect for me. It looks good on my hair, and I can really say that it is a high-quality product because I have used it every day for two weeks and I haven’t seen anything wrong with it yet.

    It doesn’t break or shed instantly like the other weaves that I purchased in the past. It doesn’t look fake at all. Some products look good in the picture but are actually a mess in person, but not this one. The actual product I have received is even better than the store’s picture. My expectations are exceeded.

    Thanks, ONYC!

  11. (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the hair that I got. I put it on a couple of days ago, and it is still as beautiful as the first time I used it. I also love how I don’t feel like the strands will break easily. I brush my hair regularly, but I don’t think my hair, the hair extensions rather, fell off alarmingly.

    Of course, there were one or two strands that are left on the brush, but those can easily just be my natural hair. The only thing I would want them to improve on is maybe more stocks. I tried to order the first time the length that I preferred, but there was no stock. Hence, I had to wait for a couple of weekss– the wait was worth it though. I’m super happy with this purchase!

  12. (verified owner)

    I am impressed and in love with ONYC Hair products. I trust them and I know they won’t disappoint. This is my fourth time buying an ONYC product, and I’m still a happy customer. Being a part of a black woman, our hair is much more different than Caucasians, so the typical weave doesn’t really suit me and it looks unnatural. I like the texture and feel of this relaxed hair weave, and it really blends well to my hair. My previous purchases were kinky hair and wavy hair. Though I love those two, I must say that I look better with this relaxed straight hair. I just feel like it’s perfect for my complexion and face shape. My friends agree and I’m happy. lol

  13. (verified owner)

    These hair extensions are very satisfying! I love how beautiful and healthy they look They’re so soft, natural, and not brittle at all. I love that my fingers are enough to give them a quick fix whenever I’m outside and when the wind blows! The way they flow along with my natural hair is just awesome!

    I’m so happy I decided to buy this product. ONYC is also very easy to talk to. I had to give special instructions regarding the delivery and the packaging and they listened to everything I asked. Additional points for that! I have never been more satisfied with any hair extensions before. It’s just really amazing. I highly recommend these weaves to anyone looking for enjoyable hair extensions.

  14. (verified owner)

    I love how durable this product is! It’s amazing how I can brush and comb it all I want without having to worry about any shedding. It’s not that I want it to shed or so, but I was kind of expecting it would be like the ones I bought before. And I wasn’t purposely brushing and combing it through to test its limits, it’s just that I actually like to do that with my hair.

    However, I’m very surprised that these light relaxed perm human hair extensions remain intact even after a couple of days! Also, it’s very natural–looking. There were a couple of people who complimented me saying that they liked how naturally curly my hair is. I actually didn’t know what to say. All I know is I’m buying more. lol. Thank you so much ONYC!

  15. (verified owner)

    Hi, ladies! I highly recommend these hair extensions! They are the best ones I have ever bought. Of course, there were others I bought that were great as well, but this one just takes the cake! I love how I can do all kinds of hairstyles with it. I even braid it sometimes for a long time, and the quality isn’t any less after. I’m thinking of dying it, probably something that is daring. With the quality of this hair, I am even more encouraged about doing so. It’s also not as pricey as my previous purchases. I’m thinking of gifting one to my BFF next month. I would be looking forward to buying more from ONYC. Thank you very much!

  16. (verified owner)

    OMG! It’s just straight-up beautiful! These ones look healthy and not dull at all. Even after being under the sun for too long, they still look great. I was not expecting it to be of this high quality.

    I didn’t even have to put any bunch of products when I went out. The hair extensions were already beautiful enough! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with these. I can use them for a long time and over and over without even worrying that the quality would suffer. Hopefully, it wouldn’t. I’ll try my best to take care of this. But for now, I’m enjoying and loving this. Thank you big time.

  17. (verified owner)

    I love the sleek relaxed straight hair, and with these light relaxed texture hair extensions, I can get fuller hair as they blend so well with my real hair. My friends could not even tell which was my natural hair and which isn’t. I have had these extensions hair for a month now, and I take proper care of them to make sure they last.

    All I did was wash them with my moisturizing conditioner. I did notice some shedding, but even real hair sheds naturally, except that this product exceeded my expectations by not shedding as much as I thought it would. I have recommended this to my friends and family and some of them who are into weaves bought their own and are amazed by how much it changed their look and how good it looks with their real hair.

  18. (verified owner)

    I’m really glad that this ONYC relaxed hair weave is able to stand even hair dye! When I dyed it, I was worried it would mess up the quality, but I was so surprised and happy that it’s not the case. After dying it, it still looks healthy and beautiful.
    Also, the hair is very thick, making it stand hair dye well. I am so loving this relaxed hair weave that looks so natural even with my bright red hair color! I actually purchased a relaxed texture before and dyed it, but it got easily damaged and so I totally stopped using it then. I like how durable and high-quality this is despite several use. I’m buying more definitely. Thanks ONYC!

  19. (verified owner)

    I have purchased a lot of different hair extensions from different companies, and I must say this perm weave from ONYC is one of my favorites. I’m not the type of person who likes to pick favorites, but I have had this product in my possession for 2 months and I must admit, I wear it for about twice a week! It just blends so well with my real hair and it makes me look so good that I love wearing it often. It has shedded a little with every wash, but with all that shedding, there is still a lot of hair left on the weave, and it still manages to make my hair look fuller than usual.

  20. (verified owner)

    I have never touched perm straight human hair extensions as soft as this product from ONYC. The hair quality is excellent! What you see on the picture is exactly how it looks like when it arrives in your doorstep. I honestly love it. much better than the Light Yaki Crap.

    I first saw my friend wearing this product when I asked her how her hair looks so full. I am so glad my friend recommended this product to me, and I don’t think I could go back now. Ever since I started wearing this relaxed hair extension from ONYC, my hair game has been on a different level. I will be shopping more from ONYC in the near future, and I will surely recommend this product to my friends as well.

  21. (verified owner)

    The product arrived earlier than I thought, so that’s always a great sign. It was packaged well to protect the product inside. It was placed inside a really cute ONYC pouch. I immediately tried it on and I was amazed by the texture. It is so soft, and not only does it look real, but it also feels real. I have bought more expensive hair extensions than this one, but this one really stands out, especially with its price and quality match.
    I really love this product, and I can’t wait to buy more. I need to save up some money first because it is certainly a worthy investment. Overall, I think ONYC just made a loyal customer out of me.

  22. (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to get my Brazilian knots done. I am loving onyc so much. Their customer service is amazing. I ordered my hair on Monday and received it on Tuesday. I ordered the relaxed perm light. Stay tuned for pictures of my install ” Brazilian knots extensions”.

  23. (verified owner)

    I really love the texture of this hair! It feels like a real relaxed soft African-American hair. When I touch it, it feels so soft and full. After I put it on, I ran my fingers through to check if I bought the right product for me. I also checked if it had any shedding; fortunately, it didn’t shed at all!

    When I washed it the first time, however, only few strands came out. Still, I think it’s only natural, and I still regard it as one of the best weaves I’ve had so far. My friends even complimented me on its quality and I definitely agree with them. Overall, I think this was a really great purchase. I would love to try out the other products they offer next time.

  24. (verified owner)

    I am soooooooo IN LOVE with this hair. I spent months and months reviewing this hair and I finally ordered my 1st bundle of of the Mongolian Light Relaxed Perm. I didn’t order two at a time because I was not sure about the hair or if I would really love it. I put my 1st bundle thru the dye test it passed with flying colors! I deep conditioned it , it passed with flying colors! So today I ordered my second bundle and I cant wait to get both installed. I am a happy new customer and I will definitely post pics and keep ONYC updated about my install. Thanks for having such a wonderful site and keep up the great work!

  25. (verified owner)

    I love this hair! I just wish you have colored option:( I understand that the hair only comes in natural colors however is there any hair dye brands you could recommend, as although we would like to dye the hair black, we by no means want to damage the hair at all. We are ordering 5 bundles all together, to do 2 installs, however, once the hair arrives I am almost certain my sister will be ordering within hours as she has a very special event coming up also. As we are avid believers in referring family and friends to a good thing we would also be really appreciative of any coupons or discount codes that could be used on our orders. I have joined the mailing list today, but unfortunately, I am doubtful I will hear of any special offers before we need to place our order tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you shortly, many thanks.

  26. (verified owner)

    I loveeeee this hair!!!! I must say at first I was a little nervous about ordering hair from offline but I must say I really really love ONYC hair. First off the hair comes pretty fast, the color is pretty the texture is wonderful and at first I thought two bundles wasn’t enough but, it ended up being more than enough very full and true to length!!! I had no tangling or shedding and I mean that!!! I would order this hair over and over again. I’m actually about to order another bundle of the Mongolian Light Relax straight hair in a 12 I can’t wait to try the kinky curly!!! So to any ladies debating should they buy hair from this website I highly recommend it you will be happy! Oh and ladies co wash your hair and let it air dry before putting it in you will love it! ONYC hair does get better with every wash❤

  27. (verified owner)

    What’s better than being able to extend your hair length and it matches my African American texture.

  28. I have used this hair many times in a year and a half and love it. I had three bundles of 20 inches. Now I want to buy two more bundles of 24 inches to add for layers. ONYC Hair is best for me.

  29. (verified owner)

    The texture is perfect to my natural texture when straightened, it blends flawlessly and lasts with multiple installs!

  30. (verified owner)

    I really love the Mongolian Light-Relax. Before I got this hair, I spent four years using cheaper hair and getting my hair redone every other month or so. I had this hair sewn in in August 2011 and have reused it several times. About to get it redone again.. Honestly I’ve never been happier purchasing this hair. Now all I do is wash, condition, and re-tighten like they put in the instruction manual.I had very minimal shedding and tangling.

  31. (verified owner)

    I love love love this hair because it is the only brand that I have found that matches my pressed natural hair! I colored the hair so I would recommend shampooing the hair often and giving it moisture. It’s an investment but it’s worth it

  32. (verified owner)

    I would just like to start this email by saying that I have heard such wonderful impressive things about your company and products! I saw fabulocity is me and had to have this hair. I have been wearing virgin hair extensions for approx 4/5 years and as you can imagine are tired of all the hard work with blending the Indian, Brazilian, and Peruvian etc the list goes on.
    Thanks for amazing product that blends with black hair, yet of better quality, not that yaki crap. I’m glad I ordered the Mongolian light relaxed textured because my hair is not coarse, it blended perfectly with my hair.
    Will be back for sure!

  33. (verified owner)

    The Light-Relaxed Perm hair mimics relaxed African-American hair with a coarse texture. I wear an ONYC Closure with my edges left out. I have hereditary alopecia and am self-conscious about my edges. This texture of hair and style gave me a natural look without looking wiggy. I don’t care if people know I have a weave but I want them say, “that’s a good weave with quality hair.

  34. (verified owner)

    I strongly advise anyone who is interested in purchasing any extensions to order samples first, especially for the Mongolian relaxed light perm or perm. If you are unaware of your hair texture this can be helpful in your choice.

  35. (verified owner)

    I would just like to start by saying that I have heard such wonderful impressive things about your company and products! I saw fabulocity is me and had to have this hair. I have been wearing virgin hair extensions for approx 4/5 years and as you can imagine are tired of all the hard work with blending the Indian, Brazilian, and Peruvian etc the list goes on. Thanks for amazing product that blends with black hair, yet of better quality, not that yaki crap. I’m glad I ordered the Mongolian light relaxed textured because my hair is not coarse, it blended perfectly with my hair. Will be back for sure!

  36. (verified owner)

    First Let me start by saying that this pic isn’t doing the hair justice.. OMGosh.. I LOOOOVee this hair.. I will never as long as I wear weave get any other hair.. I got the hair faster than I expected.. I am so glad I came across it. This is a Women’s Best Kept Secret…

  37. (verified owner)

    I have the Mongolian Light Relax and I just absolutely LOVE LOVE this hair!!!! It looks so natural and perfectly matches the texture of my hair. I’ve had it in my hair a little over 2 months and it still looks and feels like the first day!!!! I’m looking forward to other hair from this company!

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