Spare yourself the burden of enduring a really bad haircut. No more bad hair days for you girl, if you make sure your stylist follows these five hair cutting tips for curly hair. When getting a curly haircut, it’s essential that the cutter is familiar with your type of curl pattern, as different curl types require different cutting techniques.

Tip Number 1: For loose curls – cut it the way you wear it. Your stylist need not iron or blow dry your hair prior to cutting. Snip a bit around the face to get a shaped hair with just the right style and length. The snipping part may take some time but it’d be worth it. Loose curls look more gorgeous in layered curly hair cuts. In fact, curly hairs actually need layers to move. The layered curly haircut also prevents curly hair from being too big and puffy as hair doesn’t pile up on just one level or layer.

Tip Number 2: For tightly coiled curly hair – stretch the hair. A cream-base moisturizer must be used to detangle hair first. Then blow dry it while combing to stretch it and make the ends more obvious for cutting. The hair must then be divided into sections then trimmed. After trimming, the hair should be washed to how the cut and the shape looks.

Tip Number 3: Another haircutting tip in curly hair cut is to use really sharp scissors when cutting locks as dull ones can fray your locks. Select a lock to cut and use it as a guide to style your hair with a new cut. Just cut one lock at a time and cut it in slight angle to maintain the pointed and more natural-looking end. Skip the texturizing scissors or thinning shears. When you thin the ends, you remove the weight necessary for the curl to take shape. And when a hairdresser over-texturizes curly hair, the natural curl pattern is disturbed and you’ll end up with frizzy hair.

Tip Number 4: If you wish to sport the very short Lupita Nyong’o hairstyle at the Oscars, get a professional hairstylist to do the cut for you. With the help of your hairdresser, identify the portion of your hair that you want to cut low. To get a neat and tapered look on your nape, use clippers. Trimming of the back and sides will be done using scissors and not razor. Hair moisturizer must be applied to create curl and texture.

Tip Number 5: Skip the shampoo. When you shampoo curly hair before cutting, the chemicals in shampoo frizzes and fluffs up curls and roughs up your hair cuticles. Some hairstylists advise their curly haired clients to not use shampoo more than once in the week when they intend to have their hair cut.

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