ONYC Curly Addiction 3B Deep Curly Hair Lace Frontal Closure
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ONYC Curly Addiction 3B Deep Curly Hair Lace Frontal Closure Small And Large
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Curly Addiction™ 3B Lace Closure

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Full Cuticle Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece with Baby Hair for Most Natural Look!

Ensure to read “Details” and “Care” Tab below.

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Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece with Baby Hair for Most Natural Look!

Length Measurement: In the straight state.

Length Options:: 10-12 to 18-20″

Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece – Most Natural

The ONYC Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece can be sewn or glued onto the scalp.

Use your favorite application method to install.

Density: Gradual Medium (Most natural look)

Knot: Moderately bleached, double knotted for durability!

Color Options: Natural Black Only.

Please Note:

  •   WE DO NOT sell customized closure size, density or base.
  • Due to the nature and complexity of our closures, we cannot give an estimated arrival date for stocked “out of stock” items. We do great quality control on ALL products so will ONLY add items to the site after reviewing them. We will strongly advice ordering the next available option or check back later for updated inventory.


Introduced By Popular Demand…

ONYC® Hair Proudly Presents Our Curly Addiction™ 3B  Deep Curly Hair Extension!

It is totally legal to get your habit on with ONYC® Curly Addiction™ 3B. This soft and luscious ringlet will make you have a reoccurring beauty memory you won’t forget!

Making the Curly Addiction™ 3B  Deep Curly Hair Extension:

We selected the Perfect 3B natural curl and duplicated it to achieve this curl pattern, therefore, like our famous Kinky Curl, this curl pattern is manually made!  The hair is manually tied on the curling rod to create a multi-directional curl pattern.  This creates the most natural curls. This is not like any other “SO CALLED DEEP CURLS”.  These curls will literally make you drool, that is what sets us apart from our competitors!

Great research has been put into the development of each piece.  ONYC® assures you that each hair product is the product of 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin Remy hair.  Therefore, each bundle purchased will come with its own certificate of authenticity”

Read the Virgin Curly Addiction™ 3B FAQs here.

Read the Frontal Closure FAQs here.

Do you need additional info on this Virgin Deep Curly Hair?  Click “Questions & Answers” above.

Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece Care and Maintenance
These are hand-knotted to offer a more natural look so require a little “Tender Little Care” Do not put much tension on the closure and do not stretch too hard during installation to avoid damage.

Wash very gently. For a deep scalp cleanse, we recommend removing the closure before wash and reinstall afterward.

Tips from the Expert
• To achieve a more natural scalp that will complement your skin color, we recommend using a very thin stretchable fabric (wig cap for instance) lighter but closer to your skin tone. This will actually give you a more natural looking scalp and will blend easier to your skin tone.
• Before washing, make sure to completely detangle hair from the tip gradually going to the root. Remember that one tangled knot will end up creating a tangled web once wet!

• Always maintain the hair going in one direction throughout the shampooing and conditioning process to avoid matting which leads to tangling.


Best Detangling Techniques for Natural Curly Hair – Read Here

Top 4 Tips to Maintain Natural Black Hair – Read Here

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Weight1 oz
Length/ Color

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Short Description

Full Cuticle Deep Curly Frontal Closure Piece with Baby Hair for Most Natural Look!

Closure Size

Large 5 ½ by 5 inches, Small 2 ½ by 4 inches

12 reviews for Curly Addiction™ 3B Lace Closure

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  1. (verified owner)

    I have been ordering hair online for a few months now and so far none have satisfied me like these deep curly hair closures from ONYC. What I noticed with other hair is that out of the pack they have this weird factory chemical-like smell. But not with this hair. Out of the pack, there was absolutely no smell. I really love the fact that it smells good from the get-go. It feels nice and soft and you just know that you got a high-quality product. There was a little shedding but nothing too alarming. Just a few strands and that was just right out of the box. This is now my favorite hair.

  2. (verified owner)

    I like this curly hair closure. I am very much satisfied especially with the quality and price. I installed it for my special date and my curls were popping. All my date could do was compliment me on my hair and I absolutely loved it that he noticed. It wasn’t the end of my date though, as we had a few more and now we’re together. He tells me that it suits me very well and I believe him. It took me quite a while to find this hair and now that I did, this is the only hair I’m going to get online. Very happy and highly recommend.

  3. (verified owner)

    Ladies, this is the real thing! I bought this Curly Addiction™ 3B Frontal Closure from ONYC and this is by far the best deep curly hair closure I have ordered. The first time I used it I got so many compliments. Everyone was so shocked when I said that I got this from the internet and now they want to know everything about it. I tell you, it’s really good and I absolutely love it. The curls last all day long and just do a little maintenance to keep this well curled. I even went two days without wetting it and it still held well. I definitely recommend this hair and so does my friends. Will be buying again for sure.

  4. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this ONYC deep curly hair closure. Even my boyfriends couldn’t tell, hahaha. This hair is amazing, and the price is very reasonable as it will last you a long time. This is the first time that I ordered from ONYC, and it won’t be my last. O ordered the weft and closure and I really loved the curls. Whenever I’m combing through the hair, I noticed there was a little bit of shedding, but what hair doesn’t. I am totally fine with a little bit of shedding. I use a moisturizing conditioner to co-wash it, and it does a lot of goods to keep the hair tangle-free and curls beautiful.

  5. (verified owner)

    These frontal closures from ONYC Hair’s Curly Addiction collection was the perfect purchase, matching my wefts without the hassle of blending. It has the quality laces that even my stylists appreciate. We saw how soft and high quality the real virgin hair was, making it look natural when worn. It’s so detailed that it even has some baby hair to make it look like the real thing. I’m now going to be a regular and purchasing more from ONYC Hair from now on! I appreciate their many colors and lengths to choose from, as well as their friendly customer service.

  6. (verified owner)

    ONYC Curly Addiction 3B collection is impressive. Each weft and closure have the amazing detail deep curls, even the closures come with baby hair to make it look and feel as authentic as possible! It fits well and stays on my head, no matter where I go. I receive a ton of praise and people still get so surprised when I confess that I’m wearing frontal closures and extensions. These closures match my wefts and look so natural as well, and as long as you have a professional stylist work on it, then you won’t have any problems with it staying and looking amazing! It’s a must-have and I recommend it every time!

  7. (verified owner)

    Everything about ONYC Hair’s Curly Addiction frontal closure is amazing. Yes, it’s a bit of a dip in terms of the price tag, but you’re getting quality and genuine virgin hair to last for YEARS. Compare that to cheaper and low-quality frontal closures that don’t pay attention to detail and feel tough or wiry, lasting only a week or so. Anyway, the weft and closure feel so soft and smooth, just as if it were my hair. I’ve received so many compliments from my friends and family who still think it’s my real hair! Kudos to ONYC Hair, I’m definitely buying again.

  8. (verified owner)

    After I found ONYC Curly Addiction Machine Wefts, I had to look for frontal closures to pair it, since I had to make the upper parts of my hair look fuller to match the volume of my entire hairstyle. The baby hair was the perfect addition to it, because it’s what made it look even more real! Not that it didn’t already, because honestly it felt so smooth and as if it went straight out of the factory (shipping was no hassle and I received it in top condition!). You have my trust, ONYC and you’ll be seeing more purchases from me again! 😉

  9. (verified owner)

    One of my girlfriends recommended this curly hair closure and it did not disappoint. The texture feels smooth and the hair just absolutely looks beautiful. Combing it feels great as there was little to no shedding. I really can’t get over how it looks and feels. It’s bouncy and looks a lot better in person than it does in the photos. It is very easy to manage and did not have a harsh smell. I recommend washing it as soon as it arrives. Co-wash it with a conditioner before using it. I am really glad that I listened to my friend and now I can’t wait to recommend this to my other friends.

  10. (verified owner)

    Great Product, I’ll forever be an ONYC Customer

  11. (verified owner)

    I ordered this closure to match with my Curly Addiction weft. It looks really natural! I am so glad I ordered it because my natural hair is 4a-4b. Please get someone experienced to do it or else it will look weird. The baby hair makes it so natural.
    ONYC is truly one stop shop and their hair quality is amazing.
    I am a customer for life!

  12. (verified owner)

    I so much love onyc curly addiction closure! Perfect match to my weft. Quality lace and my stylist is in love. She now mostly use onyc closures on her clients!!

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